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Surf Spots in Bali: Top 12 Waves to Surf

Swimsuit, sunscreen, and surfboards are packed and you’re Bali bound for surfing paradise.

Now all you need to do is find the best surf spots in Bali.

Indo is a world-renowned surfing destination. The palm tree-spotted shores are abundant with swell pumping year-round, but where should you surf while you are there?

I did my best to keep the list concise, but that’s easier said than done on an island with so many legendary breaks.

Whether you ride a shortboard, longboard or are into the ultimate paddleboards, Bali has a wave for you.

Here are the top places to keep you fully entertained while surfing the island of the gods.

12 Best Surf Spots in Bali

old mans best surf spot bali 1. Old Man’s

Surely one of the most famous reefs on the Island, this break is located in the bustling surf town of Canggu and is known for entertaining a heavy beginner crowd.

However, if you’re looking for an intermediate wave, don’t cross it off your list just yet!

This area can deliver waves that are overhead and when the waves are of this size it is rarely crowded.

Old Man’s works best at mid to high tide, has lefts & rights and is great fun for a longboard and even short boards.

Its shores are lined with surf shacks where you can get to know locals, rent boards and hire an instructor if needed.

It is one of the best surf spots in Bali.

Berawa Bali 2. Berawa

Up the beach from Old Man’s you’ll find the beginner to intermediate waves of Berawa.

Situated on a semi-reef that delivers steeper and faster waves, you’ll avoid the copious amounts of lessons and beginners that flood Old Man’s.

This break is front and center to Finn’s Beach Club so you can have an audience during the day and into the night.

That is if you’re brave enough to shred under the spotlight they provide, that makes night surfing a real thing.

Great for all levels with lefts & rights.

This wave works best at mid to high tide.

Guy in Orange shirt surfing a wave 3. Echo Beach

North of Canggu, Echo has multiple advanced-expert breaks. These waves work best at the mid-high tide and break atop a rocky reef that are known to barrel.

Intermediate surfers will find stiff competition with advanced riders and this break is not recommended for beginners.

But it is also a great place to come out and watch the pros hit the waves while you enjoy a drink from “La Brisa” bar.

Even if you aren’t a surfer, it is the perfect spot to come out and watch the pros at their best.

I would avoid this wave if you are just learning to surf.

4. Legian

Found along the shores of Kuta, you’ll see beginners standing up on whitewash with sizeable green waves pumping outback.

But it is also great for intermediate-advanced riders.

This sand break has rights, lefts and works well at all tides.

A great break to surf if you are only coming to Bali for a few days and don’t want to venture too far from the airport.

Bingin Surf 5. Bingin

Pronounced with a soft ‘g’ though theirs nothing soft about this rocky reef break.

If you’re goofy-footed and hunting for barrels then look no further, this wave is left all the way and works best at low to mid-tide.

Get pitted and get in the green room!

Beginners you have been warned, and you should avoid this break unless you know what you are doing.

It also has a rocky bottom, which makes getting out to the break a bit of a challenge as well.

A great place to come watch the pros catch barrels.

6. Airports

Proximal to the Tuban runway is a reef break that features front-row seats to the roaring 747 aircraft carriers.

That’s right, this break is aptly named due to its proximal location to Bali’s main airport runway.

Save your energy for the waves and take a boat taxi a mile offshore where you can access Airports lefts and Airports rights.

Airports rights is the farthest break and can get crowded, but conditions won’t disappoint as you enjoy a 100ft long ride on a cruisy 2-4ft wave.

Be sure to respect the line up as it’s rare that you’ll be riding solo. And keep your eyes peeled for them barrels!

Airports lefts can be found South of Kuta reef and is more exposed to crosswinds.

Due to its proximity to Ngurah Rai, Airports Left can get crowded with tourists as these open wedges are beginner-friendly.

Adopt the local mindset, chill out and be respectful. Everyone’s out there to have a good, rippable time.

