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Awesome Cheap Ways to Travel Around Europe

Are you looking for a cheap way to travel around Europe? Have you already made the long flight across the pond, but plan on spending an extended amount of time in Europe?

Traveling to Europe doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways you can save money while you travel through the country, without sacrificing enjoyment.

These tips and tricks will help you enjoy Europe, save money and still have a good time.

Is it your first time to Europe? Enjoy these tips and tricks for first-time travelers to Europe.

Let’s look at some ways to get around Europe without having to spend a ton of money. Learn how to travel in Europe cheaply!

That way you can stay in Europe longer. Who doesn’t want their vacation to last a lifetime?

Cheap Ways To Travel Around Europe

Once you have already made it to Europe, it is pretty easy to get around and travel cheaply.

The hard part is deciding where you want to go within Europe. But if you are looking to save money, it is a good idea to stick to off-the-beaten-path places.

Building lite up at night in Mechelen, Belgium

1. Stick to Off-the-beaten-path Places

Europe is full of so many unique places to visit, but places like Paris and London can be overly expensive.

Visit cities that are just as beautiful and have just as much culture, but aren’t overrun with tourists. Underrated cities in Europe are a great place to start to help you plan your vacation and help you save money.

Driving in Europe

2. Avoid Driving in Europe

Driving in Europe can be expensive, this is due to the high price of gasoline and the road tolls. If you plan on renting a car and driving in Europe, be aware that the tolls can add up quickly, especially if you are going long distances.

Instead of driving, plan on either taking the bus or train to get to where you need to go.

Also, before you head out on the road you will want to ensure you don’t forget these summer road trip items.


3. Look for Cheap Flights Within Europe

Flying in Europe can oftentimes be much cheaper than taking the train or renting a car. As long as you are strictly flying with carry-on luggage.

Packing light not only saves you the frustration of carrying extra, unnecessary luggage around, but it can also save you money while you travel.

Lucky for you there are plenty of options for cheap airfare within Europe. You can sometimes get flights for around 20 Euros if you book far enough in advance.

    • Ryan Air A great, cheap alternative when flying in Europe. They tend to fly into smaller airports, but you are still able to get close to where you want to go and for a fraction of the price
    • Easy Jet This is probably the best known, cheap flight carrier in Europe. They have 100’s of flights and they are always dirt cheap, as long as you are not checking any luggage. Their flights seem to be off-peak hours of travel, but it is worth traveling late at night or early morning for the savings they offer.
    • Wizz Air A great, cheap alternative airline for Eastern Europe. 

Be sure you use Skyscanner or Google Flights when looking for cheap alternatives when flying within Europe to ensure you get the best deals.

Also if you want tips and tricks booking cheap flights on skyscanner check out these tips on cheap flights.

European Train

4. Look at Ride Share Apps

Blah Blah Car– This is a great ride-sharing program or organized hitch-hiking.

Drivers are all reviewed and rated, so it is safe.

As a user, you put where you need to be picked up and where you are going. You can search for a driver that is heading the same way you want to go.

You might have to be a little flexible with the time of day you leave, but you can normally find a ride for a fraction of the price you would normally pay.

It is not only a good, eco-friendly option for the environment, but it helps the driver with gas and tolls.

It’s also a great way to meet more locals and gives you a feel for the country you are in. I always use it to my advantage to find out local spots to where I am going. A great way to find out local eatery spots and bars, and fewer tourist traps.

Train in Scotland

5. Mix and match your Transportation 

Be flexible on your means of transportation then you will likely save some money.

For example, look into taking a bus to a train or using rideshare. Don’t always think about one means of transportation to one specific destination.

6. Look for cheap flights to where you want to go, not from where you are.

Looking for cheap flights to your destination can help you save money. If you are in Paris and you want to go to Hamburg, look up cheap flights to Hamburg, not flights out of Paris.

A lot of times there are cheap flights to and from London, so it might be cheaper to fly to London and then fly from London to Hamburg.

Be creative and you can normally save money.

Girl Doing Yoga

7. Be flexible

If you are flexible on your path when traveling through Europe, you can most likely save money. 

Look at flying on different days of the week and to different locations. Being flexible can help you save a ton of money.

And remember the cheapest path isn’t always the most direct.

8. Travel off-peak times

Traveling during the summer months can be expensive and there are normally not too many deals on flights, trains, or buses.

If you are able to travel in October or April when the weather is still nice, you won’t only save money on accommodation, but there are normally better deals on travel as well : )

9. Book flights way in advance

If you are able to plan out your vacation in advance and pre-book all your internal flights within Europe, you can save some major money.

The farther in advance you can book your flight, the more you can save.

Just because you are in Europe, doesn’t mean that you can’t do it on a budget.

There are plenty of ways to travel from country to country without spending an arm and a leg.

There are also alternatives for where you stay and accommodation.

Europe doesn’t have to be expensive if you can be flexible and book in advance.


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10 thoughts on “Awesome Cheap Ways to Travel Around Europe”

  1. OMG blah-blah car sounds amazing! I’m not at all brave enough to hitch hike, but knowing that the drivers are vetted and you can use an app sounds amazing! I’d be so nervous thinking about what to talk about, or if we speak the same language though! I was so surprised how cheap flights within Europe are, you’re right on with that! Last summer I paid 30 US dollars getting from Budapest to Berlin. Great post! People often think getting around Europe must be expensive, thanks for showing it doesn’t have to be!

    1. Peter Pan Traveler

      Yes, it can be interesting if you have a ride with someone that doesn’t speak the same language, but I have always found it easy to communicate. And the flights can be so cheap. It’s usually getting to Europe that is more expensive, but once you are there you can get around easily for next to nothing. Thanks for enjoying my post. I hope you try blah, blah car next time you are there.

    1. Peter Pan Traveler

      Yes. So many options to travel around Europe that many Americans don’t know about.

  2. Traveling in Europe is so much cheaper than people think! I have personally used both Flixbus and the train and have loved both. I have yet to try BlaBla Car, but I’m very intrigued by it! And you can find so many cheap flights these days, too. It’s my favorite thing to do lol. Thanks for this comprehensive list!!

    1. Peter Pan Traveler

      Of course! Nothing beats saving money while traveling, that way you are able to go more places 🙂

  3. I had considered renting a car for our family trip to Italy next year, but I didn’t realise they had toll roads in addition to parking fees everywhere. Thanks for the advice, there is enough time so I will do more research.

    1. Peter Pan Traveler

      Yes! The toll roads can really add up fast. Glad you have a heads up and can find a cheaper way to travel around.

  4. I’m happy to see BlaBlaCar on your list. I grew up in France so I am familiar with the service. I’ve used it several times although it is safe, it’s important to always remain vigilant. Be extra careful, have precautions in place – especially if you are alone, otherwise, it’s a pretty cheap way to travel.

    1. Peter Pan Traveler

      Yes! I loved it traveling around Spain and France, although you are right. It is always best to travel safe and follow your gut. If it doesn’t feel right, there is nothing wrong with not getting in the car.

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