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19 Most Underrated Cities In Europe 

Its no secret that Paris, London, Rome, and Amsterdam are some of the most visited and loved cities across Europe.

They’re great places for sure, but there are so many other underrated cities in Europe that are just as amazing, but less well-known by travelers.

The best part? These underrated cities in Europe have fewer tourists which can make them feel more special and of course, less crowded.

I have asked other fellow bloggers to share their most underrated European cities with us and explain why it is their top choice.

All of these cities on this list have amazing scenery, rich historical structures, and mesmerizing beauty that make them worth adding to your bucket list. 

Let’s Dive Into The Most Underrated European Cities

Cadiz, Spain

1. Cádiz, Spain

Cádiz is an ancient medieval fortress that received an influx of wealth from the Americas in the 18th century.

As a result, tall and grand European architecture lines graceful sea-fronted boulevards contained within the original Roman walls.

There are a host of wonderful things to do in Cádiz, but just strolling the uneven stone laneways where a muted hum radiates from hidden tapas bars, is what this seaside charmer is all about.

Expect to find relaxed Spanish charm, earthy tapas dishes, free-flowing sherry, bustling food markets, irresistible churros, and local, tourist-free neighborhoods.

Be sure to climb the bell tower of the cathedral for incredible views over the city, or try a night at Peña Flamenco – one of the most authentic in the region.

With a temperate climate, Cádiz is a good year-round destination.

However, it’s best after the winter rains have eased in April, until October when the temperatures start to dip again.

July and August can be hot (up to 30 degrees) which is a great time to take advantage of the beaches just outside the city center.

Written By: Paul Healy, From Anywhere We Roam

Vilnius city centre at night

2. Vilnius, Lithuania

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius. It is a charming, easygoing city that is often overlooked by travelers. It is hard to understand why because it has a wealth of history and culture to discover.

With a spirit of creativity and independence, it has a vibrant artistic tradition as well as a thriving food scene, yum.

Its captivating Old Town is characterized by cosy little cafés, craft beer bars, galleries and diverse architecture, from gothic to modern.

Vilnius is also one of the greenest cities in Europe.

It is rife with natural open spaces, parks and forests blended neatly among its chilled-out neighborhoods, and the River Vilnia meandering through.

Two of the city’s most striking landmarks – Gediminas’ Tower and the Three Crosses Monument – each stand on green hills that rise above the skyline.

One of the best things to do in Vilnius is to experience the city’s quirkiness. Cross the river from the Old Town into the Republic of Užupis, a bohemian neighbourhood that has declared itself independent.

Its streets are intertwined with art murals and restored buildings. There you will find a constitution emblazoned in a series of plaques along a wall, featuring lines such as “Everyone has the right to be individual”.

Summer is the most popular time to visit Vilnius, but it also has a magical charm in winter. When temperatures plunge below freezing and snow carpets the city.

You can fend off the cold with the hearty local cuisine and a mug of Lithuanian mead, the world’s oldest alcoholic drink.

Written By: Alex Trembath, Career Gappers

Strasbourg, France

3. Strasbourg, France

One of Europe’s most incredible, and often overlooked cities is Strasbourg, France. Strasbourg is one of the most underrated European cities and is truly a hidden gem.

Located in France’s Alsace region it is famous for its food and wine and is packed with history and exciting attractions.

When you arrive in Strasbourg, its beauty will take your breath away. The city is full of colorful, half-timbered houses in the medieval center.

Many of them have been converted to Strasbourg Airbnb properties, so it’s possible to book a stay in a historic home.

The cobblestone streets and picturesque canals provide more charm to the fabulous city.

In fact, cruising through the canals of Strasbourg is one of the best activities for visitors.

It’s a great way to see the city in a short period of time. The tour boats use the medieval lock system to navigate around the city.

Another famous landmark in Strasbourg is the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg. It’s the massive gothic cathedral located in the center of the city.

The cathedral is unique for only having one tower. If you climb to the observation deck on top of the structure you can enjoy sweeping views of the city and countryside below.

One final suggestion is to enjoy the wine culture of the Alsace by booking a tasting at one of the wine cellars or purveyors in Strasbourg.

There are also countless vineyard tours that can be booked from Strasbourg. You can also order a glass or two while enjoying Alsatian cuisine from an authentic restaurant in town.

