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18 Awesome Gifts for Kitesurfers

Kitesurfing is a unique and exciting sport unlike any other. It involves various water skills including surfing, wakeboarding, and kite flying. It is highly addictive.

Once youve learned the sport, its hard to stay away from it.

If you know a kitesurfer, theres a good chance theyre obsessed with it and would love any kitesurfing-related gift.

Shopping for birthdays and holidays can be hard but this list of the best gifts for kitesurfers will help you find something special for your wind-loving junkie.

If you dont know much about the sport, weve made it easier for you by linking some great options you could purchase for the kitesurfer in your life.

At various price ranges, we hope youll find the perfect gift from this list!


1. An Active Wear Bathing Suit

A bathing suit is a must since kitesurfing takes place in the water. The last thing a kitesurfer wants to worry about is their bathing suit riding up or losing it entirely.

Since there are various conditions when kitesurfing, a one-piece is a great option in order to ensure everything stays in place.

This athletic one-piece is perfect for water sports and has a comfortable fit.

It would make a great gift for a kitesurfer.

Plus, a person can never have too many bathing suits so you know itll be a safe option!

2. Life Vest 

A life vest is always an important safety feature that should be worn when doing any sort of water activity.

To ensure your favorite kitesurfer is safe, you could consider purchasing a life vest.

This life vest is great because it will keep the user afloat and has a zipper plus buckles for additional security.

Its coast guard approved and the color makes it pop. A life vest is one of the sole opportunities for having a bit of style when kitesurfing so make sure to pick out a good one!

3. Kitesurfing Mug

Why not give the kitesurfer in your life this awesome coffee mug? It’s simple, but you can never go wrong with a coffee cup and you can never have too many.

This is a great gift for a kitesurfer and not one you will see every day.

4. Wet Suit

Depending on the type of weather, this may or may not be necessary for kitesurfers.

If they live in places that get cold weather then this is a must but for those who are lucky enough to live where the climate is always warm, this wont be needed.

However, if the kitesurfer does a lot of traveling to try out different places, they may want a wet suit if the water temperature will vary from what they’re used to.

There are also various degrees of warmth within wet suits so depending on the location you may want to purchase one that is lighter or thicker.

5. Water Boots

Water boots are important when kitesurfing because theyll keep a kitesurfers feet protected from getting cut or too cold. They also help to keep their feet in the bindings.

It also makes getting in and out of the water an even easier transition because essentially you never have to take the water shoes off.

This is a great adjustable pair of water boots that will stay on their feet. Even if your kitesurfer already has a pair, they can always use a new pair.

6. Gloves

To keep the hands warm and safe, gloves are an important accessory. If a kitesurfer will be surfing during the winter or in cold water, gloves will provide much-needed warmth.

These gloves are sealed so water wont get in and have grip and flex which make them perfect for athletic conditions like kitesurfing because it’ll feel like theyre not even on the hand.

Buying a really good, high-quality pair of gloves for a kitesurfer will truly show you care.

7. Helmet

Its important to make sure a kitesurfer has the necessary equipment to be safe while out on the water.

This helmet is made for water sports and comes in many different colors.

Like the life vest, its a great way to add a pop of color and show off some style for the kitesurfer.

Even if they already have a helmet it cant hurt to have a new one they can switch to if theirs gets dinged up or they need to replace it.

8. Kitesurfing Jewelry

You can always count on jewelry as being a great gift.

If you cant decide on something for a kitesurfer and you dont know what they already have, jewelry is the perfect gift to show them you care.

Etsy has some really unique jewelry pieces that incorporate the ocean and will make your favorite kitesurfer feel like you truly thought about them and their favorite pastime.

Why not give them a kitesurfer necklace. More great options from the same small business include this I heart Kitesurfing bracelet.

Make sure to use code TAKE10 on anything from this Etsy store for an exclusive discount for Peter Pan Traveler readers!

Who knows… maybe youll even find something for yourself, but focus on the gift first!

9. Polarized Sunglasses

Before and after hitting the water, a good pair of polarized sunglasses are a great way to keep the sun out of your eyes.

