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BEST Party Resorts in Cancun (for Spring Break and More!)

Cancun is full of some of the best party resorts in the Caribbean and in the world.

There are so many hotels and resorts along the coast to choose from. Some resorts are more vibrant and lively, while others are more relaxing and family-friendly.

Whatever kind of experience you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Cancun, especially if you’re looking to party while in Mexico. There are tons of party options in the city.

If you’re headed to Cancun for spring break, you won’t be disappointed. It’s one of the most popular spring break destinations and where many students go for a party-filled vacation.

Grab your swimsuit, pack your bags, and get ready for the party of a lifetime at one of the best party hotels in Cancun.

How To Get To A Cancun Resort?

The Cancun hotel zone, where a vast majority of the resorts and hotels are located, is roughly a 35-minute drive from the Cancun International Airport.

It’s very easy to fly into the Cancun airport and then take transportation to your hotel.

Many resorts offer transportation, but there are also taxis and other forms of paid transportation you can use to get your accommodation.

There are many flights from all over the US to the Cancun airport, making it super easy to grab a flight and go.

Getting to your Cancun resort should be the least of your worries! The process is short and straightforward.

Best Party Hotels In Cancun

Keep reading for some of the best party hotels and resorts in Cancun. If you’re looking for a good time, you’ll find it in Cancun.

There is nothing but fun and partying to be had. Cancun, Mexico, is one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world, and for good reason it’s always full of life and entertainment.

You can enjoy the white sand beach by day and then visit Cancun’s party center by night or have your own private parties at a resort.

1. Krystal Cancun Resort – All-Inclusive

With 502 rooms, Krystal Cancun Resort is an excellent choice in Cancun. It’s located right on Boulevard Kukulcan in the hotel zone, where you’ll find many restaurants, bars, themed parties, and activities taking place.

Krystal Cancun has views of both the lagoon and the ocean, so it’s very picturesque. It has an outdoor pool, lobby bar, and a spa resort to keep you entertained and rejuvenated.

Krystal Cancun is the ultimate spring break destination.

At Krystal Cancun, you’ll be able to party the night away at the mini club and enjoy live music, entertainment, and shows, occurring daily.

All day long and night, you can go to your choice of numerous bars and enjoy all the other amenities. This Mexican-owned resort is ready to accommodate you for a good time.

2. Desire Riviera Maya Resort – All-Inclusive, Adults-Only

Let’s start with the fact that Desire Riviera Maya resort is clothing-optional, making it one of the best party hotels in Cancun.

This couple’s-only and adults-only crazy party resort will have you partying all night long. Drink at a swim-up bar or enjoy the 30-person outdoor hot tub.

You will find a sexy pool all over the resort, and you’re in for an experience.

To strengthen your relationships, try one of the steamy couples workshops and enjoy all the live entertainment.

It can definitely get rowdy at this Cancun resort, so be prepared. You’ll find that a true range of couples visit, from married couples to nudists, to swingers.

The atmosphere at Desire Resort isn’t for everyone, but if this is your type of party scene, be sure to check it out.

Who knows, the beach might even turn into a nude beach when things get rowdy.

If you’re staying at Desire Riviera Maya resort and need a break from the sensual atmosphere, check out the fitness center or spa resort to relax from all the partying.

Nonstop partying is great, but everyone needs a break once in a while. Order room service or visit the private beach to get away from the hectic party.

Sounds like your kind of resort then it might be worth checking out nude beaches in Mexico.

3. Temptation Cancun Resort – All Inclusive, Adults-Only

Temptation Cancun Resort is not quite clothing optional, but it is topless optional. If you enjoy this freedom, this adults-only luxury resort is a great step down from the heightened sensual atmosphere of Desire Riviera Maya Resort.

It’s located close to downtown Cancun in the hotel zone.

Here, you’ll find risque shows, and there is a rooftop sexy pool and bar with a DJ.