Written by: Derek Hartman, Robe Trotting

Porto, Portugal

4. Porto, Portugal

Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal and is split in two by the Douro River.

The Dom Luis Bridge is a double-decker that has become a symbol of Porto and has incredible views of the city on both sides.

Portos Old Town and the 6 bridges that connect the two halves of the city have become UNESCO World Heritage sites.

You can also find medieval walls, Baroque churches, a Romanesque Cathedral, and so many more amazing historical sites in the city.

Its history dates back to the Romans times and has a lot of character and charm.

Its a beautiful city to explore full of history and colorful buildings.

Porto is best known for being the birthplace of port wine.

When in the city, you must visit the Port cellars and take a wine tour to try some delicious samples.

Other must-visits in the city include walking along the old town of Porto known as Ribeira with its cobblestone streets, water views, and many amazing shops, bars, and restaurants.

You can also climb the 225 steps to the top of the Clerigos Tower for panoramic views of the city. There is much to do in the beautiful city of Porto.

Written by: Megan Kulluk, Peter Pan Traveler

Piran, Slovenia

5. Piran

While the beautiful, diverse country of Slovenia is located very close to the Mediterranean, it actually has just 47 kilometers of actual coastline.

What it lacks in quantity, however, it makes up for in quality with the fantastic coastal gem of Piran.

Even though Piran is just 1.5 hours from the capital of Ljubljana by car, it feels a world away.

Featuring captivating medieval Venetian architecture and a vehicle-free old town, Piran is the kind of place where life moves slowly through its narrow, cobblestoned alleys.

Piran is still, a small working fishing village.

Every picturesque little square features outstanding fresh seafood restaurants. The scenic promenade is lined with comfortable terraces, perfect for enjoying a drink (or three) while watching the sun drop below the horizon.

The Walls of Piran is an evocative reminder of its violent naval past. The wall itself offers stunning views over the town and the surrounding sea.

For another great view, I suggest climbing to the top of the classic Bell Tower for an up-close view of the Church of St. George and vibrant Tartini Square.

While Piran sees its fair share of day-trippers and can get busy in the summer month. Mainly due to its several nearby beaches, outside of July and August, you will often have the place to yourself.

It is still virtually unknown outside Slovenia and often overshadowed by the popular beach resorts of neighboring Croatia.

Piran has a small-town charm, modest fishing village feel, and affordable guesthouses, which is why it is one under appreciated city in Europe.

Piran is an essential stop on any visit to the Balkans.

Written by: Dean and Laynni, Routinely Nomadic

Split, Croatia

6. Split, Croatia

With its laid-back, Mediterranean vibe, Split is a great place to vacation.

It’s a coastal city on the Adriatic Sea and the second-largest city in Croatia.

Half the old town of Split is encompassed by a Roman palace that has now become home to many stores, restaurants, and bars.

Split was designed for Roman Emperor Diocletian in the fourth century AD and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is by far one of the most underrated cities in Europe.

Split is full of coastlines and has many beautiful beaches and rocky coves.

Bacvice Beach is the most famous in the city and a popular tourist destination. Mainly because it is family-friendly during the day and then becomes a booming club scene at night.

There are also many secluded beaches to relax at under the Mediterranean sun.

Its a vibrant city with bustling nightlife and so much to see and do during the day.

Its a great place to visit for both relaxing and exploring.

You could even hop over to the small surrounding islands of Hvar, Vis, and Brac quite easily.

Another fun activity is to climb up the hill of Marjan National Park for amazing views of the area.

Split is a beautiful, coastal city thats thriving with excitement and beauty and waiting to be visited by more travelers.

Written by: Megan Kulluk, Peter Pan Traveler

Alkmaar most underrated cities in europe

7. Alkmaar, Netherlands

Everybody knows Amsterdam, but how about Alkmaar? Slightly older and just half an hour north of the capital city.

It’s charming by architecture, canals, and boats. It is actually quite special that Alkmaar is not overrun by tourists (yet). A hidden gem.

Europeans would only be fair to count this unique city as one of the underrated European cities.

Alkmaar is a beautiful cheese city.

Cute little boutiques, a beautiful big church, a traditional Cheese Market and friendlier locals are some of the things that you may expect to find in Alkmaar.

Enjoy lunch or dinner at one of the many excellent restaurants.

On a sunny day you may want to grab a refreshing drink at the terrace of the Beer Museum.

