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Best Beaches In Florida For Bachelorette Party

Florida is an excellent place to vacation for people of all ages. Whether youre bringing the family to Disney, relaxing on the beach, or going to a bachelorette party.

Florida is a great place to spend your free time.

The Sunshine State is ideal for a girl’s trip and for bachelorette parties. If you and your friends are interested in relaxing on the beach while having some crazy fun in Florida, you picked the right location.

There is no shortage of things to do in Florida for bachelorette parties.

Each of the beaches listed below is a mix of fun and exciting as well as beautiful and relaxing.

We are sure that you will find the right Florida beach for you and your girls with this comprehensive list for Florida bachelorette party destinations.

Here is a sneak peek of the 11 places with the best Florida bachelorette party destinations.

Keep reading for details about the top beaches in Florida.

The best hotels to stay in for a bachelorette party in that location, and or course the best activities you will want to partake in for your epic trip to Florida.

These are all hand-selected beautiful beaches in Florida that you won’t want to leave.

Top 11 Best Florida Beaches For A Bachelorette Party

Palm Trees on beach in key west

1. The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a series of islands off the southern tip of Florida and are the southernmost place in the United States. Where white sand beaches and crystal clear water meet.

The keys can be accessed by the Overseas Highway or seaplane. However, the drive is a beautiful experience with amazing views.

When it comes to deciding which island to visit, there are lots of choices. Whether youre looking for a more laidback experience or party vibes, you can find it in all in the Keys.

The Keys are divided into five regions, but here well dive into why Key West and Key Largo are two of the best options in Key West for your next girl’s trip.

Key West is known for being the home of Ernest Hemingway and has a vibrant nightlife with a thriving LGTBQ community.

Here, the nightlife is in full swing, and youre in for an action-packed girls’ trip.

By night and day, the streets are alive with people, and the bars, restaurants, and shops are always ready to welcome you and your friends.

If you are looking to have loads of fun during your bachelorette party, Key West is the spot to be.

Top Activities in Key West for Bachelorette Parties

  • ⛵️ Open Bar Sunset Tour – If you are coming to Key West for a bachelorette party you have to do a sunset party cruise, it is pretty much a right of passage
  • 🥂 Hop on and Hop off Trolley – Create your own pub crawl with the hop on and hop off the trolley in Key West
  • 🍹 Craft Cocktail Tour – Too old for a pub crawl, but still want to drink your way around Key West? This cocktail tour is the perfect solution.

Best Hotels to stay in Key West for Bachelorette Parties

  • Ocean Key Resort – This is the perfect mix of relaxation and party. That is within walking distance to both the beach and the downtown

Key Largo is an excellent place if you and your girls are looking to relax, swim, snorkel, and dive. If you all love being in the water, this is the perfect place to be.

It has some fantastic coral reefs and lots of sea life to explore.

In Key Largo, you can do lots of water activities where you dont necessarily need to be submerged in the water at all times.

These activities include jet skiing, water sports, and lots of opportunities to go boating.

This is the perfect opportunity if you and the gals are looking for a fun day out on the water where you can cruise aimlessly, drink, have fun, and float.

Altogether, the Keys make an awesome place for a girl’s trip with their stunning beaches.

They feel like they’re on a tropical vacation outside the United States.

Actually, Key West is closer to Cuba than it is to Florida. So this would be a great place to consider taking your besties.

Don’t forget these items on your Florida Keys Packing List for your bachelorette party!

People walking in Fort Lauderdale Boardwalk, Florida

2. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is often considered a smaller version of Miami. But is a well-known Florida bachelorette party destination.

Its located less than an hour north of Miami and has all the glamor and fun without the traffic and sizable crowds.

Its often named the Yacht Capital because Fort Lauderdale has many marinas. Walking along the canals is gorgeous and quiet.

There are several great blocks full of restaurants, bars, and shops.

This is a great place to enjoy long days on the beach, meet new people, and of course, go out and have a night on the town.

Fort Lauderdale would be a great place to go with all your girls for your next trip.

If you want all the enjoyment of a large city without having to be bothered by the nuances of being in a big city, this is the perfect place.

Top Activities to do at Your Bachelorette Party Here

  • 🚲 PediBus Pub Crawl – Stroll around the downtown with your own ped bus open bar
  • 🪂 Indoor Sky Diving – Step up the adventure a bit with an indoor skydive tunnel, the perfect extreme event to do over your girl’s weekend
  • 🐊 Airboat and Little Havana Tour – Check out little Havane in Miami and go on an airboat tour through the everglades. Perfect adventure tour to do while holding a cocktail in your hand

Best Places to stay in Fort Lauderdale for a Girl’s Weekend

  • Dalmar – The perfect spot to stay near downtown Fort Lauderdale they even have an epic champagne brunch on Sundays that you will want to enjoy at your bachelorette party
  • Kempton Beach Resort – If you are planning on spending most of your time at the beach you will want to be near it. This is your best option on the beach.
Saint Augustine City View at Night

3. St. Augustine

Believe it or not, St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied place in the United States. The nation’s oldest city was founded in 1565.

