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14 Prettiest Cities in France | You’ll Want To Visit

France is one of the prettiest countries in Europe. That might sound like a biased statement, but its true.

It is full of history, intricate architecture, cobblestone streets, and a diverse landscape. Its home to some of the world’s most romantic and well-known cities.

France has a ton of personality and it’s especially known for its rich culture and fashion sense, among other facets.

But if you are reading this you are probably planning a trip to there and want to make sure you visit the prettiest cities in France. Don’t worry we have you covered.

14 of the Prettiest Cities in France

France is full of pretty cities, but weve picked fourteen of the most beautiful French cities below. Keep reading to learn more about each one.

Theyre in no particular order because its harder than you think to narrow down the list.

Quick List

Paris, France

Nice, France

Cannes, France

Annecy, France

St Tropez, France

Chamonix, France

Strasbourg, France

Dijon, France

Grenoble, France

Bordeaux, France

Honfleur, France

Metz, France 

Colmar, France

Sunrising over Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris France

1. Paris, France

Duh. How could we not start with Paris, right? Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world. Its romanticized by people all over the world, and its at the top of most bucket lists.

The Eiffel Tower takes the cake as the most popular monument and is one of the most famous landmarks in Europe, not just France.

However, Paris is known for so much more than that. Paris is full of iconic landmarks, including the Louvre, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, the Palace of Versailles, and many more.

Not only does Paris have many pretty landmarks, but its also pretty in general. The architecture is pretty, the Seine River that runs through the city is pretty, there are pretty bridges, pretty outfits, pretty baguettes… So go ahead and book your Paris hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower and get some amazing landmarks.

Basically, everything in Paris is pretty, you get the point. You could spend forever exploring and getting lost in the streets

So bring your most fashionable outfit and solo travel in Paris, or bring your friends. Paris is great for any kind of travel. Go explore as much as your heart desires.

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Colorful buildings of Nice, France

2. Nice, France

Nice is located in the south of France on the Mediterranean. It has both a new and old town, providing the best of both worlds to locals and visitors.

Nice in the summer is a dream vacation for most people, full of free fun activities to keep you busy.

It is a popular resort town in the warm months and the weather is perfect for lounging on the beach.

There is a ton to do in this pretty city on the water. You can walk the Promenade des Anglais, swim in the ocean, relax on the beach, and explore the architecture in Vieux Nice, among many other pretty activities.

Nice also has a ton of Italian influence because its not very far from the Italian border. So go ahead and get the gelato.

Francy Streets of Cannes, France

3. Cannes, France

This city is famously known for hosting the Cannes Film Festival each May in which celebrities from all over the world attend.

Cannes is known as a high-end beach experience. It has Michelin-star restaurants, extravagant museums and boutiques, and a port with some of the nicest boats and yachts in the world.

The sand in Cannes is known for being powdery white, which is rare in the Mediterranean. Cannes is located in the South of France on the Mediterranean.

It feels like a newer city compared to some of the more historic cities in France. Youll enjoy light-colored buildings, luscious greenery lining the streets, and a clean, well-kept environment.

Its not the cheapest place to stay or visit, but there are options if youre on a budget. You dont have to be a celebrity to be able to enjoy Cannes.

Annecy, France a unique place to visit in Europe

4. Annecy, France

What makes Annecy so special is the canals that run through the city. Annecy is like the Venice of France.

Its also surrounded by the French Alps, so you have stunning mountain scenery. You can tour the city by water cruise just like you can in Venice.

There are narrow canals with gorgeous homes and architecture. You can also visit Lake Annecy, where youll find stunning turquoise-blue waters. The perfect destination in Europe to relieve stress.

The lake also sits on the bottom of the mountains, so the views are breathtaking. Annecy is no doubt one of the prettiest cities in France because you can enjoy both mountain views and water views.

This is a place where you can enjoy the natural scenery and the historic buildings and pop in and out of quaint cafes. It doesnt get much better than that.

Super yachts in the bay with houses with red roofs in St. Tropez France

5. St Tropez, France

Located on the French Riviera, St. Tropez is another famous city in France. Its been featured in songs and is popular among celebrities as a fun place to hang out in the summer.

The water views are pretty, the boats in the port are pretty, and St. Tropez is all around a pretty place.

If youre looking to party, youll surely find a good time, but its also an excellent place for a leisurely visit. St. Tropez has it all.

The prettiest thing about St. Tropez is probably how blue the ocean looks from this city.

Beautiful bright pink flowers with snow capped mountains in the background

6. Chamonix, France

There are almost no words for how pretty this city is. Chamonix is one of the prettiest cities in France. It is home to the highest mountain in Western Europe, Mont Blanc.

Its the ultimate ski and alpine town. Youll find pretty modern and old architecture mixed together to create the perfect city.

Mont Blanc towers the city at 15,777 feet above sea level and is a very pretty view from the quaint streets.

An adorable Tramway will take you up to Mont Blanc, where you can enjoy the beautiful views. Chamonix is precious.