The Cheese Market is a not-to-miss weekly event, held every Tuesday evening and Friday morning between April and September at the Waag Square. 

Alkmaar is surrounded by numerous windmills and tulip fields, which are blooming in April every year.

On top of that, Alkmaar is bicycling distance to several beaches at the North Sea and some lovely old villages like De Rijp.

It is also a quick train ride to old VoC cities Hoorn and Enkhuizen.

Written by: Elisa van Velzen, Flitter Fever

Berlin, Germany

8. Berlin, Germany

Berlin has an important historical background, an exciting nightlight, amazing food, beautiful architecture, and a stunning landscape.

Its the one of the perfect underrated European cities to spend your next vacation.

There is so much to see and do in the city including some Famous European Landmarks including the Berlin Wall.

What a lot of people don’t know was that it was actually constructed overnight and separated East and West Berlin for 30 years.

You can stroll through Checkpoint Charlie which is at the crossing point between what was once East and West Berlin.

There is an entire island dedicated to museums referred to as Museum Island.

The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the River Spree. You can also visit the Brandenburg Gate which is now a symbol of peace and unity for Berlin.

Berlin is a lively city and is often referred to as the party capital of Europe.

Its a great place to explore during the day and have fun out on the town at night.

As the capital city of Germany, it has culture, character, and vibrance. There is so much to experience and appreciate about how far Berlin has come, after the world war and the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

Written by: Megan Kulluk, Peter Pan Traveler

Kaunas, Lithuania

9. Kaunas, Lithuania

When you think about visiting Lithuania, the first thought in your head will definitely be Vilnius. Which is another city that is on our underrated European cities list.

Vilnius, the country’s capital offers a lot to tourists.

However, how about visiting the previous capital of Lithuania? Kaunas may have lost its status as the capital of the country, but is never lost its charm!

Kaunas is a city located near the Nemunas and the Neris river.

Despite the fact that it is not the world’s most known tourist hit, it is an ideal place for tourists.

The city itself has a lot to offer, but its surroundings are also full of beautiful places.

When planning a trip, read the materials available in the tourist information – they are very nice and useful.

If you are interested in the interwar modernism style, this city will make you feel great!

Beautiful examples of architecture are waiting for you at every step!

Kaunas has interesting museums (Devils, Pharmacy, Folk instruments, etc.), a nice market square, and a long promenade.

While you are there you will want to check out Sugihara’s House which has amazing history.

Kaunas also has fantastic street art.

It is the perfect location for foodies and basketball fans!

Be sure to try the local cuisine!

Also, if you like tasting high-proof alcohol, be sure to plan time for a visit to the Stumbras Museum. The company produces many types of vodka which you can try on-site.

Written by: Jakub Juszyński, TYMRazem

Lucern, Switzerland

10. Lucern, Switzerland

Lucern is a great outdoor city and perfect for adventurous travelers. Its one of the most picturesque places with almost daydream-like or fairytale views.

Lucerne has a bit of everything with a glacial lake, covered bridges, church spires, and the Swiss Alps.

Lake Lucerne is surrounded by snow-covered Swiss Alps and is a beautiful sparkling blue color. You can hike to the top of Mount Pilatus or even take the Cogwheel Train which is the steepest in the world to the top of Pilatus for wonderful views of Lucerne.

In the center of town is the iconic Kapellbrücke bridge, also known as the Chapel Bridge which is located on the Reuss river.

Its the oldest wooden covered and truss bridge in Europe.

Lucerne is a must-visit city to spend some time outdoors and appreciate true natural beauty.

It has the best of everything with its varying scenery.

You can also find amazing food and of course, Swiss chocolate. Its one of the most stunning cities because of the surrounding natural beauty but also the well-kept historical structures that cover the streets.

Written by: Megan Kulluk, Peter Pan Traveler

Mechelen one of the most underrated cities in Europe

11. Mechelen, Belgium

Mechelen is not much of a bustling city, it is a cute town located between Brussels and Antwerp in the heart of Belgium. It is one of the most underrated cities in Europe and is usually not on the tourist map.

Most visitors that come to Belgium normally prefer to visit Brugge and Brussels, but Mechelen has just as much if not more charm than these cities.

It is well worth spending a few days roaming around the city to get a real sneak peek into authentic, down-to-earth Flemish culture.

