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Top 9 Best Nude Beaches in Mexico

Mexico is a wonderful place to visit and vacation. Its known for its authentic culture, beautiful beaches, turquoise blue waters, and diverse landscape.

Its an especially popular place to visit among Americans who want to get away from the cold and enjoy the warm weather.

So if youve been craving a week on the beach, Mexico is the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine. You can also look forward to lots of activities at your fingertips.

There is much to do in Mexico, including visiting ancient Mayan ruins, exploring the rare cenotes, snorkeling, hiking the mountains, and so much more.

Mexico also has some of the best resorts, which makes traveling so much easier because you dont have to worry about planning your stay, and you can go on many excursions.

On top of a relaxing vacation, Mexico also has nude beaches and clothing-optional resorts throughout the country.

Keep reading to find out more about the different nude experiences in Mexico you can check out.

Why Visit A Nude Beach?

If youve never been to a nude beach, the idea might seem a little risky, unorthodox or odd. But, before you dismiss the idea, consider how freeing the experience can be.

There is nothing like visiting a nude beach for the first time and having the courage to participate in the experience.

Its a moment you wont forget. So, if visiting a nude beach has always been on your bucket list, its time to make that dream happen.

Next time youre in Mexico, you can find plenty of nude beaches.

Dont miss the chance to be completely free and one with nature.

Best Time Of Year To Visit A Nude Beach In Mexico

The best time of year is any time of year to visit a nude beach in Mexico.

However, the months of December to April are dry and warm months and the most popular time to visit Mexico.

This is also when many people are ready to get out of the cold and plan a vacation. The beaches and resorts will be more crowded and more expensive during his time of year, which is something to consider.

If you want to live on the edge, consider visiting in the fall, it might be wetter, but itll be cheaper, and there will be fewer people.

Best Nude Beaches In Mexico

There are tons of nude beaches and nude hotels in Mexico. Since it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it surely has nude beaches as well.

With lots of options, it can be hard to know which beach to pick. This article will break down the best nude beaches in Mexico so that you can narrow your list of options and find the best one for you.

Nude beaches are somewhat far and few between in Mexico. What is much more popular are clothing-optional and topless resorts which you will find many to choose from.

So, first read about the best nude beaches in Mexico and then learn about the various nude resorts scattered throughout the tropical country.

Playa Zipolite Oaxaca, Mexico beach

1. Playa Zipolite

This is one of the most well-known nude beaches in Mexico and was also the country’s first legal public nude beach.

If you want an authentic nude beach experience, Playa Zipolite is your destination. This was one of the very first nude beaches in Mexico, and its located on the Pacific Ocean in the state of Oaxaca.

Not only will you see people lounging and swimming in the nude, but you might also see people surfing without any clothes. A rare site to see.

You can explore small coves along this beach if youre hoping for a more secluded nude experience.

The beach also has bars and restaurants along it to keep you satisfied all day long. Its the perfect beach because there are lots of things to do in the area, and you have many amenities.

Not only is Playa Zipolite one of the best nude beaches in Mexico, but its also known for its renowned surfing conditions.

This area has a huge surf scene and hosts some of the best surf spots in Mexico.

Here you’ll enjoy some great waves at Playa Zipolite.

To take your nude experience to the next level, a few resorts are clothing optional near this beach, including Nude Zipolite, Casablanca Guest House, and Villa Aikia.

2. Playa Puerto Angelito

Playa Puerto Angelito is so much more than just a nude beach. Its also known for its incredible greenery along the turquoise-blue waters.

While this makes it super popular, you must know that it is one of Mexico’s most crowded nude beaches.

If youre a bit shy about your nudity, you might want to skip this one. However, its a great way to put yourself out there and build confidence.

If this doesnt scare you, you should get to the beach early and get a good spot for sunbathing before the crowds show up.

You can also snorkel and go dolphin spotting from this beach, making it a great spot if you want to stay busy and have various activities at your fingertips.

Jungle leading to a beach

3. Playa Sonrisa

Playa Sonrisa is located in the village of Xcalak in the state of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula.

This nude beach is much more casual and secluded than some other nude beaches in Mexico.

So if youre looking to try stripping down to your birthday suit for the first time, this is a great place to start.

Letting it all hang out in front of strangers can be nerve-wracking and if you want to find a relaxing and uncrowded beach for going sans clothing, this is your place.

Not only can you get comfy without your clothes on and lounge in the sand, but you can also nude snorkel, scuba dive, and nude kayak on this beach.

