Free Travel Accommodations

How To Score Free Travel Accommodation

Here are some quick ways to score free accommodation while you are traveling. Travel longer with these great ideas to not pay for accommodation.

Trusted Housesitters

Person and Pet Icon Trusted Housesitters is a great way to not pay for accommodation while you are traveling. If you are a pet lover and miss your fur babies when you are on the road this is the perfect option for you. Click this Link for a discount

House and Pet sit around the world. Pick and choose where you go!

Still not sure??? Read my review on Trusthousesitters here.


Black Backpack Icon World packers is a great way to get FREE TRAVEL ACCOMMODATION. Exchange your knowledge and skillset and find free accommodation wherever you want to go. It is a great platform to travel cheaply and meet great people from all around the world.

Use code “PETERPANTRAVELER” to get a discount on membership

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