The city of Mechelen is known locally to be a strong supporter of local entrepreneurship. With hip eateries and plenty of boutique stores there is always something new happening in the city!

For the best food try out low-waste restaurants like Lief and the Kind Coconut or alternatively pop into the open-air market called de Vleeshallen (the old meat market).

The old meat market is a great place to grab a drink and indulge in some tasty food that is on offer in one of the 13 food stalls.

Mechelen can be easily visited as a day trip from Brussels or Antwerp, with both cities are just an easy 20 minute (direct) train ride away.

The best views over the city can be found at the very top of the Saint Rumbolds tower. Climb up the 500+ stairs (There is no elevator) and see if you can spot the Atomium from the viewing platform.

As is the case with many towns in Europe, Mechelen has a variety of cute squares lined with bars and restaurants.

Make sure to allow some time to visit the Haverwerf, a small square right off the buzzing fishmarket.

The Haverwerf houses three of the most iconic and colorful buildings in the city dating all the way back to the 16th century.

Written by: Caroline Muller, Veggie Way Farer

San Marino

12. San Marino

An amazing lesser-known city in Europe, is the tiny micro-country (and city) of San Marino – the oldest country in the world.

It boasts breathtaking views of the Italian countryside while being home to an impressive castle.

Breakaway from the crowds of the cities in Italy, and travel to the underrated city of San Marino.

The best thing to do in San Marino is to explore the towering castle on the peak of Monte Titano. There are three towers looming over the city- dating back to the 11th century!

The First Tower, Guaita is the oldest tower built in the 11th century and most famous. The Second Tower, Cesta, is on the highest peak and is home to a museum holding over 1500 weapons dating back to the Medieval Era. The Montale, the third tower, is on the smallest summit and is not open to the public.

There are also plenty of museums to intrigue you. The National Museum dives into the rich history of San Marino and the beautiful Basilica de San Marino is a step back in time. For travelers who prefer more unusual items – visit the Torture Museum.

No matter what you decide to see in San Marino, you’ll be glad you visited this underrated city in Europe.

Written by: Pamela, The Directionally Challenged Traveler

Genoa Most one of the most underrated cities in Europe

13. Genoa, Italy

Genoa is a port town on the coast of Italy known for its views and gastronomy. Its the birthplace of pesto and focaccia and is known for its amazing food and restaurants.

It was also the home of Christopher Columbus and has a rich maritime history and beautiful medieval structures.

Genoa was once a walled city that protected and defended it and today, large portions of the wall still remain.

Genoas city center is one of the largest preserved medieval sites in Europe and has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You must visit the Palazzo Reale, a palace built in the 17th century that still has most of the original furniture and art.

The amazing San Lorenzo Cathedral built between the 12th and 14th centuries is a Romanesque-gothic structure that alternates between black and white stones.

Genoa is a beautiful, historical, and well-preserved city.

Its full of life, both old and new and is a great city to visit.

You could enjoy some amazing food, waterfront views, and medieval structures. It often gets overlooked by more well-known Italian cities but it should be added to your list of vacation dream locations.

Probably the best burger I ever had in my life was in Genoa. When you are there be sure to eat at Groove Bruger. You won’t regret it!

Written by: Megan Kulluk, Peter Pan Traveler

Brno, Czech Republic

14. Brno, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is mainly known for Prague, but even the second-largest city of Brno has a lot to offer.

Brno presents a perfect combination of history and a modern city (it was voted as 6th the most favorite student city in the world).

In Brno, you will find remarkable places, as well as delicious food, cozy cafes, and world-famous beer, which isn’t just great but also very cheap!

The dominant landmark of Brno is the Špilberk Castle, which is a massive baroque citadel with extensive casemates.

It is also home to the iconic Petrov Cathedral (St. Paul’s and Peter’s cathedral). Another very interesting place that shouldn’t be missed is the St. James Ossuary (Kostnice u Svatého Jakuba), which is the second-largest ossuary in Europe!

It’s not very far from the main square – Náměstí Svobody, which is often a place of markets and festivals.

Most of Brno’s important landmarks are located in the city center all within walking distance. There are plenty of things to do in Brno. And if you are a fan of modern architecture, you shouldn’t miss Villa Tugendhat, which was built in the functionalist style and is listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The most popular time to visit Brno is the summer season. However, there is no bad time for your visit.