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4. Yerababuena Beach

Located in Oaxaca, Yerababuena Beach is another excellent nude beach to consider. Its on the quieter side, very easy to get to, and has a relaxing vibe. Just one of the great beaches Oaxaca has to offer.

All of these factors make for getting into the nude very calming and comfortable. If youre new to nudism, this beach is a great choice.

It can be scary and very nerve-wracking the first few times you strip and get naked. However, doing it at a beach where there arent a lot of people, and no one seems to care makes it that much easier.

Whether you just want to lay out in the sun or youre looking to swim, you can enjoy a day at Yerababuena Beach.

Heading to a nude beach can be great for avoiding tan lines. Besides hitting a nude beach there are plenty of fun activities to do in Oaxaca.

Sun setting in Maruata Beach

5. Maruata Beach

Maruata Beach is located in the state of Michoacán in Western Mexico. Its a great nude beach with lots of nearby amenities and accommodations.

Youll find tons of local restaurants and authentic places to check out. This is a super popular nude beach, so it might be crowded.

You may want to arrive extra early to get a good spot in the sand for the day. This is also an excellent place for snorkeling because youll see tons of exotic fish and sea life. If youre feeling extra frisky, people even camp on this beach.

Feel free to pitch a tent and take your nude experience to the next level. You can party late into the night and meet other like-minded people.

Couple sitting on the beach naked

Nude Beaches In Mexico At Resorts

If youre looking for an even more immersive nude experience, there are numerous clothing-optional resorts you can stay at in Mexico.

These will have nude beaches and may also be clothing-optional in general or have clothing-optional sections. Keep reading to learn about a few resorts with nude areas in Mexico.

6. Punta Serena Resort

Located in Jalisco, on Tenacatita Bay, on the Pacific Ocean, Punta Serena is a gorgeous nude beach that is part of Punta Serena Resort.

This is a great place for young adults and can only be accessed by staying at Punta Serena Resort.

Its an all-inclusive and adults-only resort with lots of amenities. Youll find many young people, including honeymooners staying at this resort, and the beach is always full of people in the nude.

7. Desire Resort & Spa

Located on the Riviera Maya, Desire Resort and Spa is known for its beautiful decor, amazing amenities, and of course, its opportunities for hanging out in the nude.

This resort is close to Cancun, and the clothing-optional beach has thousands of visitors each year.

This is a fun resort and not one that is recommended for families. You will see lots of nudity and r-rated activities so beware if youre a bit shy.

However, this is the ultimate resort if youre looking for a rowdy time, it is not known for peace and quiet.

Instead, its a very party-oriented resort where you’ll have fun 24/7 instead of getting into relaxation mode.

Basically, anything goes at this resort, so if youre open to it, youll enjoy it here.

8. Azulik Tulum Resort

Tulum has a carefree vibe, so its no surprise that there is a clothing-optional resort. Azulik Tulum has a very exclusive and secluded beach that is clothing optional.

It even has a private beach club where youll be served all the drinks and food you could ask for.

The resort is stunning and luxurious, giving you the best of both worlds. You can go nude by day on the beach and still wear your favorite fancy dress to dinner.

9. Hidden Beach Resort

The Hidden Beach Resort is an all-inclusive paradise for nude travelers in the Riviera Maya. It has a gorgeous beach and is surrounded by high walls, making the whole experience very private and safe.

You can expect a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere while you take advantage of the clothing-optional policy.

Holbox Mexico Beach White Sand

Topless Resorts

If fully nude is a little too scandalous for your liking, there are numerous topless resorts in Mexico that allow you to feel free without letting everything hang out.

You can enjoy swimming and tanning topless at places including Temptation Resort which has one topless pool, Breathless Resorts with a topless pool, Hardrock Riviera Maya also has a topless pool; and the list goes on.

Most topless resorts have a single pool or area where you can be topless, which allows other guests to ignore this area if they would like to.

You can also check out Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso, Melody Maker Resort, Grand Oasis Sens Resort, Valentin Imperial Maya, and Platinum Yucatan Princess Resort.

There you have it. There are tons of nude beaches in Mexico as well as nude resorts. Now it comes down to picking the best one for you and your interests.

Whether you just want to experience a nude beach for the day or make an entire vacation out of your nude experience, the choice is yours.

There are so many great nude beaches at your fingertips. If its something youve always wanted to do, but youre nervous, you should put yourself out there and try it.

You may like nudity more than you think. Its a freeing and one-with-nature experience that might have you wanting more.

Hopefully, you found a nude beach or resort in Mexico on this list that speaks to you for your next trip to Mexico.

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