White and brown houses on a river in France

7. Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France, located at the German border, has a combination of French and Germanic culture.

It has a unique heritage compared to the rest of the country because it was once a part of Germany and became part of France at the end of WWI.

The city is 2,000 years old and has a historic quarter on the island in the middle of town known as La Petite France.

Its home to the second most visited cathedral in the country, and if youre visiting around December, youll find some of the best Christmas markets in all of Europe right in Strasbourg.

The architecture is very pretty in Strasbourg because it has a ton of German influence which you dont see much of in the rest of France.

Ariel View of Dijon, France

8. Dijon, France

Dijon was once the home of The Dukes of Burgundy, who were high royalty during the middle ages and above everyone but the King.

The Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy is a must-visit in the pretty city of Dijon. Walk around the city, visit the free local museum and art gallery, and learn about the medieval history of this French city.

If you love mustard, Dijon mustard is named after this city. This was the center of mustard making in the late middle ages. So you will have to go mustard tasting while you are here.

Ariel Gondolas going up the mountain in Grenoble, France

9. Grenoble, France

Grenoble is known for its backdrop of the French Alps. The mountain city has a strong community where residents, known as Grenoblois, are more than happy to greet visitors and show them around the town.

The city is progressive, which you don’t always find in France. Its even the most wheelchair-accessible city in France.

While its modernized in some ways, the street remains historical, and the architecture is ancient.

Explore Old Town and learn about the history of this city. The best thing to do in Grenoble is to take the Grenoble-Bastille cable car, known in French as Les bulles, to the Bastille.

From the city center to the former fortress overlooking the city, youll enjoy the prettiest views of the town and mountains along the way.

The pretty city of Bordeaux, France an ariel view

10. Bordeaux, France

If you love wine, you must visit Bordeaux. It also is one of the prettiest cities in France.  This is the capital of the wine country, and youll certainly have a tremendous wine-tasting experience.

Some amazing wineries worth visiting include St. Emilion, Margaux, Medoc, and St. Estephe. In addition, the Cite du in Museum is a museum dedicated to the culture and history of wine and French vineyards.

Bordeaux has a great mix of old and new architecture and is a gorgeous place. 

A white chruch and cobble stone streets in Aix-en-Provence

11. Aix-en-Provence, France

Just outside Marseille in the South of France, Aix-en-Provence is the perfect pretty, small town in France.

With its brightly colored architecture, narrow streets, and walkable Old Town, it has a magnetic charm to it.

Cours Mirabeau is the main tree-lined street with cafes and boutiques lining it. Aix is known as the city of fountains.

Youll find a pretty fountain on every corner. Hear the rushing water, the sound of conversation, the movement of people, and the birds chirping while you explore Aix.

It has daily open-air markets and quaint squares where you can sit with a bite to eat, and it allows you to feel true French culture.

Aix-en-Provence is also great for wine tasting.

Aix has a more modern side of town, but its Old Town is breathtaking. You’ll get to know your way around Old Town pretty quickly and start seeing familiar faces which makes this pretty place feel like home. 

Marina view of Honfleur, France

12. Honfleur, France

In the Normandy region of France, Honfleur is a pretty city along the water. It became famous after artist Eugen Boudin convinced Monet to come to Honfleur to paint in the mid-19th century.

After Monet, many other artists followed and put Honfleur on the map. Today, there are many great art galleries around Honfleur.

The town has just over 8,000 residents, so its a very quaint and pretty town. One of the prettiest things about this city is its picturesque harbor.

It is also a lovely beach town and there is a wonderful little tourist train that will take you around the city.

Castle on the river at night in Metz, France

13. Metz, France 

Metz is in a unique location because its located near three borders, including Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

If you want to travel around Europe, Metz is an excellent place to start. Its also only just over an hour by train to Paris.

Metz is known as the garden city because of all its flowerbeds, trees, and greenery. Its one of the greenest cities in France, with more than 82 square feet of green area per inhabitant.

The Moselle and Seille Rivers run through the city, so there are also some great riverside walking paths. Its also known for capitalizing on outdoor terraces and seating at the many cafes and restaurants. If you love to be outdoors, this pretty city is for you.

Beautiful colorful homes on the river in Colmar France, where beauty and the beast was born

14. Colmar, France

Colmar is another canal city in France. Its located in northeast France and combines German and French architecture.

Its very photogenic and has become a bit Instagram famous with its colorful houses, wooden shutters, and window flower beds full of colorful flowers.

It was also the inspiration for the village in the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, so this pretty little city has gained a ton of popularity.

The best thing to do here is to wander the streets and enjoy the homes in all their delight. This is a great city to slow down, explore, and marvel at its beauty.

There are so many beautiful cities throughout France that its hard to narrow down the list. Whether you enjoy a more modern city or one full of history with narrow streets and unique architecture, youll find the right pretty city in France for you.

Some have mountains, while others have canals and lakes, making these cities special and pretty.

Theyre unique in their own ways and are certainly very memorable places. Hopefully, you have visited or will be visiting one of the prettiest cities in France. They are well worth the visit.

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