Kitesurfing Camps: 8 Camps to visit if you want to learn

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Kitesurfing is an exhilarating water sport that allows you to feel like you’re flying and being carried by the wind.

Its a great adrenaline-filled sport. One that hooks you soon as you master the skills.

Not only that, but it is also a great way to exercise. Working your balance, core muscles, and challenging the mind all at the same time.

Kitesurfing gets you outside. It is a great alternative to surfing when there is wind, but no waves.

It creates an opportunity to travel to some amazing places all over the world with different conditions. So why wouldn’t you want to add learning to kitesurf to your bucket list.

However, it is a hard sport to master. One that requires day after day of learning. This is why, if you want to learn it is always best to find a labor-intense camp to jump-start your kitesurfing lifestyle.

Kitesurfing schools are everywhere around the world. All schools are situated close to the water, of course, and have great conditions for learning the sport.

If youre lucky enough to have a kitesurfing camp near you thats definitely a luxury but for many people, traveling to a kitesurfing school is required. However, choosing and visiting a kitesurfing school can make for a fun vacation in an exotic place in and of itself.

A big part of what makes kitesurfing camp great is not just the instructors or the ability to teach the sport, but you have to have the right wind and water conditions.

If the kitesurfing conditions arent great it is much harder or even impossible to learn.

Its important to do tons of research before committing to a camp but luckily were here to help you narrow down your list.

What to Look for in a Kitesurfing Camp

Many factors determine if a kitesurfing camp or school will truly be able to teach you the skills to learn to master the sport. Like any other school, there are very prestigious places as well as smaller learning centers. In order to make a good decision, weve gathered some of the important things to look for when choosing a school.

  • Instructors– Make sure theyre qualified to be teaching the sport and certified by The International Kitesurfing Organization (IKO)
  • Equipment– The quality, age, and condition of the equipment will impact your performance
  • Group size– Look for a one on one lesson rather than a group setting
  • Cost– The prices can vary widely so make sure the school or camp is worth the money
  • Accommodations– Some schools or camps provide accommodations onsite otherwise you will need to look for somewhere to stay nearby
  • Culture– The community aspect and friendliness, as well as the professionalism of the employees, makes a huge difference
  • Education– The emphasis on health and safety and building core skills are very important. Instructors who care about teaching their beginners about the basics creates a better foundation
  • Reviews– Always check the reviews and recommendations to make sure the school is a good fit

If you can feel confident with these considerations in mind, you may have found the right school!

Why Visiting a Kitesurfing Camp is a Must!

If you know someone who is a kitesurfer it may be enticing to just learn the ropes from a friend instead of paying to attend courses from a skilled instructor.

However, kitesurfing is not surfing nor is it snowboarding. It is a sport that requires a lot of different and unique skills that you must use all at the same time.

You will need to know how to read the wind, use your kite, and balance on the board. This is a BIG ask for a friend to teach you or even for you to learn on your own. For the most part, when learning to kitesurf, you will not even get up on your board for the first couple of days.

The sport can be dangerous especially when you don’t know what you are doing. That is why, Its highly encouraged to take lessons from a qualified instructor to make sure you learn all the safety precautions and best practices of the sport.

What Youll Learn at Kitesurfing School / Camp

At Kitesurfing camp, youll learn so much about the sport that you may feel like a pro by the end of your training.

Your instructor will teach you all about the equipment youll be using. How to use and set up your equipment properly is a big part of the sport. Also, you need to learn to maintain your equipment, so you will be able to manage your own once you are a proper kitesurfer.

The camp will also teach you how to use the wind. If you don’t understand the wind you won’t make it very far as a kitesurfer.

They will also teach you the basics of how to generate speed, how to turn, and countless other important things.

You dont even need to be a beginner to benefit from visiting a kitesurfing school or camp.

Even those who are familiar with kitesurfing visit these places to perfect their skills or progress on what they already know.

Its a great opportunity for any kitesurfer at every level to get comfortable with the sport.

Now that we have talked about what to look for in a camp, why you need to one and what you will learn. Let’s look at the best kitesurfer schools around the world.

Best Kitesurfing Camps Around the World

All of the schools and camps on the list below are International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified which means they have met the standards to teach and train kitesurfing at a professional level.

We have created a list of some amazing kitesurfing schools and camps all around the world and on every continent except for Antarctica.

Kitesurfing in the Red Sea1. KitePeople

El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt

El Gouna is known as being the best kitesurfing spot in Egypt and its a great place for beginners to learn the sport. KitePeople is located at the Mövenpick Resort & Spa which means there are already accommodations in place. All you need to do each day is walk out of your room and head to the beach for training.

The area has both shallow and deep water which makes it ideal for all levels of riders.

Certified instructors will teach you the sport in English with a focus on safety. The group size is a maximum of two people, which means you will get a lot of one on one attention.  You will learn with a trainer kite on land before moving into the water.

Wouldnt it be cool to say you went to Egypt and learned how to kitesurf?