There are six bars with international liquor, and some are even open 24/7 to accommodate your party requests.

You can also order room service whenever you’d like at Temptation Cancun Resort. From themed parties to nightly entertainment to risque shows, there is no shortage of thrill-seeking available to you.

This adults-only, all-inclusive party resort never has a dull moment. Those 21 years old and above are in for a good time.

4. Wyndham Alltra Cancun Resort – All-Inclusive

Located in Cancun’s hotel zone, this resort is great for a party. It has a private beach, swimming pools, as well as a water park.

It’s great for couples and young people too.

You’ll find lots of great food options and, of course, top-notch drinks as well to get your party started.

Or stay in your room at this all-inclusive hotel and order room service. This is one of the best all-inclusive resorts to choose from if you are looking to party.

If you’re driving, be sure to take advantage of the free parking. It also has a fitness center, rooms with private balconies, a hotel bar, and many other great amenities.

Be sure to walk along the gorgeous white sand beach on the Caribbean sea while you’re there.

5. Grand Oasis Cancun – All Inclusive

Grand Oasis Cancun is a family-friendly all-inclusive resort. Right in Cancun’s party zone, it has everything you could want for accommodations.

There is a large free-form outdoor pool with two swim-up bars, and frequent live music. In total, there are 11 bars onsite, including a lively lobby bar, a tiki bar, and a sports bar.

For food, there are two buffets and 9 a la carte eateries.

During the day, there is always live music and a party going on somewhere on the property. You’ll often find bachelor and bachelorette parties and other groups having a great time.

The resort has a casino and a theater with evening entertainment. At night, there are two adult nightclubs with burlesque-style shows and some adult-only bars.

This is one of the best all-inclusive party resorts.

6. Grand Oasis Cancun Nightlife

The nightlife at Grand Oasis Cancun is worth highlighting all on its own. It’s home to two adult nightclubs, and since it’s all-inclusive, you can go as overboard as you’d like on the drinking and the fun.

Kinky Night Club offers burlesque-style entertainment and live music. The sensual-themed shows are not to be missed.

If you want to have a fun night out involving events and shows, this is the best place to be.

Another popular place is the club Coyote Loco which is packed every single night. The bar often has different themed events, from foam parties to rock and roll and other types of upbeat music.

In the middle of the bar, there is a raised platform with poles for guests to dance on. Coyote Loco prides itself on classic, timeless songs and upbeat dancing music.

Guests love to get up on the dance floor and party the night away.

Grand Oasis Cancun often has club promoters on location to help you get into the best clubs in town if you’re interested.

When you’re staying at this party resort, you’ll never miss any of the excitement going on in the city. The team at Grand Oasis will make sure you know about all the events and activities going on.

They’ll give you the inside scoop on what clubs to visit for the experience you’re looking for. Once you grow tired of the clubs at the resort, head out on the town for even more fun.

7. Hard Rock Hotel Cancun – All Inclusive

Hard Rock Hotel Cancun is an all-inclusive resort in Cancun’s hotel zone.

It has an infinity pool and swim-up bars, as well as a full-service spa and lots of great restaurants. When it comes to amenities, Hard Rock Hotel is a great choice.

Rooms have private balconies, and there is an infinity pool, room service, and nightly entertainment.

There is a kids club to keep the young ones busy. However, it can get a bit loud and rowdy for kids, but it’s still a decent family-friendly option.

During the day, enjoy the beach bar while you’re lying in beach beds at the Hard Rock Hotel. Then by night, you’ll be relaxed and rejuvenated for a great night out.

The Hard Rock Hotel is a great all-around resort to choose from your vacation to Cancun. You really cannot go wrong when choosing the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun.

You’ll find a ton of fun at the resort, and you can still go out in the city if you’re looking for even more fun.

Never stayed in a Hard Rock before? Read my review for the Hard Rock in Punta Cana, DR.

