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Best Travel Sun Hat

Nothing is worse than coming home from a tropical vacation burnt.

All that hard work you spend tanning your body can be ruined if you don’t properly take care of it. That is why it is not only important to use sunscreen, but to use a great sun hat.

You want a sun hat that will make you look good, but also easy to pack.

That is why we found and test the best sun hats for travel.  Hats that will cover your face and block it from the sun, and a sun hat that will easily fold and pack.

The sun hat is an essential item for your tropical vacation packing list.

Choosing a sun hat might seem like a simple feat, but picking the right hat will not only keep your face out of the harsh sun rays but also enhance your outfits.

The reason you should put considerable thought into your sun hat for your next holiday is you want one that is easy to pack and won’t ruin.

A sun hat that will roll up and not get damaged.

You also want to choose a sun hat that can go with more than one outfit, but most importantly one that will keep your face shaded.

Top 8 Sun Hats for Travel

Sun hats are an accessory that you also want to pack, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time at the beach.

It adds a whole other layer to an outfit while keeping your face out of the sun and avoiding sun damage.

Lucky for you, there are so many styles to choose from. You can go for a girly style, a casual look, or something totally unique.


1. Floppy Hat

The infamous hat that most women bring on any sort of beach or tropical vacation is the large floppy hat.

It covers a lot of the face and neck and looks cute in the typical straw material you see it in.

You can find many varieties of this hat including different colors, materials, and even some that are embroidered.

A floppy hat is a great option if youre looking for some extra coverage.

It also helps to bring a little more satisfaction to any outfit or beach coverup you are wearing. It is a great hat to help tie together your outfit.


2. Fedora

Another timeless classic. A fedora is a great hat option because its a bit smaller than a floppy hat but still looks stylish.

This means you will have a little less coverage from the sun, but it is still enough to cover your face.

It usually comes in a straw style but you can find fedoras in various colors and materials. Theyre the perfect size for enhancing your outfit into something classier without going overboard.

I love wearing my Fedora in and out of the sun.

Normally they don’t roll up so it makes them a little harder to pack, but if you stuff clothes in and around your hat it will easily pack.

3. Bucket Hats

We all know by now that bucket hats are back in style. Whether youre happy about this or not, theyre trendy and here to stay for a while.

If you want to get behind the trend, consider adding a bucket hat to your summer collection. The best part is there are so many colors, designs, and even fabrics to choose from.

You can get something totally unique and colorful or stick to a planned design that will go with everything.

They are also a breeze to pack.

Weve linked two bucket hats for you to consider.


4. Trucker Hats

Trucker hats or baseball caps are a great way to keep an outfit casual. It is the best travel sun hat.

They can cover a bad hair day, shade your face when it’s needed most, and elevate an outfit. I always travel with one.

Not only are they great on the beach, but also when I am being active.

There are so many different styles you can choose from as well.

A plain colored baseball cap, a sassy saying on it, your favorite brand’s logo on the front, or even collect them from where you travel.

There are also distressed colors, bright colors, and various designs to choose from.

Baseball caps are one of the most simple and iconic options if you want a hat but dont want to stand out too much.

They are the best for protecting your face when you are being active.

5. Straw Hat

A straw hat can often get confused with a floppy hat or fedora but there are actually some differences to take into account.

A floppy hat is larger and usually doesnt have a strong base.

The edges tend to fold and limp down because theyre not supported by the rest of the hat and this is what creates the floppy hat style. A fedora has a smaller brim than a straw hat.

Its usually both less long and less wide.

It also has a curved top which gives it the standard fedora style.

A straw hat on the other hand has more of a rounded head and a circular brim base and its a bit more simple in style than the other two.

It usually comes in straw but can come in other materials as well.

Some have ribbons or other accessories around the brim to add an accent to the hat. Theyre a very classy and simple option to choose for your sunny vacation.

Remember, it is best to buy a sun hat for travel that packs up. This way you won’t have to wear it when you are traveling.


6. Visor

A visor allows you some coverage around your face but still lets your head breathe. When wearing a hat, it can get sweaty because your head is covered and aren’t getting the fresh air it needs.

A visor allows air to flow around your head and even your forehead.

Youll get less sticky and sweaty and still get the shade and protection you need.

A visor can be the perfect in-between option.

7. Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats are an iconic option no matter where you go. However, they are not always great for traveling because they don’t always fold up.

But we found some classic cowboy looks with hats that are foldable.

Making them a great option to travel with. 

You can however either wear them on the plane or pack them upside down in your luggage so they don’t take up too much room.

There are many styles of cowboy hats to choose from, especially the material, color, and accents can vary significantly. Its also a style you could get embroidered which can be a cute look.

8. Raffia Hat

A raffia hat is a very sustainable option made out of palm leaves. Harvesting the leaves and using them to make the hat does not damage the plant.

This style of hat can look like a typical straw hat but its usually a bit more expensive because of its sustainability and high quality.

A raffia hat is usually as curled in edges which gives it a unique look. You can accomplish a very classy and high-quality look with this hat.

Packable Hats for Travel

Packable hats are great because they can be folded, rolled up, and stuffed into your bag without getting ruined.

All of the hats on the list above can be found in a packable version that wont impact the integrity of the hat.

With a packable hat, you can bring more than just one if youd like because they wont take up nearly as much space.

You also wont have to resort to wearing your large, floppy hat on the plane just because it doesnt fit in your luggage!

Tricks and Tips for Packing Your Sun Hats

All these hats on this list were chosen for a reason.

They fold and pack up. Making packing easy and a breeze.

However, if for some reason, your hat does not fold or roll up, you will have to come up with a different plan for bringing your sun hat on your trip.

Option #1 is to wear or carry your hat while traveling instead of stuffing it in your luggage. This isnt ideal if your hat is large and bulky but it works.

Option #2 if your hat does not fold or roll up but it fits in your luggage and youd like to pack it away, then lay it in the bag and fold clothes around it, under it, inside it, and on top of it. This will help it keep its shape and protect it from getting damaged.

We hope that you enjoy your new sun hat! If you choose from our list of best sun hats for travel, you can at least rest assure that it will fold up nicely.

We hope this article has helped you narrow down your list so you can choose the perfect sun hat for your travel needs. 

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