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Top 10 Best Places to Party in Mexico

Are you looking for the best nightlife in Mexico? Don’t worry we have you covered

Mexico’s nightlife is not unknown to anyone. One thing Mexicans know is how to party right. So, if you are looking for the best places to party in Mexico, rest assured, you came to the right place.

Although most cities in the country have a vibrant party culture. Some destinations mark themselves as distinct with unique nightlife cultures.

If you are looking for destinations in Mexico to party in, the list below is perfect for you.

These destinations are not only known for their intense party scene, but they also have much more to offer to their visitors.

So, you are in for some excellent vacation time!

Here is a list of the

Best Places To Party In Mexico! Tequila!

Puerto Vallarta best place to party in Mexico

1. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is easily one of our top picks for the best places to party in Mexico, and for excellent reasons. If you are looking to not only party but also make the best out of your journey to Mexico, Puerto Vallarta can easily realize your dreams.

Puerto Vallarta has pristine beaches, and the city is known for its amazing culinary and cultural experience. It boosts picture-perfect weather pretty much year-round and has engaging tourist activities that can keep you merrily engaged. It has some of the best nightlife in Mexico.

These factors explain why the destination is a hot pick among tourists around the world. Plus, it boasts a raging nightlife scene. 

While here, you can spend your days exploring the gorgeous cobblestone roads, local art, marvelous street performances, and quaint shops.

However, as soon as the sun sets, you can head to the major party centers in town to dance until the early morning. 

Put on your dancing shoes, kick back some shots of tequila and get ready to sing with the mariachis.

While in Puerto Vallarta you will want to head to popular discos like The Zoo and Christine’s. But also make sure to taste a flavor of beachside nightlife by spending your night hours at El Solar, easily the best beach bars when it comes to partying.

Looking for some small villages to visit during the day while you are in here, there are plenty of nearby towns to Puerto Vallarta that make great day trips.

But is Puerto Vallarta safe? Find out here.

Cancun Mexicos hot spot for parties

2. Cancun

How can a party trip to Mexico be complete without the Mexican Caribbean’s heart on the list?

Visitors to the destination fall hopelessly and helplessly in love with Cancun, wishing they could stay forever.

The best thing is that this beach town caters to tourists of all intents and purposes, during the day and the partiers at night. It is also home to some amazing all-inclusive resorts.

If you are looking for stunning coastlines to relax on or enjoy sensational cuisine, Cancun has it all.

Not only that, but Cancun is home to some great historical places to visit, in between your boozing.

If historical sites are not your thing and you are still looking for something to do in between your night sessions Cancun has incredible snorkeling. 

It is truly unmatchable and one of a kind.

Cancun is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, try new stuff, listen to good music, enjoy refreshing drinks, and forget about your mundane routine life.

Some of the most popular sites in the city include The City and the Mandala Beach Club, the latter of which hosts pool parties and bikini contests.

Pro Tip: Coming to Mexico to Party? Be sure to bring some Liquid I.V.s with you to help cure your hangover the next day. Need other advice on what to pack for Cancun?

Guadalajara a cultural party spot

3. Guadalajara

Guadalajara’s name immediately conjures images of stunning colonial architecture, eternal spring settings, tequilas, and sombreros.

And it is all justified- Guadalajara is as Mexican as a city can possibly get.

The city is a fine juxtaposition of antiquity, tradition, and modernity.

Plus, it is extremely affordable, so you can spend as much time here as you want, without your pocket suffering from a heavy toll.

This is one of the reasons why it makes the best places to party in Mexico list. You are able to buy more drinks for less.

But that is not all.

It is Mexico’s second-largest city in the country, but don’t let that fool you.  It still has a small-town vibe and can be explored on foot. Which is perfect for a night out on the town. 

There is loads to see and do during the day, including taking a day trip to the town of Tequilla, where you can do tequila tasting and have a fun-filled educational day learning all about tequila.

When the sunsets and you are ready to hit the town be prepared to have one of your most intense nightlife experiences, with many late-night outs and bad hangovers.

Explore the dozens of bars and nightclubs that fall between the two primary party regions Chapultepec and Zapopan, and have a blast!

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

4. Playa del Carmen

There are a lot of reasons why Playa del Carmen makes one of the best places to party in Mexico.

While most Mexican beach towns boast pristine, stunning beaches, with long stretches of sand and turquoise water, which are great for nursing your hangover. Playa del Carmen is also home to many cenotes. 

Playa del Carmen cenotes are the perfect cure for your hangover. The ice-cold refreshing water is always inviting, and perfect for taking the edge off from last nights party.

If that is not reason enough to add it to your list. It is also home to the ancient Mayan dynasty and culture.

If you are into ancient art, culture, and civilizations, Playa del Carmen is going to be a haven for you.

Plus, the natural beauty of the area, beyond the beaches’ scope, is so aesthetically pleasing that it makes one want to stay here forever.

But back to the reason why you are here. Playa del Carmen has a party culture that caters to those who like to party into the early morning hours.

Playa del Carmen has conveniently established itself as one of the best places to party in Mexico.

So much so that going to clubs is almost a right of passage for tourists in town.

With popular clubs like the Palazzo Disco and the Mandala Night Club offering excellent services. You are sure to have the best time of your life here!

Stay Here: Rui Lupita I normally don’t like to recommend all-inclusive hotels, but this one is great for travelers looking for parties. Drink the night and day away. Everything is included so go ahead and drink your hearts out. 