Surf Waves Balangan Beach Best Surf Spot Bali 7. Balangan

Just north of Bingin, the Balangan reef break has lefts and rights for surfers of all levels.

Beginners can comfortably hug the shoulder while intermediate riders stay close to the rocks and enjoy a longer ride from inside the wave.

Low to mid tide is the best time to surf this spot, with low tide offering a faster, more advanced wave.

This is another one of the best surf spots in Bali and should be added to your surfing bucket list when heading to Bali.

Padang Padang, Bali 8. Padang Padang

Repetition is something that you should get used to as the Balinese language isn’t shy of it, though surfing Padang Padang isn’t for the shy or faint-hearted.

A rocky, reef break between Bingin and Uluwatu.

You might have peeped this break on surf comps in the past as it holds space for many competitions throughout the season.

The right side of the reef will be the more beginner-friendly zone, but only when the swell permits!

Otherwise, it’s pumping waves big enough the entertain the pros. Another great surf spot to add to your list when bringing your boards to Bali.

Medewi Best Surf Spot in Bali 9. Medewi

The Northernmost wave on our list is famous for Bali’s longest left, yew!

It is heaven for a goofy-footed long border with fat, slow wedges that hover around 5ft.

This break is rarely crowded, for both times I visited the body count never reached into the double digits.

Proceed with caution! The walkout is rocky and sea urchins are abundant so booties are recommended.

We came away from Medewi urchin-free but had some cut-up feet from surfing at low tide.

But hands down the best surf spot in Bali, if you are able to escape the crowded south.


Best Surf Spots Bali 10. Jimbaran

White sand and beautiful blue water, Jimbaran is one of Bali’s most stunning beaches.

A great place for advanced beginners, this shore break in Kuta works best at low tides. Much less crowded than the waves of Canggu but has the potential to be flat.

Check the forecast and be sure the swell is big. I would visit this spot when the waves of Canggu were in the double digits.

This is also a great place to come and enjoy the Jimbaran Fish Market, if you are looking for a unique place to grab lunch.

11. Kedungu

A 30 min drive North of Canggu this break has a very local vibe. This advanced break is located at one of Bali’s many black sand beaches and works best at mid-high tide.

It’s a rocky and sharp reef with fast, powerful waves best suited for intermediate-advanced surfers.

If you are looking to escape some of the more crowded breaks, this is a good one to do it at.

The beach break is long and spread out so you never have anyone dropping in on you and there is plenty of waves to share.

A great waves to ride while you are in Bali.

Balian Beach 12. Balian

About 20 minutes South of Medewi, Balian is worth your time if you find yourself up the NW coast of the island.

This reliable, rocky break works well at any tide and is a great escape from the crowds further South.

Serving the intermediate-advanced surfers, this break has been known to barrel when the conditions permit.

Otherwise, it has reliable swell coming through when everywhere else is flat.

Currents become dangerous during big swells so it’s best to head to Medewi under those circumstances, but when there is no swell it is a great place to come and enjoy the surf.

uluwatu best surf spot 13. Uluwatu

A sizeable reef break is suitable at all tides that are not recommended for beginners. We suggest advanced surfers with a lot of experience frequent this wave as it’s known to barrel to the left at low tides.

Perfect if you’re hoping to get totally tubular!

Surfing on the island of the gods is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget. As you can see, it is full of waves to entertain riders of any level. Have fun, be safe and rip it up!

More Surf Spots In Bali

There are plenty of good surf breaks to find in Bali and all around Indonesia, too many to mention as a matter of fact.

However, these are a few of my favorite breaks that I found while living on the island of gods. Bali is a beautiful place and is made for surfers, hippies and yogis alike.

If you plan on coming to here be sure to check out some of the best surf spots in Bali, because trust me you won’t want to miss them.

Are you a surfer that frequently comes to Bali? Do you have a favorite spot that wasn’t mentioned on this list? Say so in the comments below.

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