Want To Know More About The Peter Pan Traveler

Hi there! I’m Megan

Part-time yacht chef and full time travel junkie.

I have lived all over the world and I am always on the search for the best beaches in the warmest tropical locations.

Me with Pina Colada in Mexico

Where to begin? I am a long-time traveler. My parents started me off young.

Taking me on exotic vacations and trips to Europe and I have been hooked on traveling ever since.

Growing up I was always an overachiever, and always in a rush to grow up.  I rushed through college, because I wanted to get a “real” job, I was raised to believe that having money would make you happy.

I graduated college in 4 years and within 3 weeks I started working at a top 4 consulting firm. Working long hours and not having much free time, I quickly realized that there was more to life than growing up and having a “real” job.

During college, I had always wanted to study abroad and learn Spanish, but could never afford to, as I put myself through college.  But it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

So I decided to save money and convince my best friend that we should move to Costa Rica together. I mean, who is going to say no to living on a beach and surfing every day?

We packed up our bags, said goodbye to our parents, and set out for a 6-month trip to Costa Rica… Little did I know I would fall in love with this beautiful country and end up spending 6 years there.

Me in a Hammock

Mainly because both learning a second language and learning to surf are way harder than I ever imagined and it was going to take a lot longer than 6 months to perfect them.

However, after six years of living the “Pura Vida” lifestyle. I was starting to get restless, and I needed more adventure in my life.

Meeting lots of backpackers traveling through Costa Rica, I met someone that told me about working on a Super Yacht.

From the second the words came out of their mouth, I knew that is what I wanted to do.

I joined yachting having no idea what I was doing but knew I wanted to work on super yachts and travel the world. Always having a passion for cooking, I ended up cooking on yachts with no culinary experience.

Traveling the world on a Super yacht has taken me to some pretty exciting, exotic, and tropical places. As well as living in the South of France for 3 years.

I love cooking and love working on Superyachts, but I no longer do it full-time.

Now I am on a mission to share all my knowledge of the best beaches and tropical places I have been to, as well as my favorite places in Europe and France.

So if are looking for the best information on beaches, tropical vacations, Costa Rica, Mexico, France or more you are in the right location.

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