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Top 15 Best Adventure Holidays for solo travelers

Many people envision holiday travel as nothing more than going over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house.

But for fun, active singles, the holidays provide the perfect time to spice life up with an adventure! Why not take advantage of the time off to explore the world?

Having extra time off of work is the perfect opportunity to get out and have the adventure of a lifetime.

By now you might be asking yourself, well… What are the best adventures holidays for solo travelers. That is where we come in.

Here is a list of some of the best adventure holidays around the world, hopefully, this list will help inspire you to get out and take the adventure of a lifetime.

Top 15 Best Adventure Holidays for Solo Travelers

Tree in Africa with Kilimanjaro

1. Climb Kilimanjaro

How many people can brag about climbing the highest peak in Africa? Take advantage of your free time and do something that is not only good for your physical health but also something that will challenge your mental health.

Kilimanjaro boasts routes for nearly every level hiker. The relatively easy Marangu route offers stunning scenery without requiring adventurers to expend too much effort, while the challenging Western Slope offers a heart-pounding workout even to experienced rock crawlers.

Several other routes exist, offering everything from glacial views to a series of caves to explore.

Climbing the highest mountain in Africa is definitely a must for outdoor lovers looking for an extra thrill. It is also a great way to meet other solo travelers that have the same interests as you.

Go ahead and get out and enjoy the outdoors on your next vacation.

Prague lit up at night

2. Go Overseas on a Budget

Has backpacking through Europe long occupied a place on your bucket list but a tiny travel budget prevents checking it off? Traveling to Europe can be much cheaper than you think, especially now with the US dollar being equal to the Euro. Traveling to Europe has never been more affordable.

You also might want to consider swapping out swank hotels in lieu of a small and cozy hostel where you’ll enjoy far cheaper fares.

Hostels are a great way to meet fellow solo travelers while saving you money. And don’t be scared, you don’t have to be jammed into one room with 10 other travelers. Most hostels offer single rooms these days for a fraction of the price you would pay for a hotel.

Receive all the perks of a hostel without all the downsides.

Plus, most of Europe boasts outstanding public transportation amenities, so travelers can get from here to there without spending much dough or having to rent a car.

Need more ideas on cheap ways to travel around Europe

Lions in Africa

3. Make It a Safari

Have you always wanted to take an African safari, but have been waiting on your friends to come along? Wait no more and go ahead and book a solo safari trip!

These guides receive special training on how to get guests breathtakingly close to the various wildlife on the preserve — including magnificent creatures like lions and elephants, while still protecting traveler safety

Why not take the trip of a lifetime and maybe even meet a future travel buddy?

Discover the best safaris for solo travelers

Sailing Boats in Croatia

4. Sail Croatia

Does the lure of the sea call you by name? Why not skip the usual Caribbean cruises often booked solid this time of year and opt instead to sail the beautiful azure waters of Croatia?

Sail Croatia is a great way to get out and meet other solo travelers. Spend your days soaking up the Mediterranean sun and getting to your like-minded travelers.

What better way to spend your vacation than living on a sailboat and seeing Europe from a different perspective?

Raja Ampat

5. Dive Trip in Raja Ampat

Do you enjoy the underwater world more than just sailing above it? Why not have one of the best adventures for solo travelers and have a dive trip of a lifetime? Raj Ampat is famous for its diving, beauty, and straight-up remoteness.

Not a diver? Not a big deal, this could be your chance to get certified or just enjoy the live abroad experience with some snorkeling.

Table and Chairs in front of Ocean in Greece

6. Relax on a Greek Island

Do all these previous adventures, seem a little too adventurous for you? Why not tone it down a bit and just take some time to relax on a Greek Island?

Embrace the history of ancient Greece, soak up the culture, enjoy the moussaka, but most importantly learn to relax.

Islands such as Santorini or Paros offer immaculate architecture and pristine beaches. Plus, proximity to the mainland means history buff travelers can easily book a short plane ride to explore the ancient ruins.

Many tour companies include amenities such as luxurious five-course wine dinners nightly, so tourists also get to sample the best local fare.

Falafel Bowl

7. Tasty Travel Tours

If you are a food lover, why not plan your vacation around your favorite tasty treats? If you are in love with a certain cuisine, why not take a holiday to visit that country and track down the best of the best?

Some travelers opt for tasting tours overseas such as a French chateau where tourists not only enjoy fine dining but also learn to cook fantastic dishes on their own!

