Hi there! I'm Megan. Full time yacht chef and travel junkie.

How it all began

Monaco Grand Prix

Where to begin? I am a long time traveler, but new to the blogging world.

Growing up I was always an over achiever, and always in a rush to grow up.  I rushed through college, because I wanted to get a “real” job, I was raised to believe that having money would make you happy.

I graduated college in 4 years and within 3 weeks I started working at a top 4 consulting firm. Working long hours and not having much free time, I quickly realized that there was more to life than growing up and having a “real” job.

I had always wanted to study abroad and learn Spanish, but could never afford to, as I put myself through college.  I decided that it wasn’t too late to move abroad, and I could always come back to the “real” world when I was ready.  I started to save money and made a plan to move to Costa Rica.

Shortly after moving to Costa Rica, I realized that I didn’t have to live my life to the norm, and there was more to life than getting married and being tied down to a mortgage. I wanted to build my life around adventure, surf and travel the world.

I stayed in Costa Rica for 6 years, where I surfed and learned Spanish. However, after six years of living the “Pura Vida” lifestyle. I was starting to get restless, and I needed more adventure in my life.

I decided to join “Yachting” and explore the world again. I joined the industry with no culinary experience and started working as a chef on board private luxury motor yachts. I spent 5 years traveling around the world, saving money and meeting some incredible people.

After 5 years working as a chef, I decided it was time to take a little break from the galley and the crazy world of yachting. I want to continue to travel and live abroad so I am trying to make it as a blogger.

I’m sure I will go back to yachting from time to time, but for now I want to share my knowledge with other and encourage them to quit their day jobs and follow their dreams of living abroad and travel.

You don’t have to be a backpacker to travel cheap and you don’t have to stay in crowded hostels. I want to show others that you can travel comfortabley and cheap.

I'm here to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and travel.