A person can never have too many sunglasses so this would make a great gift that a kitesurfer would truly appreciate.

There are so many styles out there but make sure to choose a pair that is polarized to ensure you truly choose a protective option.

If the person is daring and plans to wear the sunglasses while out on the water, this set of floatable sunglasses straps is the perfect gift to pair with some sunglasses.

This way, if the sunglasses fall off at least theyll stay afloat.

10. Hat

Another way to keep the sun out of a person’s face during kitesurfing is getting them a hat that is built to be active.

These hats not only keep their face more protected from the sun, but they also do a great job at keeping the sun out of the eyes.

This baseball cap is a great addition to not only kitesurfers, but to anyone you know that is highly active on the water.

11. Go Pro 11

Kitesurfers who love showing off their skills and perfecting their form will love the gift of a Go Pro.

Its a great way for them to have footage of their time out on the water. This way they can see what they look like and learn from it.

Theyll also be able to share the footage with friends and family.

Its an awesome gift for creating memories for a kitesurfer that theyll enjoy for years to come. This waterproof Go Pro is perfect for kitesurfing adventures.

12. Beach Bag

After a long day of kitesurfing, the sip of an ice-cold beverage is amazing. This bag has a detachable cooler which will allow a kitesurfer to carry all their belongings and their equipment without any troubles.

Its the perfect size to fit a coverup, sunglasses, snacks, and anything else that came along for the ride.

Because of the mesh design of this bag, giving it a few shakes will push all the sand out so it doesnt make a mess everywhere.

A person can never have too many bags either especially when they may want to use different bags for different occasions.


13. Reef Safe Sunscreen

The perfect little gift for a kitesurfer who likes to be out on the water and in the sun all day is sunscreen.

It makes for a great add-on to any gift or works perfectly for a smaller budget.

The best part is you can ensure itll get used. You can never have too much either.

This sunscreen is reef-friendly which is a very important consideration to take into account.

Why not give the gift that protects as well?


14. Towel Poncho

After being in the water for a while, drying off can be an exciting activity.

This towel poncho is perfect because you can throw it right on over a bathing suit and start drying up immediately.

Its also comfortable and super convenient.

You can even quickly and discreetly change out of a bathing suit under the large, oversized towel poncho.

This unique gift will definitely make any kitesurfer super excited, especially if theyve never seen one before.

Theyll love the convenience and comfort of throwing on a towel and wearing it like a very oversized hoodie sweatshirt.

Its a true game-changer!

15. Kitesurfing Vacation

Many kitesurfers hope to travel all over the world to try different kitesurfing conditions and experience new locations.

The sport differs widely depending on wind and waves and many probably have the dream of kitesurfing in Egypt, Greece, Vietnam, and other places worldwide.

Giving a kitesurfer the gift of their plane ticket, hotel, or sending them to a kitesurfing camp can be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Giving them the gift of kitesurfing somewhere special would truly be the ultimate gift.

Theyll be able to go on the trip of a lifetime and they’ll always remember that you helped make all of it happen. Now thats something to truly feel good about!

16. Kite Repair Kit

Let’s face it accidents happen, which is why this repair kit is one of the best gifts for kitesurfers around.

It gives the kitesurfer in your life the ability to fix minor repairs to their kites and boards without having to take them to a shop.

This repair kit is perfect to get them back out on their board without too much downtime.

17. A Hoodie

Everyone loves a hoodie. They are comfortable and great to throw on after a long day of kitesurfing.

This is an easy cheap gift that I’m sure they will love.

18. Gift card

If youve exhausted this list but still dont quite know what to purchase your favorite kitesurf-loving person, you can never go wrong with a gift card to a well-known water sports shop.

Especially if you dont know what they already own or what they need.

This will give them the opportunity to choose something they could truly put to good use. Theyll appreciate it more than you know.

Girl Learning to Kitesurf

Just the fact that you decided to give a kitesurfer a gift related to their favorite sports says enough about how much you support them.

Gifts for kitesurfers can be challenging, but rest assured that they will love anything you buy them on this list because it shows that you truly care about them and about their passion in life.

Have a gift in mind that wasn’t mentioned on this list? Say so in the comments below.


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