In June they host a massive fireworks festival Ignis Brunensis, so plan your visit for the first half of June so you won’t miss it

Written by: Adriana Plotzerová, Czech The World

Sighișoara, Romania

15. Sighișoara, Romania

Small yet utterly charming and historically important, Sighișoara is a beautiful medieval city situated in Romania’s region of Transylvania.

Not only is it a perfectly intact walled city, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is made famous though for being the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, who supposedly inspired the fictional character of Dracula.

Although Romania is becoming a more popular destination, it’s still quite undiscovered and underrated, and Sighișoara is just one of its many treasures.

While wandering this gorgeous city, you can see the citadel’s nine towers (including the Clock Tower, the Bootmakers’ Tower, and the Ironsmiths’ Tower).

It is also full of beautiful churches, colorful streets, and unique historical buildings like the Venetian House.

Vlad or Dracul’s House is also a famous landmark.

Outside the city, you can also visit a few of the famous UNESCO-listed fortified churches founded by the Transylvanian Saxons.

Romania, in general, is a great late spring destination in Europe, but you can also visit in summer and early fall. If you visit Sighișoara in July, you can even attend its annual medieval festival.

Written by: Or, My Path in the World 

Salzburg, Austria

16. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is known as the birthplace of Mozart and has a strong influence of classical music.

You can find talented musicians all over the city playing live in the streets. Its also known as the filming location for the movie The Sound of Music.

The city is surrounded by the Alpine hills which beautifully frame Salzburg. While these accomplishments are a big part of the history and character of the city, there is so much more to Salzburg.

The city is surrounded by snow-topped mountains which makes the landscape breathtaking and picturesque from every angle.

The mountains can be hiked, biked, or skied for adventurous travelers, like myself.

Salzburgs old town has many medieval structures including palaces, churches, and castles.

You can climb the Hohensalzburg Fortress for stunning views of the city on one side or a panoramic of the mountains on the other.

Its a lovely city full of music, beautiful natural scenery, and incredible architecture.

Its basically a living fairytale which makes it a beautiful place to visit.

With colorful buildings, serene music on every corner, and amazing views, it deserves to be added to your vacation list immediately. Its definitely an underrated city in Austria ,if not all of Europe.

By far it is one of my favorite underrated cities in Europe.

Written by: Megan Kulluk, Peter Pan Traveler

Cagliari, Sardinia

17. Cagliari, Sardinia

Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is hardly a major tourist destination. While many visit the Mediterranean island during the summer months to make the most of the gorgeous beaches, the city has yet to be fully discovered.

The few who do dare to visit are always positively surprised with the incredible range of attractions it offers. Also, there are a good range of accommodation options, which usually include excellent airbnbs.

The historical center of the city is divided in the 4 districts of Castello, Villanova, La Marina and Stampace.

Cagliari is a maze of narrow alleys lined with colorful buildings, pretty churches, quaint squares and incredible vistas. Making is a stunning underrated city in Europe.

The district of Castello has the highest concentration of places to visit. Be sure to check out the Santa Maria Cathedral, the Archeology Museum, the Jewish Ghetto, the Royal Palace and the two watchtowers.

The terrace located in Via Santa Croce offers the best sunset views in town, overlooking the roofs of Stampace.

Not far from Castello and on the way to Stampace you’ll find the well-preserved Roman Amphitheatre and Villa Tigellio. There are testimonies of the Roman presence and influence over the city.

If you need a nature escape from the city, you don’t have to travel far.

A quick bus ride from Piazza Matteotti, just south of Stampace, will take you to Poetto and Calamosca beaches – two beautiful urban beaches.

From Calamosca, you can access the trail that goes all the way to the Sella del Diavolo. A promontory that overlooks the Gulf of Cagliari and one of the city’s favorite landmarks.

Poetto is the best access point to Molentargius Nature Reserve. Which is the locals’ favorite park and the best place to spot pink flamingos and a variety of other birds.

Written by: Claudia Tavani, Strictly Sardinia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

18. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana,  the capital of Slovenia is one of the smallest capital cities in Europe. Despite the size, it’s an amazing city that doesn’t get enough credit.

Firstly, most attractions and must-visit places are close by around the city center. The most prominent landmark is Ljubljana Castle. Which is just one of the things you will want to do on your Ljubljana itinerary.

A short climb or funicular railway takes visitors up the hill to the castle.

From the top everybody can admire panoramic views over the Ljubljana centrum and surrounding mountains.

