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Best Sunscreen For Surfing

I tend to spend a lot of time in the water and in the sun. I live near the equator pretty much year-round, so I am constantly in the sun in surfing.

That is why I need sunscreen that isn’t going to wear off while I am surfing.

I know the importance of protecting your skin while using sunscreen that is not going to damage the ocean.

I have looked long and far to try to find the best sunscreen for surfing. A great sunscreen that protects the skin, doesn’t damage the ocean, and won’t put toxic chemicals into my skin.

Not only that but a sunscreen that won’t cause breakouts.

If you are surfing or spending a lot of time in the ocean. You want to use sunscreen that is not going to harm it.

Because if you are using one with toxic chemicals, your sunscreen could be killing the coral.

Recent studies have shown that sunscreens that contain the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate, are responsible for killing off our ocean’s coral. Which is not a good thing.

We need to keep our oceans healthy, so we can continue to enjoy them.

So when shopping for a new sunscreen, you want to ensure that you find one that is going to protect your skin, while protecting the ocean.

I have listed my favorite sunscreens for surfing below. One’s that will protect our oceans and our skin,

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Best Sunscreen For Surfing

If you are a surfer then you know the importance of good sunscreen.

One that will last your full surf session. A sunscreen that is not going to wash or wear off while you are out surfing.

The last thing you want to happen is to end your surf session early because you feel your sunscreen is wearing off.

You want sunscreen that can last as long as you can out in the water but is also good for the ocean and environment.

I find that lotion sunscreen or solid face sticks are the best sunscreens for surfers and last the longest in the water.

You want to avoid spray sunscreens as much as possible. Yes, they are easy and convenient, but they also contain dangerous chemicals.

Not only do these chemicals enter our atmosphere when we apply them, but they are being applied to your skin which is not good.

Even though you don’t realize it you are breathing in all those horrible chemicals. Which is not good.

Also if you do not rub them in properly, they do not provide adequate coverage. They are convenient but they are not worth it.

If you want to step it up a notch and not only use great sunscreen, they also offer plastic-free bottle sunscreen, to help reduce plastic waste.

Best Waterproof Sunscreen For Surfing

When spending hours surfing you want sunscreen that is going to keep up with you.

One that is waterproof, long-lasting, and won’t harm your skin or the ocean.

I have picked out my top three sunscreens that I use to protect my skin when I am out surfing.

Always make sure you are fully covered, and try to wear a long sleeve surf suit to protect your skin even more.

1. Goddess Garden

I absolutely love the Goddess Garden products. It is a great company trying to do good things. All their products are reef-friendly, vegan, and animal cruelty-free.

They also stay on and last while in the water. When looking for a good surfing sunscreen I always try to use at least a 30 SPF or 50 SPF.

You never know how long the waves are going to be good so you want to make sure you have maximum coverage before you go out.

2. Blue Lizard

This is another great brand of sunscreen you will want to use.

It contains all of the good ingredients and none of the bad ones. It is lightweight and doesn’t have a grease formula like other sunscreens.

It is also a chemical-free formula that helps to protect our ocean’s reefs. There is a lot of sunscreens out there these days that claim to be reef safe when it actually isn’t. But you don’t have to worry about that with this brand.

3. Reef Repair

Another great option for saving the reefs when using sunscreen is reef repair.

It’s all-natural but still protects you from getting a nasty sunburn when you are spending hours in the sun. It also smells great, which is always a nice bonus.

Best Face Sunscreen For Surfers

Being a surfer the most important part of your body you want to protect while you are surfing is your face.

This is where we have the most sun exposure and is the first thing people see when they look at you.

It is important to keep your face protected. Using good face sunscreen helps to prevent premature wrinkles and sunspots.

Using good face sunscreen can keep you looking young and will prevent you from getting burnt. The last thing you want to let the sun get in your way of surfing.

Here are my three favorite sunscreens for the face.

4. Raw Elements

This is a great brand that will protect your skin without putting toxic chemicals into the ocean.

You can rest assured that this will stay on throughout your surf session without washing off

5. All Good  

This sunscreen is just like it says “All Good” for our oceans, it is also “all good” for your skin with all organic and natural ingredients.

It also does a great job of keeping your face protected and covered while you are out surfing. It won’t wash or wear off mid-session.

6. Manda

Is a great new company making some awesome sunscreen protects to help keep you protected from the sun while also keeping our oceans protected.

Not only are they working to use the best products in their sunscreen. They are also taking it to the next level and making sure that all of their packagings is plastic-free.

They are a great company making great products.

Best Lip Sunscreen For Surfers

Let’s not forget about protecting your lips. Lips are just as likely to get burnt when you are out surfing, as your face.

You can use a good face sunscreen on your lips, but I find that is almost better to have different protection for your lips. Here is what I keep with my surf gear.

7. Raw Elements

I mentioned before that I absolutely love this company and its products.

I always have some of their lip balms with me. Whether I’m surfing or just out in the sun, it helps to keep my lips protected from getting nasty fever blisters.

Not only that I can trust them and their products that I am not going to be putting harmful chemicals into the ocean or on me.

8. Surface SPF 30 Lip Balm

Is a great lip sunscreen for surfing. Their special formula stays on while you are in the water, which is not always easy to find.

It’s all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful ingredients for your body or the ocean.

9. Headhunter

This is another great option when you are surfing, plus it tastes great.

I can always trust this brand because it was made by surfers for surfers. So you know they have mad love and respect for the oceans.

It will protect your lips and the ocean.

Sunscreen Application Tips

Now that we have talked about the best sunscreen for surfing, let’s talk about the application. When applying a lotion sunscreen, always make sure that you apply 20 – 30 minutes before entering the water.

This will help to protect your skin better and ensure that it won’t be washing off into the ocean.

Depending on how long you plan on being out in the sun, it is always a good idea to reapply.

Yes, this is a hard or nearly impossible thing to do while you are surfing. But if you have anyone with board shorts and pockets, it is easy to throw a face stick in there so you can at least keep your face protected.

We are only given one set of skin, so always keep it protected.

Also, when looking to buy a new sunscreen ensure that it actually is reef safe. There are a lot of products there claiming to be reef-friendly, but still, contain toxic chemicals in it that can harm our oceans.

This is a great site with approved reef-friendly.

If you are a surfer like me then you should have much love for the oceans and want to protect them.

They are more than just our playground and they play a vital role in global climate change.

We know more about outer space than we do our oceans.

Let’s all do our part and keep them safe and protected.

Remember to that these sunscreens also make awesome gifts for your surfer friend.

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