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Stocking Stuffers for Surfers

With the holidays amongst us, it is time to start thinking about giving rather than receiving. That is why we are here to help you give the perfect gift or stocking stuffers for the surfers in your life.

Stocking stuffers are usually small items that can fit in a traditional stocking during the holiday season.

There are many stocking stuffers that a surfer would be more than gracious to receive.

So that is what we have done, picked the best stocking stuffers we would love to receive.

Items that are picked by surfers for surfers. If you are looking for a larger item, you probably want to look at the best gifts for surfers.

This list will help you narrow down items a surfer in your life will want in their stocking.

The list includes stocking stuffers for various price points, ranging from a few dollars to a few hundred.

So something for every price range.

No matter what you choose on this list, the surfer in your life is bound to love them

Top 15 Stocking Stuffers for Surfers

1. Surf Wax

Wax for a surfboard is an inexpensive and great filler gift that you can guarantee your surfer will use.

This wax is very popular because it was made by surfers for surfers, plus it smells great. Its environmentally friendly and has a signature scrumptious smell that even non-surfers love. Its definitely one of the best, cheapest, and most well-known waxes on the market.

In general, wax is a great gift because its something you know a surfer will use and if they already have some, they will always need more in the future!

2. GoPro

Surfers who love showing off their skills and perfecting their form will love the gift of a Go Pro.

Its a great way for them to have footage of their time out on the water so they can see what they look like out there and learn from it.

Theyll also be able to share their abilities with friends and family (including you). Giving the gift of quality GoPro will allow the surf to create memories that theyll enjoy for years. Plus, having one makes for great pictures and videos out of the water.

A GoPro is not only a great stocking stuffer, but they also make great gifts for surfers as well.

3. Reef Safe Sunscreen

Another great stocking stuffer idea for a surfer is a good reef-safe sunscreen. Its inexpensive and you can guarantee its always something theyre going to need.

Even if they already have some sunscreen, you can never have too much! Since surfers spend all day out on the water and in the sun, its a necessity. Its also a great gift for people on a smaller gift budget.

4. Bikini

A bathing suit is a must for surfing and there are great athletic bikinis to choose from since surfing is a sport and youll want to be comfortable.

This one has some extra coverage so you dont have to worry as much about it shifting while surfing. It also is wire-free with foam cups for comfort and the bottoms have a full-circumference string tie in the waistband for additional support.

A great bikini option for surfers is one that will stay on, and you can ensure this one will. Surfers can never have too many bathing suits so this would make a great gift you can be sure theyd love.

5. Leash

A surf leash is an inexpensive gift to give a surfer. Its what connects the surfboard to the surfer’s ankle so the board doesnt get lost in the water.

This leash comes in 8 different colors and even has a hidden pocket that can fit a key. Its a great gift option especially because these can deteriorate after some time so a fresh and new leash is always a good idea!

Be sure you know what size of the board they surf, as leashes are dependent on the size of the board.

6. Ding Repair

A surfboard ding repair kit is a great inexpensive stocking stuffer gift. If a surfer already has some, they won’t mind receiving more because they’ll be able to keep their board in great shape.

This ding repair is non-yellowing, high strength, clear, and fiber-reinforced polyester resin. You can use it straight from the tube and it will gel in 30 seconds and cure in 3 minutes. It will keep the surfboard safe from becoming too damaged.

A great thing to have on hand when you can’t get your board into the shop.

7. Fins

Fins also make a great stocking stuffer for surfers. A good set of high-performance fins is always a nice bonus to any surfer.

Theyre made out of fiberglass-reinforced polymer to create a durable and flexible fin. Theyre affordable, yet high quality. The fins are lightweight and great for all-around high performance. Plus there are easier to fit in a stocking.

8. Barbarian Days Book

For the passionate surfer in your life, a good gift would be a book about surfing.

Barbarian Days is an autobiography and exploration into the art of surfing. It creates more appreciation and understanding for the sport as a way of life than just an activity.

The gift of this book shows a person that you care about things that excite them. If theyre intellectual and enjoy reading this is the ultimate gift.

9. SurfMud

SurfMud is a brand of sunscreen made by surfers for those who have an active aquatic lifestyle. All the products are mineral-based and protect the skin from environmental factors.

The products are reef safe, natural, preservative-free, and recyclable. They are made in Australia and not tested on animals.

You can purchase a sun lotion for 30 or 50 SPF and/or a tinted covering cream. They also make sun lotion for babies. Purchasing something from SurfMud is a great way to support a small business with strong values.

10. Rainbow Flip Flops

Rainbow flip flops are the most comfortable flip flops around. Once you own a pair, you will never go back to any other brand. The best thing about them too, is they last forever and the longer you have them the more comfortable they become.

Again they are made by surfers, for surfers.  They make great stocking stuffers as well.

Wave Necklace

11. Surf Inspired Jewelry

No woman can ever have too much jewelry in their life and its always a great gift you can count on. There are so many water and wave-related pieces of jewelry out there that would make your surfer feel special and loved.

This is one of my favorite pieces on Etsy. Its a great option because you can support a small business and purchase something you know will make a loving gift.

12. Sunglasses

Surfers are out in the sun and need protection for their eyes. A good pair of sunglasses would make a great gift because its something they can use for surfing and general day-to-day activities.

Before and after getting out on the water, sunglasses are necessary to keep the sun out of your eyes. You dont have to get an expensive and fancy pair, especially if the surfer is prone to losing their sunnies.

A stylish pair of sunglasses that they can leave in their beach bag or car is perfect. This pair of polarized sunglasses are affordable, practical, and stylish.

It would make for a great stocking stuffer and a person. There are so many styles to choose from depending on what that person would like.

13. Shaka Hat

Again, back to supporting local artists and giving your loved ones something they will want. This Shaka hat is a great addition to any surfer that loves to spend their time in the green room. It will also help to keep the sun on their face when they are not in the water.

Rest assured though, that any surfer will love this hat.

14. Surfline Magazine

Every surfer loves finding out about new waves and looking at epic surfers getting barreled. A good surf magazine is always a cheap, but a well-appreciated gift that is easy to stuff in their Christmas stocking.

They are also easy to pick up online or at most newsstands and book stores. The best thing about them too, is there are always new ones coming out. So you most likely won’t have to worry about getting them one that they already have.

15. Towel

The last stocking stuffer for surfers on this list is a beach towel. A person can never have too many towels and its a necessity after spending so much time in the water.

This towel is great because it is quick to dry and comes in so many different colors. Its also lightweight and easy to throw in a bag. Its soft and sand doesnt stick to it like most traditional towels.

It would make the perfect gift for a beach or water lover, not just s surfer!

Final Thoughts on Stocking Stuffers for Surfers

There are so many great stocking stuffers out there for surfers and hopefully, this list has helped you narrow down some of the options.

Just giving someone a gift shows you care about them so you cant really go wrong with anything you choose. After all, you know the person the best of all! Happy shopping.

Is there anything we left out on this list that you think would be a great addition? Yes so in the comments below.

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