15 Awesome Gifts for Surfers

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Let’s face it shopping for loved ones is hard. You never know what they are going to like and what they are going to hate. Do you have a special surfer in your life and don’t know what to get them? Looking for the best gifts for surfers?

Not only do I live a nomadic traveler’s lifestyle, but I also love the ocean and try to spend most of my time in it. Whether that be surfing, diving or just jumping in the water for some saltwater therapy.

The ocean cures all!

So when it comes to shopping for the ocean lover in your life or your favorite surfing buddy. It might be hard to know what to get them. But here are 15 awesome gift ideas that will be sure to please any surfer.

These gifts are great for any occasion and are great for any price range.

Gifts for Surfers



1. Surf Wax

Surf wax is a must when surfing, and you always seem to need more. No matter what, you will always need more surf wax before your session. Giving a surfer surf wax will always be greatly appreciated and used. It is also one of the cheapest gifts you can get for your favorite surfer friend.

So whether you are only looking for a cheap gift exchange, something small to put in their Christmas stocking, or just on a tight budget. Buying Surf Wax is always a great gift for a surfer.

Uluwatu the best surf vacation2. Surf Vacation

What good is surf wax if you can’t use it. Everyone loves a good tropical surf vacation, but not everyone can always afford it. Vacations can be expensive and any little help you can get to go on one is always helpful.

Why not give the surfer in your life a little help with a surf vacation. Now I’m not saying you have to pay for their whole vacation. But you can help by either buying them flight or hotel vouchers. This will help reduce their cost for a vacation and make it even easier for them to go.

Book a Surf Camp Here

3. Gopro

So GoPro just released the new Gopro 10, and it is next level. Even if the surfer in your life has one. They most likely don’t have this one and they will want it. The footage on it is unreal and all the shakey filming that GoPro was known for is now gone. Not sure how they keep doing it, but the quality and footage keeps getting better and better.

This is a great gift for an adventuresome person in your life. Anyone that loves to get outdoors. They are perfect for capturing the moments where your phones can’t

4. Tide Watch

All surfer care about is when the tide is and where they can go surf. We are always checking the tides and counting down the next time we will be able to surf.

A good Tide Watch is a great gift for a surfer. Not only do we use them when we are not surfing. They also come in handy when we are out in the water.

They used to only be helpful to time the sets and let us know how long we have been exposed to the sun and whether or not we should paddle in or not. But with today’s modern technology…They can track how much time we spent paddling for waves, how long we rode the waves in, and our maximum speed, just to name a few.

They are much more helpful with tracking a surfers performance than they used to be.

5.Surf Book

Nothing beats reading a good surf book, after spending your morning surfing. Barbarian Days is a classic surf book that takes a look at growing up in Hawaii back in the 60’s to when surfing was just getting started.

Not only that, this guy was lucky enough to surf some of today’s world’s most famous waves, before anyone knew they existed.

It is a great read that will leave everyone wanting to know more, even if you aren’t a surfer. William Finnegan is a great storyteller, always leaving you wanting to know more.

This is just one of the great surfing books out there. For more check out these fine reads.

6. Surf suit

This one is mainly for the fellow lady surfers out there. If you are looking to buy something for your female surfer friend look no further than a surf suit. With all the bells and whistles out there today, hands down this is the number one thing that changed my surf game.

You are no longer worried about fixing your suit in between sets, not flashing anyone as you duck dive. Surfers are now able to focus on the one thing that they should be focusing on, surfing.

Surf suits are the way forward for female surfers. I highly recommend trying one for anyone who has not done so yet.

7. Board Sock

The most important thing to a surfer is their surfboard. Every surfer wants to keep their board protected at all times. Board socks are a great way to do so. They help keep your board protected from dings and dents.

Every surfer could always use an extra board sock. This is always one of the best gifts for surfers and will always be used.

8. Surfboard Gift Certificate

This is a given. What better gift to give a surfer than a new surfer board. Even if your favorite surfer already has a wall of them, I’m sure they could always use another. And since I’m sure they will know what board will best fit their collection, why not give them a gift certificate.

This is the gift that will keep on giving for years to come. New boards are always a win for the surfer in your life.

9. Shark Repellant

Now, this girt will be especially useful for your surfer friend that likes to ride the wave down under. Shark repellant is just what you think it might be. It is a bracelet that actually helps to keep the sharks away by sending magnetic vibrations into the water when you wear it.

The vibrations from the bracelet scare water life away. Although the chances of your friend running into a shark in the water are pretty slim. The chances of them dying from a falling coconut are actually higher.

You can still rest assure that it won’t happen while they are wearing their shark repellant.

10. Carving Skateboard

The worst thing about surf is when there is none. But thankfully there is now a skateboard that can stimulate the feeling of riding a wave when there is no swell. It might not be exactly the same thing as riding a wave, but it is strikingly similar and a great alternative when you can’t get to the waves.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have waves year-round, but most of us can find a good sidewalk when there are no waves.

Wave Necklace

11. Wave Necklace

All surfers love the ocean. So why not give them something that shows that. Etsy has a ton of cool handmade crafted wave necklaces that every surfer will love.

Give the gift that shows their love for the ocean. Wave necklaces are great gifts for surfers or anyone who loves the ocean.

12. Portable Shower

This is more for the van surfer in your life. All surfers love jumping into that big blue ocean and getting saltwater therapy. However, not all surfers want to bring saltwater or sand with them after their session.

If your surfer in your life likes to surf in remote places or somewhere showers aren’t widely available then a Portable Shower is a must!

They are easy to bring along leave out in the sun during your session so you can have a nice warm shower when you are done surfing.

13. Poncho Towel

Some of my best memories were made after my best surf sessions. This is where surfers all hang out and brag about their best waves. Poncho Towels

are great because they are easy and comfortable to throw on, wear around the beach why you talk about your surf session. They also come in some pretty cool designs so you can look pretty cool as well : )

14. WeatherFlow

Being a surfer depends a lot on the weather and being able to read it. Which if you know, is pretty unpredictable and hard to do, until now. The weatherflow has made it a little easier trying to read the weather and the direction of the wind.

It is easy to hook up to any smartphone and can be used just before a surf session. It can help predict if the wind is changing directions or dying down. A great tool to add to any surfers collection.

15. Surfline Magazine

Surfline magazine is always up to date with all the latest surf trends, articles and up and coming surfers. They are always posting great and new surf locations that every surfer can put on their radar.

It is a great magazine to read if you want to keep up with the latest surf trends. So why not give the gift that gives all year long.

Thanks for reading this article on the best gifts for surfers. Be sure to read the best sunscreen for surfers to ensure your favorite surfer stays protected in the sun.

Are you a surfer and have a gift that you would love to receive, but isn’t on this list? Say so in the comments below.

15 Awesome Gifts for Surfers


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    Every surfer needs wax, and there are a few other accessories that some use and some don t like the Pickle Wax Remover  or just a plain old, but colorful Wax Comb for getting the most out of your surf wax. These are all awesome stocking stuffers that are guaranteed to be used. Just make sure you get the right wax for their water temperature and they ll be stoked!


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