Bali Belly

How To Avoid Bali Belly

Are you traveling abroad and worried about the traveler’s diarrhea? Want to know what steps you can take and how to avoid Bali belly or traveler’s diarrhea? Traveling can impact our body’s digestive system by exposing them to new and foreign bacteria. Our guts and bodies aren’t always used to these new bacterias, and sometimes …

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What To Eat In Yangon

Traveling to Myanmar can be overwhelming. There is a lot to take in and experience while you are there; the people, the culture and of course the food. Most importantly the food. What should you eat in Yangon? Food has always been one of my favorite things about traveling. Every country is so unique as …

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Best Cuban Drinks

Planning a trip to Cuba? To get the full cultural experience in Cuba, you will want to eat and drink like the locals. Cuban drinks are some of the best around, so you don’t want to miss out. This is mainly due to their Cuban rum which they put in almost all their alcoholic drinks …

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