8. Royal Solaris Cancun – All-Inclusive

This resort is Mexican-owned and right in the hotel zone on the beach. It is an all-inclusive and family-friendly resort.

While you can definitely have a fun time here, it’s not as party-forward as some of the other resorts in the area.

Royal Solaris has a large pool with a swim-up bar and waterfall. Across the street, guests have access to a private marina with tons of water sports available to try, like scuba diving tours.

Guests also get free dinner at the offsite Senor Frogs restaurant chain. This is an excellent opportunity to leave the resort and have a fun night out.

Senor Frogs is known for hyping up its guests and creating a fun atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a good time without having spring break-level fun, this is a great alternative. You won’t be as close to Cancun’s party zone, but you can still visit it if you choose to.

Other Great Party Hotels in Cancun and Party Resorts

Other amazing all-inclusive resorts in Cancun to consider include Panama Jack Resorts Cancun, Fiesta Americana Cancun villas, Hotel Riu Cancun, Marriott Cancun, and Golden Parnassus Resort.

It’s worth looking more into these resorts as well because they’re also entertaining and have lots of great amenities.

While you’re in Cancun and partying, you may want something to do during the day.

Nightclubs will keep you busy in the evening, but golf can keep you busy during the day.

Check out Dreams Playa Mujeres Golf and Secrets Playa Mujeres Golf, located at one of the hotels in Cancun.

This is a popular activity among bachelor parties who golf all day and party all night.

Best Party Hostel For A Solo Traveler In Cancun

If you’re traveling to Cancun on a budget, staying in a hostel is one of the best budget-friendly decisions you can make.

You can have just as great of a Cancun vacation from a hostel as you can at an all-inclusive hotel.

While there are so many luxury hotels around, there are also a lot of hostels and other accommodations where you can have just as good of a time.

Below are some of the best party hostels in Cancun for solo travelers:

Hostel Ka’beh Cancun

This hostel has no check-out time, which is the main attraction. Stay as long as you’d like, and don’t worry about having to leave early and carry all your belongings with you on the beach while you’re waiting to head to the airport, which can be so frustrating.

Cancun hotels definitely can’t offer this same benefit and usually make you leave by 12 pm. All rooms also have air conditioning, so don’t worry about overheating.

There is also free Wifi and many other great amenities. Whether or not you’re staying at one of the many party hotels, you can still have just as good of a time and save a ton of money.

If you don’t plan to spend time in the room, why do you need something special anyway?

Nomads Hotel Hostel

The best thing about this hostel is definitely the rooftop pool with the huge bar. This is a great place to catch the sunset and make new friends.

The hostel is within walking distance of the main bus stop, which can take you all over Mexico as well as the buses that can take you to Cancun’s party zone.

Even if you’re not staying at one of the party resorts in Cancun, you can still be among them and find a good time.

By staying at a hostel, you’ll save a lot of money, but you’ll still be right within reach of everything going on in Cancun.

Tricks To Getting Better Drinks At Your All-inclusive Party Resort

With so many drink options at a party resort in Cancun, it can be super difficult to decide what to order once you reach the bar.

The bar often has a large mix of high-end and well-liquor options available.

Tip #1 Ask for Top Shelf

If you don’t ask for what you want, you probably won’t get it.

For the most part, bartenders won’t give you the good stuff unless you ask. If you don’t see the liquor you’re looking for on display, be sure to ask if they have it.

They might be hiding under the counter. Don’t be afraid to ask for something other than the well liquor.

Tip #2 Be Kind and Tip

If you hand your bartender some money right away, they’ll most likely remember you every time you come up to the bar.

If you’re generous when you first meet your bartender, they might get to know your preferences. By the end of your vacation, they may already have your drink ready when you come up to the bar or bring you a drink when you haven’t even asked for a refill yet.

This also ensures you’ll get better drinks that are fresher, stronger, or higher-end. If you tip, this will enhance your chance of a top-shelf pour.