Acapulco, Mexico

5. Acapulco

Before we get into why you should have Acapulco on your list of best places to party in Mexico. The original Mexican getaway on all vacationers’ minds.

Its bays, beaches, lagoons, cliffs, and old town are some highly attractive sites to visit.

While the city may not be as popular as it used to be, its attractions remain and continue to attract people.

Especially collegiate who flung to the destination for its epic entertainment options and nightlife.

Acapulco bursts with energy and pulsates with high-beat music, allowing you an unmatchable, incompatible club-going experience.

Plus, the live musical performances in town are something to die for!

Mexico City, Mexico's best party spot

6. Mexico City

A trip to Mexico is not complete without a visit to the country’s capital. A fun fact about Mexico city is it is the 7th largest city in the world, so you know they know how to party. 

Mexico City does not require any introductions.

It has the potential to change perceptions and biases people associate with Mexico.

The city has a thriving art scene with contemporary art galleries littered everywhere and street art having a major presence.

Plus, there are over 150 unique museums in town that host remarkable articles people flock to witness.

And not to forget, the local cuisine is to die for. From food streets to fine dining opportunities, there is a lot to keep your tastebuds satiated.

As for the nightlife, what can you expect from the biggest city in Mexico?

The best Mexico City does not fail to impress with an impressive party culture that suits party-goers of all casts, creeds, and preferences.

There is something for everyone, from fancy gay bars to cheap but cheerful dive bars to bars boasting the city’s hipster culture.

Whatever party scene you are looking for, you will find it in Mexico City.

Tijuana closest place to party

7. Tijuana

Tijuana is one of Mexico’s border towns. It has flair but with a distinctive character.

A unique destination to visit, Tijuana is one of those eccentric towns you cannot afford to miss on your trip to Mexico.

Plus, since the city has been undergoing an art renaissance of some sorts, you will find yourself surrounded by excellent cutting-edge art galleries, engaging museums, and splendid culinary scenes.

Tijuana is sure to tingle your aesthetic-loving soul.

The nightlife in the city is as incredible as its art culture. Avenida Revolucion is regarded as the hub of the city’s legendary nightlife.

It is home to some crazy hip jukebox bars, where you are bound to have a fun time.

You can travel a bit south from this point to explore other fantastic party sites like Cerveceria Tijuana.

Tijuana is also close to some of Mexico’s hottest surf spots if you can manage to get on your board after a night of partying it up.

Puebla, Mexico

8. Puebla

Puebla is nothing less than a hidden gem for someone who is into art, history, and architecture.

The city has a long, long history of colonization, with colonizers having left their marks in cultural shifts and historical buildings.

Being the first city Spaniards built for themselves, Puebla is home to some stunning Moorish and Baroque influenced architecture and breathtaking cathedrals.

Plus, the city also boasts America’s oldest library, with a remarkable collection of over 4000 books and shelves dating back to the 18th century.

If you have an adventure-seeking soul, Puebla also allows you the opportunity to trek an active volcano, which, just by the way, has folklore attached with it.

Now, getting to our main business – nightlife. Puebla makes it to our list of best places to party in Mexico due to its super fun bars and clubs.

Be prepared to dance all night to live, modern music, a diverse crowd, and exotic drinks.

If you head to Mantra Nightclub, you can also enjoy the extra ambiance with trendy fog machines and laser shows.

One of our favorite spots to hit the floor when in Puebla! Some other notable mentions include the Loretta Nightclub and Red Bay Bar.

Los Cabos, Mexico

9. Los Cabos

If you wish to be blown away by some otherworldly landscapes and rock formations, Los Cabos is your go-to place.

Your heart is bound to skip a beat when you witness the majestic rock formations rising out of the ocean.

You should explore tropical blooms and lush flora and go for whale-watching tours and snorkeling experiences.

And while all these things are remarkable in their rights, we find nothing more attractive than Cabos’s relaxing spas.

After a night-long of dancing, drinking, and partying, when the hangover hits you hard, these spas are the perfect way to relax your muscles and prepare for another fun-packed night.

Los Cabos is an excellent place for bar hopping, with several amazing bars located nearby.

To get the most unique party experience, you should start from Omnia Los Cabos, a poolside, day party place featuring the world’s top-ranked DJs and vibrant crowds.

Since this bar closes at 8 pm, you can conveniently proceed to round two of your party and explore spots like Mandala and Blue Marlin Ibiza.

San Miguel de Allende

10. San Miguel de Allende

Who does not want to flaunt their vacation trip on their social media handles? The best way to flaunt is to add aesthetic pictures of your travel destination. And believe us, San Miguel is as Instagram-worthy as it can get.

The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to such striking landmarks, streets, and culture that you would forget to lower your camera.

You can spend your day roaming around its streets, exploring the breathtaking iconic, neo-Gothic church, coming across mojigangas, and being blown away by the city’s unique art market.

There are plenty of Things to do in San Miguel de Allende.

Trust us; nothing is going to be as constructive to your Instagram profile as this city.

Since San Miguel is so beautiful, it is highly frequented by young adults, which means one thing- a thriving nightlife!

You can go out on a drinking night, just tasting all the special drinks the city has to offer, and especially Mezcal (“smoked” tequila). La Mezcaleria and Mama Mia are our top picks for this category, for they provide excellent services and great ambiance.

If you wish to dance, you must head to El Grito and Ole Mami to experience the buzz of parties. 

There are so many fun places to see and explore in Mexico, it is hard to narrow it down to just the top 10.

Besides the great nightlife, there are many other reasons to visit Mexico. Don’t forget to add these essential items to your Mexico packing list. 

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