Kitesurfing in Long Beach2. SoCal Kitesurfing

Long Beach, California, United States of America

Located on Belmont Shore, SoCal Kitesurfing is one of the best places in the United States for kitesurfing. The instructors are certified, informative, and only use the best quality gear. The helmets even include a 2-way radio so you can be coached as you ride.

There are various course options including private lessons or even small group lessons. You will start with an informative beach lesson that will teach you everything you need to know about kitesurfing and how to use the equipment before going out on the water.

The guidance and structure of the course will help you become a pro before you know it! This is a great option for any Americans wanting to learn, that don’t want to leave the country.

Girl with a Kitesurf
3. Surf Club Keros

Kalliopi, Lemnos, Greece

Surf Club Keros is on the beautiful Keros Beach in Greece. The reason it’s so popular is because guests can stay in luxury safari tents. They have all the amenities you could need while being in the heart of nature and only a 5 minute walk to the beach.

Its an amazing experience to not only learn to kitesurf but to stay in a really cool environment.

Surf Club Keros has only IKO qualified instructors and also provides radio helmets so you can be coached every step of the way.

Beginners can learn in waist-deep water which is great for helping you feel comfortable and confident before moving away from the shallow waters.

There are also courses to refresh your skills or progress your skills if youre at an intermediate level.

The equipment is high quality and always the newest on the market and lessons take place in at least 7 languages include Greek, English, and Spanish.

Surf Club Keros caters to all experience levels and can teach in private or in groups.

You also receive an official IKO student card at the end of your lessons which certifies your level.

What a unique place to take up the sport.

4. C2Sky Kite Center

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Located in Vietnam, C2Sky Kite Center is a great place to learn to kitesurf. The instructors are IKO certified and lessons are available in English, German, Dutch, Polish, Russian, and Vietnamese.

There are both beginner and advanced lessons depending on your level of kitesurfing knowledge.

October through April is the best time for kitesurfing in Mui Ne and C2Sky has a lot of great space on the southern end of the beach for teaching the sport.

They also offer amenities such as showers, WIFI, storage rooms, and a place to chill out before or after your lessons.

Youll be provided the equipment, an IKO certification card as well as refreshments during your course.

Consider Vietnam for the start of your kitesurfing journey!

5. Ion Club Dakhla

Dakhla Lagoon, Dakhla, Morocco

Ion Club has different locations around the world for kitesurfing. Dakhla is a great spot because its located on a lagoon and there are almost constant winds year-round. Which means it’s possible to kitesurf almost every single day.

This isnt the case everywhere and sometimes lessons have to be canceled if the weather conditions arent right but in Dakhla, you have a great chance of getting to kitesurf every day.

All lessons are instructed by certified kitesurfers and are even offered in several languages. There are opportunities for beginners, intermediate, and advanced kitesurfers to learn new and valuable skills.

Its also located on a peninsula and youll get different winds and waves at different points which can make exploring the waters a fun activity for more advanced surfers. Ion Club is definitely a great choice.

Kitesurfing6. Surf Connect

Brisbane, Australia

Surf Connect in Brisbane, Australia has been educating people in water sports for over a decade. They offer 2-hour lessons with some of the best and safest equipment.

By the end of all your lessons if youre serious about kitesurfing and plan to buy equipment theyll even credit the cost of your first four lessons and take it off the price of any equipment you purchase from them. Not a bad deal!

Surf Connect takes its accreditation very seriously, especially since kitesurfing is such an extreme sport.

At the end of each lesson, youll be given a certification card and after you’ve completed all of the beginner courses your instructor will let you know if youre ready for independent riding or if you could use more practice.

Instructors truly want to make sure you have the skills needed before attempting to ride solo.

Kitesurfing in Brazil7. Club Ventos

Jericoacoara, Brazil

When learning to kitesurf at Club Ventos, your safety is of the utmost importance. You will be registered with IKO so that your progress can be tracked. Youll have the opportunity to continue learning at other IKO centers around the world.

It will also allow you to rent equipment from other locations without having to take a course again. Club Ventos only uses Cabrinha Kites which is one of the best kitesurf brands on the market.

All instructors are IKO qualified and will provide radio communication throughout the lesson. Be sure to pay a bit more money for a private lesson. There are four lessons for three hours each at the beginner course level and there are two intermediate and advanced course offerings as well.

Kitesurfing camp in Italy8. Wind Riders 

Lake Garda, Limone, Italy

With a backdrop of mountains, it cant get much better than learning to kitesurf on Lake Garda. For over a decade, Wind Riders has been educating people in the sport. They offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons.

They even have a test lesson which is a 1-hour theory, to see if you like the sport.

However, to reach the point of being able to ride independently, the school recommends you take the 5-day course so you can learn all of the necessary skills of a safe rider.

Every instructor is IKO certified and new equipment is purchased each year to makes sure its of quality and safe to users.

Youll also wear a radio helmet for ease of communication with your instructor and at the end of the course, and youll be given your IKO level so you can continue lessons at any IKO center.

Kitesurfing is a unique and exciting sport that you should consider trying if you get the chance. Its the perfect excuse to travel to a remote location for a week and attend a kitesurfing camp.

Who knows, you might just love it and travel all over the world to try out different places.

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