Not a fan of French cooking, there are many other countries to choose from. Turkey, Mexico, and Italy, just to name a few.

Eating your way to happiness is always a good idea and makes for great memories.

Wine Vineyards

8. Sip Your Way Through Wine Country

If food isn’t really your thing, but you are a wine lover you might want to consider planning a wine trip.

Oenophiles traveling at home or abroad have a plethora of places to choose from where they can explore a new locale while sipping their favorite bubbly.

Taking a tour through Napa’s wine country in North America feels like playing a role in the movie “Sideways” and also helps inject much-needed tourist dollars into an area ravaged by recent wildfires.’

Want to head overseas to enjoy some wine tasting why not consider heading to France for a champagne tour of France (the only place on earth which produces true champagne).

Alternately, head to Italy to taste incredible Chianti from ancient vineyards. Or even South Africa

Explore the best wine tours all over the world for singles

Northern Lights in Iceland

9. Brag About Seeing the Aurora Borealis

Intrepid travelers unswayed by frigid temperatures can head north to Iceland, Scandinavia or Canada to enjoy viewing the Northern Lights.

If seeing the Northern Lights has always been on your bucket list, but you have been too afraid to take the journey solo, fear no more.

Why not head to Iceland and have the vacation of a lifetime? G – Adventure Tours offers great solo traveler tours to check out the Northern lights and meet fellow travelers.

Truck Driving in Mountains

10. Just Hit the Road!

When the old travel bone starts itching but no particular destination comes to mind, simply gas up the car and hit the road! Spontaneous road trips offer the ultimate in freedom.

Drive as far away as you like, stay in cozy B&B’s stumbled across, and dine at places the locals recommend.

Take advantage of your time off to satisfy your wanderlust and enjoy a new adventure! The best part about being single means no one can tell you where you can or can’t go.

Going on a road trip with no particular place to go is a great way to explore off-the-beaten-track places. You never know where the road might take you.

Girl Kitesurfing

11. Learn to Surf or KiteSurf

Have you always wanted to learn to surf or kitesurf, but you feel like you never have the time to do so? Why not use your next vacation to learn to surf or kitesurf?

Heading to a surf camp or a kitesurfing camp can be a great way to explore a new country, meet new friends, and have an adventure.

Giving yourself a week to actually dive into a sport will give you enough time to master it and want to do it more and more.

Dog Sledding in the winter

12. Dog Sledding

If warm weather is not your kind of thing, but you are still looking for a thrill of a lifetime, you might want to consider taking a dog sledding tour. Maintain your own dogs and sled your way through Alaska.

Spend your days mushing your dogs to the next destination, while spending your nights curled up next to a fireplace slipping in some red wine or hot cocoa. Everything is set up and preplanned for you, so all you have to worry about is getting your dogs and yourself to the next pit stop.

Guy standing on trail in front of Machu Pichu

13. Inka Trail

Not a fan of the cold, but still want to challenge yourself while on holiday and walk the Inka trail, ending up in the magical ancient city of Machu Pichu?

Chose anywhere from 1 – 4 nights, depending on how much of the trail you actually want to do. G – Adventures offers a wide variety of options to choose from, depending on how much time you have and how many nights you want to spend camping.

It is a great chance to get outdoors and meet fellow travelers that share the same interests as you.

River rafting the Grand Canyon

14. Whitewater Raft the Grand Canyon

Are you looking for some excitement, but don’t want to travel too far to find it? Why not a whitewater raft through the Grand Canyon?

This is one of the best adventure holidays for solo travelers as there is a wide range of time frames you can pick, depending on how long you want to spend out on the river.

Never been whitewater rafting before? Don’t worry they will teach you everything you need to know before you go and ensure that you are safe before you head out on the rapid white water.

Girl doing yoga on the beach during sunrise-min

15. Yoga Retreat

If all of these other ideas sound a little too adventurous for you. Why not just take an epic holiday to a country you have always dreamed of, chill out and do some yoga.

Bookyogaretreats offers great yoga retreats all over the world and for all experience levels. Sometimes just leaving the country can be an adventure all on its own, especially if this is your first solo trip outside your country.

Don’t fret though, it will get easier and easier the more you do it.


Ok, that’s it. We hope that some of these adventures will help spark your wanderlust and give you the boost you need to book that trip of a lifetime.

Do you have an adventure holiday for solo travelers that wasn’t mentioned on this list? Say so in the comments below.



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