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Hi! I’m Megan Kulluk

Part-time yacht chef and full-time tropical travel junkie.

I have lived and traveled all over the world in search of the best beaches, the best tropical locations, and the best nightlife.

I’m always in search of my next Neverland, and love sharing my new finds with you.

Because why can’t Neverland exist in real life?

Me with Pina Colada in Mexico

Where Will Your Next Tropical Paradise Be?

🌴 Have you ever wondered where the best beaches were?

🌴 Wanted to know the best time of year to travel to a tropical location?

🌴 Where the Best Islands are for solo female travel?

🌴 Ever wondered about how to get a job on a Superyacht?

Here I will share all of that and more. I love travel and I wish more people would do it, that is why I created this tropical travel website site.

I’m here to help you find and plan your perfect tropical vacation, or as I like to call it “Neverland”. Because the locations I like to travel to, always make me feel like a kid again.

More About Me

Where to begin? I am a long-time traveler.

My parents started me off young. Taking me on exotic tropical vacations and trips to Europe, I was hooked on travel from a young age and was always planning my next adventure.

When short traveling trips weren’t enough I decided that it was time to move abroad. I packed my backpack and convinced my best friend that we should move to Costa Rica and learn how to surf.

When forever summer and warm tropical waves Costa Rica was the perfect place to call home. I loved it so much that I decided to stay for 6 years.

Besides living in Costa Rica and France, I also traveled thoroughly through Mexico and sailed all over the Caribbean.

Me in a Hammock

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    When I am not traveling or working on the yachts, I am now calling Florida home, although I am always thinking and planning my next vacation.

    I am now on a mission to share all my knowledge of the best beaches and tropical places, so everyone can enjoy neverland.

    So if are looking for the best information on Caribbean, Mexico, and Costa Rica travel, you are in the right place.

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    Looking for advice on Tropical Destinations, Costa Rica, Mexico or just want your adventure inspiration, follow along for the ride!

    I would love to help you travel for longer and create unforgettable memories all over the world.

    I’m here to help you plan the best vacation possible and find places that you have never even heard of before.

    So if you are looking to find your neverland, you are in the right place.


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