Gift Ideas for Snowboarders

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Best Gifts for Snowboarders

It can be difficult to shop for friends and family around birthdays or holidays. Its especially difficult if their favorite activity is one youre not well versed in.

Even if you do know a lot about their favorite things, sometimes its hard to be unique in your shopping. If you have a snowboarder in your life and youre struggling to think of a good, no, great gift, youve come to the right place.

This list of gifts is perfect for any occasion and at various price ranges.


1. Anon Goggles

Goggles are very important because they protect your eyes from the sun and provide UV protection. Every snowboarder froths over a good pair of good googles. So why not give the best.

A good snowboarder will want a pair that they can change out the lenses depending on the conditions.

This pair of goggles has a magnetic lens that is easily removable so you can switch from sunny bluebird days to fresh powdery days. Goggles are always a good choice for your favorite snowboard buddy.

2. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

It can be quite cold out on the mountains and hand warmers not necessarily essential, but they will save the day. There are one-use hand warmers on the market that do a good job warming up your fingers and palms but they dont last forever and may not even get your snowboarder through a whole day.

A better option is a rechargeable hand warmer. It can last for many hours and provide much-needed warmth throughout the day. Some even allow you to choose from various heat levels and may even have a USB for charging other devices such as your phone.

This rechargeable hand warmer will fit nicely in your jacket pocket, charge your phone, and provide up to 15 hours of warmth.


3. Feet Warmers

Not only can hands suffer in the heat but feet can too. A pair of feet warmers can help warm up the toes for the day but usually, they are one-use-only like hand warmers and when the heat is gone, its gone.

This pair of feet warming socks are a great option for snowboarders. The calf-length socks have a rechargeable battery in them that will keep your feet warm for up to 6 hours. This would make for a great gift because the snowboarder in your life might not even know this exists! Nothing is worse than having cold toes.

4. Season Pass & Lift Tickets

Season passes to a mountain or group of mountains can get very expensive each year. Snowboarders can save a lot of money by dishing out cash for a season ticket.

Purchasing their season pass is a great option and would definitely put a smile on a snowboarder’s face! Another option that is a bit cheaper is to purchase a single lift ticket for them to use for the day.

If they already have a season pass, you can choose a mountain that they havent been to or normally dont visit because it isnt part of their season pass.

Theyll love the new adventure and the chance to try a new place.

5. Snowboard Vacation

Snowboarders love visiting different mountains and experiencing what the powder is like around the world.

If they have the dream of visiting Colorado and trying out the mountains there you could think about purchasing their lift ticket, plane ticket, or hotel and help provide them the snowboard vacation of their dreams. It would give them the push to plan the trip and help them afford to do so!

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  • Or Booking for their accommodations

6. Snowboard Bag

Snowboard gear can get pretty expensive which is all the more reason to take extra good care of it. Having a bag for your snowboard will help keep it safe from dings and scratches.

A bag that easily fits your boots and helmet will make carrying your things around so much easier. It is so nice to throw all your gear in one bag and be ready for your snowboard trip. It will make life easier for you or your snowboard buddy.

7. Gloves

Having a good pair of gloves is truly essential. Suffering from the cold and numbness in your hands all day is not going to end well. Having waterproof, insulated, and even touchscreen gloves will help you keep your hands warm and you wont have to remove them to check the time or respond to a friend. Purchasing quality snowboard gloves makes for a great gift that will be much appreciated.

8. Go Pro

For snowboarders who enjoy a bit of thrill and especially those who spend time in the terrain park, a Go Pro is a great gift idea.

This will allow them to achieve some unique footage of their rides that they can later share with you and others.

They can also hand off their Go Pro to friends to record any tricks they may do or even just to video them riding. Its a great way for them to create lasting memories and learn from watching themselves ride. There are many versions of the Go Pro, but a waterproof Go Pro is definitely the right move. Plus, they take amazing photos.

9. Burton Jacket

Having a good jacket is important for snowboarders. Its essential to keep a person warm, dry, and guarded. I’m sure your snowboarder already has a jacket, but you can never have too many.

A waterproof and lined jacket will keep the warm air in and the cold air out. The plus is that the jacket a snowboarder wears is the main way of presenting themselves to others and its a great way to express a person’s sense of style.


10. Winter Socks

We already talked about having cold feet. It is never fun. Winter socks are always a good shout because, after a long day on the mountain nothing feels better than putting on a fresh pair of dry warm socks.

Honestly, you can never have too many pairs.

11. Helmet

A helmet is another opportunity for a snowboarder to express themselves. People often enjoy changing their helmet after some use, especially if its a bit dinged up. And if your snowboarder is still not wearing them, then they NEED one.

If a snowboarder were to have an accident, they must replace their helmet in case it was damaged. They may also enjoy the newness of a helmet. A good vented, insulated, and safety-certified helmet is important to a snowboarder.

12. Snowboard Wax

Wax for a snowboard is an inexpensive and great filler gift that you can guarantee a snowboarder will use.

It helps to protect the snowboard throughout the season and is used various times during the winter. It also helps them to go faster, which is always a good thing.

13. Face Mask & Neck Warmer

To stay warm, some sort of face-covering is essential for a snowboarder. It can come in many forms including neck warmers that can be pulled up to cover the nose, a mask that covers your ears, nose, and neck or a full head and neck apparatus.

This is usually the best option because you can ensure it wont slip down when you’re riding and dont have the chance to fix it. This full-face mask and neck warmer will keep your head, neck, and face warmer with only an opening for your eyes.

You can ensure once your helmet is on and you’re strapped in that it wont move around and itll keep you warm. The reason this makes such a great gift is that there are so many different face masks on the market so youre bound to purchase one thats different from one a snowboarder may already own. This will also give them options they can choose from depending on the severity of the weather which makes it a great gift choice.

14. Beanie

Who doesn’t have enough beanies? I mean, you can always use another one. They make a great gift because a person can never have too many, especially a snowboarder.

Before and after a day on the mountain a hat can help keep them warm. Its also a great way to cover tangled hair after a day of snowboarding.

A beanie is easy to fit in a pocket and throw on in the lodge or bar to cover up flyaways. The great thing about a hat or beanie is its an inexpensive gift and can be used for other adventures than just snowboarding.

15. Under Layer Set

The clothes that a snowboarder wears under their jacket and snow pants can be just as important as what they choose for their outer layer.

A good thermal set of under layers can keep a person warm throughout the day while also looking stylish when in the lodge or before and after they hit the mountain.

This makes a great gift because a frequent snowboarder can never have too much clothing to wear. An extra set of warm and fleece-lined tops and bottoms is always essential. Its a cute but practical gift option.

Conclusions for Gift Ideas for Snowboarders

All of the gifts on this list would be great for your favorite snowboarder. You cant go wrong with whatever you choose. Im sure theyll appreciate any gift related to their favorite pastime. Remember it is cold out there, so remember to get them something warm.

Did I miss something on this list that you think will make a great gift idea? Let me know in the comments below.

15 Best Gifts for Snowboarders

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