Just because it is America’s oldest city doesn’t mean that it’s not a good spot for a Florida bachelorette party.

Because of its ancient history, there is a ton to explore, including old forts and structures. You will love this area if you enjoy history and exploring old life.

In addition, you can take a trolley tour through the historic district to enjoy the original Spanish architecture.

There is so much more to modern-day St. Augustine than just its lively history.

For one, its only 2 hours from Disney World. So if you and your girls want to enjoy a day of magic, youre within reasonable distance to one of the happiest places on earth.

Along with the ideal location, historic architecture, and great food and drinks, the beaches are also stunning and great for swimming or relaxing in the sand.

Also, the shopping is phenomenal, with two premium outlet locations. St. Augustine is the perfect place for a laidback, Instagram-worthy girl’s trip.

Top Activities to do at Your Bachelorette Party Here

  • 🍷 Wine Tasting Sunset Tour – Booze Cruise done with class. Take a lovely sunset cruise tasting different wines
  • 🍷 Wine and Food Tour – This food and wine tour wil let you taste the best of St. Augustine
  • 👻 Boos and Booze Tour – You can’t come to St. Augustine without doing a Ghost tour, make the tour even more fun with a little happy hour beforehand.

Best Places to stay in St. Augustine for a Girl’s Weekend

  • Casa Monica – The perfect place downtown for your unique bachelorette weekend
  • Spanish Street Inn – Be right in the mix of old town with this cute bed and breakfast
South Beach Miami, boardwalk view

4. South Beach Miami

What better spot for a Florida bachelorette party than Miami Beach? If you and the girls are looking to party, look no further. South Beach is the party spot, and youre in for a wild vacation.

Its a popular place for birthdays, bachelorettes, and fun getaways for friends. There are lots of pool parties and nightclubs that are filled with people and can be crazy and fun.

It is also one of the best cities in Florida to visit without your bride-to-be.

Another option that is a bit more lowkey is to rent a boat with a captain and enjoy a private boat day where you can drink and relax with your friends.

Any kind of restaurants or bars you could ever want, youll find in Miami Beach.

You can have any type of experience youre looking for in this beach city, as long as you’re prepared for a crazy, vibrant experience.

Top Activities to do at Your Bachelorette Party in South Beach

Best Places to stay in South Beach for a Girl’s Weekend

  • The W South Beach – If you want to a good pool party and the beach, this is the spot in South Beach you want to be
  • Loews – Another awesome spot with great location and amazing pool
Panama City, Florida at night

5. Panama City

Why not take your bride-to-be to Panama City? Starting with an easy reason why Panama City is one of the best places you can stay in Florida for a girl’s trip is there are 27 miles of beaches.

Get tired of one? Easily move on to the next! But you will most likely want to start with Panama City Beach, where the party is always pumping.

You can expect powdery, sugar-white sand on every beach, which is the perfect bright contrast against the blue, turquoise ocean.

This area on the panhandle of Florida has been nicknamed the Emerald Coast for the pristine color of the ocean. Its often so clear that you can see fish swimming around you.

Panama City also has a few wineries, so you and your girls can relax in the sand in the morning, drink wine in the afternoon, and catch the sunset at night.

You and your friends can expect sunshine, warm weather, and beautiful views, making Panama City a great option for your beach trip.

Top Activities

  • 🚤 Scream Machine – Give your girl a different kind of scream with this fast boat ride
  • ⛵️ Foot Loose Sunset Boat Ride – Enjoy the sunset with dolphins and drinks while sailing around PC
  • 🏄‍♀️ Jet Surfing – Up for an adventure? Why not give jet surfing a try

Where to Stay

  • Beach Hyatt – This is the best hotel in the center of all the beach activities
  • Hampton Inn – A slightly cheaper option, but still right where you want to be

Pirate Festival on the water in Tampa

6. Tampa

There is a lot to do in the all-encompassing city of Tampa. If you enjoy thrill-seeking, Busch Gardens will make a fun activity for the day. The theme park has some of the best roller coasters in the city.

To get some exercise, walk along Bayshore Boulevard in the mornings while you and the girls plan your day. The 4.5-mile-long sidewalk is the longest sidewalk in the world!

Tampa is also infamous for manatee spotting. If you love the adorable ocean cow, then be sure to head to Tampa and be on the lookout for this magnificent sea animal.

It is also home to the Gasparilla Festival or Pirate Festival, the perfect way to spend your girls’ trip.