Tip #3 Ask Questions

Ask the bartender what their specialty drink is or their favorite drink or the most popular drink, or the freshest drink.

You might just find your new favorite beverage this way. This is a great way to engage with your bartender so they remember you and you can form a connection with them.

Tip #4 Bring A Reusable Bottle

If you hand your bartender your cup, they will fill it right up, and you won’t have to go up to the bar nearly as often.

It will also keep your drink much cooler in the warm environment on the Caribbean Sea. This is also a great way to be environmentally friendly at an all-inclusive hotel where it’s easy to get carried away.

If you follow all of these tips, you’re in for a tasty and luxurious beverage. You’ll have one of the best drinks at the luxury resort, and all because you asked for it nicely.

All-Inclusive Arts Hotel – Cancun Beaches Zone

The All-Inclusive Arts Hotel is located in the hotel zone near the La Isla shopping center, the beach, all the restaurants, bars, and clubs, and near the best party hotels in Cancun.

La Isla shopping mall is a popular place to grab souvenirs and gifts while you’re visiting Cancun.

This hotel will provide your airport shuttle, WIFI, and all you could need during your stay. If you’ll be driving in, it also has free parking.

It’s a small hotel with only 20 rooms, and it’s not on the beach, but it’s within walking distance. It’s a great option to consider.

What Are The Best Clubs In Cancun?


This is one of the most popular nightclubs in Cancun but not one of the largest. It is a medium-sized club in the party zone.

It has Asian-inspired decor and feels upscale. You will immediately feel like a VIP upon arrival. The front of the club is open to the street, which creates a fun and exciting environment It’s one of the hottest clubs in Cancun and absolutely a must-visit.

From go-go dancers to fire shows, you will be entertained all night long.

Coco Bongo

Everyone who has been to Cancun or is planning to visit Cancun has heard of Coco Bongo. It’s the most famous nightclub in Cancun and has been featured all over because there are a total of three international locations.

Performers put on shows throughout the night, including impersonators, acrobats, lip-syncs, and lots of singing and dancing.

There is no dance floor, the entire club is your dance floor. Have fun wherever you see fit because it’ll be a crazy and entertaining night.

Barezzito Puerto Cancun

Barezzito Puerto Cancun nightclub has strobe lights and loud bass music. It’s located in the Puerto Cancun marina area of the city, and it comes to life at night for a memorable evening.

Enjoy live music, contests, and other entertainment.

There is a terrace if your ears need a break from the volume. This is a trendy nightclub with a predominantly younger crowd.

La Vaquita

This club stands for a small cow in Spanish, but there is nothing little about it. La Vaquita is the place to be at night.

It is known for its hip-hop and reggaeton music, so if this is your style, you’ll love it here. Be ready for go-go dancers, themed nights, costumes, and live entertainment in this open-air nightclub near the party hotels in Cancun.

Grab a drink and ‘Let’s Get Ridiculous’, which is the slogan of Saturdays at La Vaquita.

Don’t be alarmed if people are still dancing as the sun comes up. Be sure to get a good rest before you show up at night because the people at this club know how to party.

These are just a few of the nightclubs in Cancun, but there are many more, and they’re always packed full of people.

If you want something a little more low-key, there are also some great bars near the party hotels in Cancun

The bars are smaller and a bit quieter but still offer you a good time.

Some of the best party resorts in Cancun even have their own upbeat bars and clubs to keep you entertained if you don’t want to leave the reosrt during your Cancun vacation.

Is Cancun Good For Partying?

Yes, Cancun is great for partying. In fact, it’s one of the best party destinations in the world. It’s the ultimate place to visit for spring break. It’s also popular at bachelor and bachelorette parties and for other events.

Cancun is one of the best places to party in the world.


There you have it, some of the best party hotels in Cancun to check out.

Cancun is the ultimate spring break and vacation destination for a good time.

Not only is it party central, but it’s also one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with its white sand beaches and turquoise waters. It’s a must-visit.

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