Ljubljana centrum flows through the Ljubljanica river and over the river passes multiple bridges.

The city is known by different bridges like Dragon bridge or Triple Bridge. There are plenty of things to do in Ljubljana.

In the heart of Ljubljana is Preseren square, which is close to many landmarks, cafes, Ljubljanica river, and many more.

A bit further away is the local cultural area Metelkova Mesto. It’s filled with unique architecture-style buildings.

Slovenia is normally known for its mountains and famous Lake Bled.

Near to Ljubjana is Smarna Gora, which is the most popular hike in Ljubljana.

On the top it offers views to Ljubljana and the mountains of Julian Alps.

Ljubljana’s high season starts around April and ends in October, although it rarely is crowded.

Written by: Erki from GENEM Travels

Dundee, Scotland 19. Dundee, Scotland

Dundee is the 4th largest city in Scotland, but it is not as popular as rest of the cities in Scotland. It is hard to understand why, because there are plenty of interesting things to do in this pretty city.

Located on River Tay, Dundee is only 56 miles away from Edinburgh. It is easy to access by both bus and train.

Dundee is a techno city and the gaming hub of Scotland.

In 2014, Dundee emerged as the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design.

Naturally, there are many design and science museums in Dundee.  Most of the museums are free attractions and popular among family travelers.

Be sure to visit V & A Museum, housed in a modern building along Dundee waterfront. Other museums include McManus Art gallery, Dundee Museum of Transport and Dundee Science Centre.

If museums are not your thing, take a short hike to Dundee Law, and enjoy the sweeping views of Tay River and Tay Bridge. The hill can be reached on foot, by car or bus.

Whether you want to visit Dundee as a day trip from Edinburgh or visit it over the weekend, Dundee will take you by surprise.

Written by: Anuradha, from Country Hopping Couple

Tallinn Old Town View 20. Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia’s capital Tallinn might not be on your radar yet, but it should be! It is one of the most underrated cities in Europe.

This hidden gem on the Baltic coast features a remarkably preserved medieval Old Town and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tallinn is a popular stop on many Baltic cruises, and also makes an easy summertime day trip from Helsinki by ferry.

Wander down Tallinn’s cobblestone streets to discover this fairytale city’s unique charm.

You’ll find centuries of history in Tallinn’s Town Hall Square, home to the last surviving Gothic town hall in Northern Europe.

Be sure to visit the center of power in Estonia for the past 800 years at Toompea Castle, home to the famous Pikk Hermann tower.

Stroll through St. Catherine’s Passage, a narrow 13th-century passageway next to the remains of St. Catherine’s Church, to feel like you’ve been transported back in time.

For a stunning view of the city, don’t miss a stop at one of the free viewing platforms in Upper Town.

These photo stops are the perfect place to gaze out over Tallinn’s red rooftops and medieval city walls with their picturesque turrets.

Written By:  Carrie Ann, Should be Cruising

Sarajevo One of the most underrated cities in Europe 21. Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

Sarajevo is the charming capital of Bosnia Herzegovina. Even though it is the capital it is still one of the most underrated cities in Europe.

A country that people still remember for the war that broke out after the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Although this was almost 30 years ago, Bosnia still receives fewer visitors than its neighboring countries.

Bosnia’s capital has lots to offer when it comes to history and culture. Full of the culture influenced by the Ottomans, the Austro Hungarians, and also socialist Yugoslavia.

Now again, its young population makes Sarajevo a dynamic city full of hope for a new future.

There are plenty of things to do in Sarajevo with the most popular tourist attraction being its Ottoman heritage in the old historic center.

Sarajevo is full of old mosques, madrassas, and lots of trendy cafes. The old town is one of the most beautiful parts of the city, but there are still plenty of places to visit outside the oldtown.

Only a few streets away are the elegant and pastel-colored Austro Hungarian buildings.

There are also plenty of interesting museums about the city’s history and their war.

Written By: Ellis from Backpack Adventures

As you can see, there are many underrated cities in Europe.

All of these cities have so much beauty to offer. So if you are like me and you try to avoid the more popular overrated cities, try to plan your vacation around so of these less known places.

You can’t go wrong with any of the stunning cities on this list so go have the European vacation of your dreams in one (or all) of these underrated cities.

If you are a solo traveler like me be sure to check out the best cities in Europe for solo female travelers.

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