Downtown Tampa is so much fun on a night out and perfect for a Florida bachelorette party.

It is an ideal place to consider, with perfect beaches and lots to do.

Just ask your girlfriends what they think

Top Activities

  • 🚶‍♀️Ybor City Walking Tour – You can’t come to Tampa without checking out Ybor city. It is one of a kind
  • 🎢 Bush Gardens – Be a kid again and enjoy exhilarating roller coaster rides
  • Floating Tiki Bar – Enjoy a mellow cruise with your girlfriends on a floating tiki bar

Where to Stay

Magic Castle at DisneyWorld

7. Orlando

If you and your friends love Disney or at least want to spend one day in the park going on exhilarating rides and eating guiltless junk food, Orlando is a great choice.

There is so much more than just Disney; from great bars to epic resorts and amazing restaurants, it truly has something for everyone.

There are also many events and shows that take place all the time in Orlando, from concerts to live music at bars and restaurants; youre always in for a treat.

So whether you and your girls are Disney lovers or not, Orlando is a great getaway for a girl’s trip.

Top Activities

  • 🐭 Epcot Center – This is the Disney World for the adults, eat and drink your way around the world at Epcot
  • 🛶 Glass Bottom Kayak Tour – Get up close and personal with Manatees with this glass bottom Kayak tour
  • 🌅 Airboat Sunset Tour – Zip over the mashes of Florida in this fun airboat tour at sunset

More Relaxing Bachelorette Party Locations

Ok, if you have made it this far on the list and still haven’t picked a spot you are probably looking for something a little more mellow.

Below are awesome spots in Florida to come for your girl’s weekend and just enjoy each other’s company without doing loads of crazy things.

Daytona Beach Ocean Front

7. Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is often synonymous with the Daytona 500 NASCAR race on the Daytona International Speedway.

Its known internationally for the famous race held here each year. Whether car races are or arent your thing, this Florida beach town is still a great place to visit. Although it is still a great place for a Florida bachelorette party.

While in Daytona Beach, be sure to walk along the boardwalk, where youll find a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and lots of amusement. It is a little more mellow than the other places mentioned on this list, but still fun.

The Daytona Beach Main Street Pier is a distinctive landmark of the city and another must-do.

It jets out 1,000 feet over the water, creating a beautiful vantage point.

With over 20 miles of beaches, its also an excellent place to stake your towel in the sand and relax. Daytona should be at the top of your list for your next girl’s getaway.

Top Activities

🛶 Kayak Tour – Have a nice relaxing kayak tour while you are in Daytona with the chance to see Manatees

8. Hutchinson Island

Hutchinson Island is a 23-mile barrier island about two hours north of Miami. There are several beautiful hotels and resorts on the island, which would make for the perfect retreat for all your hard-working gals.

Here the unspoiled beaches are the absolute star of the show.

Its a great place to snorkel, try watersports, or walk around and relax.

The quiet barrier island is the perfect retreat from the craze of life.

The views are to die for, too, so be ready for a memorable experience on the Atlantic Coast.

10. Clearwater Beach

For some of the best views in Florida, Clearwater Beach is a great place to consider. From dolphin tours to picturesque sunsets on the beach, you will be amazed.

By day relax on the beach and get a good tan before going out at night to reminisce on your perfect vacation.

There are great wineries, bars, restaurants, and things to do in Clearwater to keep all the girls busy. Definitely consider this beautiful city when planning your next beach vacation to Florida.

Clearwater beach won’t disappoint.

Street view of Flager drive in New Smyrna

11. New Smyrna Beach

For the perfect small-town vibe, New Smyrna Beach is it. This little gem is an awesome option if you want to have a good time without the hassle of being in a large city.

You can get around by golf cart and drive right onto the beach, so dont worry about getting around if you flew in and dont have a car.

Enjoy mom-and-pop restaurants, small bars, and a laidback vibe in this cool Florida beach town.

Its a popular location among surfers because it has some of the best surf towns in Florida. There is also a ton of shopping and spa opportunities which is a must on every girl’s trip.

Bachelorette Party Ideas and Essentials

Most like if you are heading out for a bachelorette party you are going to be drinking more than usual. Be sure to pack these extra items to make your trip a little more enjoyable

  • Liquid IVs – These are life savers when hung over. Add them to any water the next morning and feel amazing
  • Advil – Again you are probably going to need these in the morning
  • Penis Straws – What would a bachelorette party be without Penis Straws


Florida is the ultimate place for a girl’s trip and bachelorette party. There are so many great beaches to choose from that it can be hard to pick one, but this list is a great starting point.

Its time to take that dream vacation out of the group chat and make it happen. You deserve a getaway to one of the best Florida beaches for a girl’s trip!

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