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Most Beautiful Beaches In The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is full of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With fine, white sand and crystal clear yet vibrant blue waters, the beaches in the Mediterranean are some of the most picturesque beaches in the world.

Visiting the Mediterranean in the summer and enjoying a European summer on the beach is one of the most memorable vacations.

However, not all beaches are equal. Some beaches in Europe are rocky, murky, and crowded. That is why we compiled this list of the best beaches in the Mediterranean so you won’t end up on a subpar beach.

What Are The Best Months To Visit The Mediterranean?

July and August are the best months to visit the Mediterranean Region for the best weather. This is peak season in the Mediterranean, and you can expect warm, sunny weather.

However, with the best weather months come more tourists.

If you want to avoid the tourists and higher prices May and June and September and October are also great months to visit the Mediterranean.

It also won’t be quite as busy in these shoulder months as it is in the prime summer months.

Top 17 Best Beaches In The Mediterranean

Beautiful clear water beach with cliffs around it in the Mediterranean

1. Cala Coticcio Beach, Sardinia

The beach of Cala Coticcio is on the island of Caprera, the second largest of the Maddalena archipelago of islands that make up Italy.

This beach is on the northeastern part of the island and is most well known for its powdery white sand and crystal clear waters.

As well as the rose-colored rocks and shrubs that the Mediterranean is known for. These colorful rocks give the beach a pink sand hue.

The beach has a natural swimming pool and it’s environmentally protected. It’s beautiful and very natural, making it the perfect hidden gem.

It will take a bit of hiking to reach this small beach, but it’s totally worth it, or you can also get there by boat. It’s one of the most spectacular beaches you can visit in the Mediterranean.

Dark blue and green water ocean pool with sandy beach around it

2. St Peter’s Pool, Malta

The small bay of St. Peter’s Pool in Malta is a popular place in Europe to snorkel. The water here is a deep blue with a turquoise coast.

St. Peter’s Pool is near the village of Marsaxlokk. Consider putting your beach chairs down early because the golden sand fills up with crowds quickly by mid-afternoon.

This is also a popular place for cliff jumping of varying heights. If this exhilarating sport has been on your bucket list, it’s time to try it out at this beautiful beach.

An old abandoned ship washed up on a white sand beach in Greece

3. Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach), Greece

Another one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean is Navagio Beach which is also known as shipwreck beach in Greece.

This sandy beach is on the island of Zakynthos, Greece. It’s one of the quieter islands but is known for its natural landscape. Its secluded coves are surrounded by limestone cliffs that create a dramatic backdrop against the deep blue sea.

This Mediterranean beach is almost prettier from the cliffs above, where you can enjoy the views of the stunning white sand beach and the deep blue ocean below.

To access the beach below, you’ll need to travel by boat. This is one of the best Mediterranean beaches in Greece and one the best beaches on the island of Zakynthos, so it can get pretty busy at times.

Shipwreck Beach got its name in 1980. When a shipping vessel that was smuggling cigarettes from Turkey was being chased by the Greek Navy, so the crew ditched the boat at Navagio beach so they wouldn’t get caught.

Hence, the shipwrecked boat. It has since been referred to as Smugglers Cove.

Today, the boat is slowly rusting and falling apart, but it’s still a fun pirate tale, and the abandoned shipwreck adds mystery to one of the most interesting seaside attractions.

Clear Blue water beach in Spain

4. Ses Illetes Beach, Formentera Island, Spain

Ses Illetes Beach is on the Spanish island of Formentera. It’s located on the peninsula of Es Trucadors, and the beach got its name from the “beach of small islands.”

It’s located within the national park of Ses Salines de Eivissa and Formentera, so this pristine beach is protected.

The beach is known for being separated in the middle by a rock area, and there are several islets that lie just off the coast. The presence of the islands makes the landscape even more beautiful.

This legendary beach is known for its calm, shallow waters. Since it’s within the national park, it’s easy to get to with designated parking and walkways.

This is one of the best Mediterranean beaches and well worth the visit.

Most unique beach in the Mediterranean. Red cliffs surround blue blue waters

5. Red Beach, Santorini

You guessed it. This beach is named after its red sand from volcanic eruptions many years ago. You’ll find volcanic rocks and black and red pebbles with various shades of red that make up the sand.

It’s one of the most unique beaches in the Mediterranean. It is also one of the warmest places in Europe, making it a great warm destination in October.

This is a great beach for snorkeling or scuba diving because of the wildlife here. The rock formations attract unique marine life.

Red Beach is located in the old town of Akrotiri village near the Akrotiri Excavation sites, which was a neolithic-age habitat.

Once you reach the beach, you’ll need to walk a small path to get the sand, but it’s well worth it to enjoy the view of the red sand against the Mediterranean sea.

There are some umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach, but no beach bars. Be sure to come prepared for the day with everything you want.

The beach is also surrounded by large cliffs so there isn’t much wind and it can feel very hot at times.

If you still need more reasons to visit Santorini it is one of the best Greek islands for solo female travelers.

Clear waters on a quiet beach in the Mediterranean

6. Palombaggia Beach, France

Located on the French island of Corsica, Palombaggia Beach is one of the prettiest Mediterranean beaches. It’s characterized by white sand and orange-red rocks. It sits on a semi-circle cove on the azure sea.

This beach is considered the most famous beach in Corsica.

It’s located in the port city of Porto Vecchio. It’s one of the most picturesque beaches, so you should definitely visit if you get the chance while you’re in Corsica.

Woman floating in the ocean with clear water below her seeing all the way to the bottom

7. Mali Bok Beach, Croatia

On the island of Cres in Croatia, Mali Bok is a beautiful cove surrounded by high cliffs overlooking the azure sea. It’s not easy to access this secluded beach, but it’s well worth it.

It’s one of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches because of its natural beauty.

You won’t find any amenities or facilities at this beach, so be sure to come prepared. It can get crowded by mid-afternoon, so be sure to head there early if you want some peace and serenity.

You’ll have to walk a steep path down to the beach, but it’s well worth it. Mali Bok is in the old town of Orlec, which is known for its sheep farming. It’s not far from the town of Cres, yet it’s nice and secluded.

Big mountains behind a clear blue water cove beach

8. Jaz Beach, Montenegro

Jaz Beach in Montenegro is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. It’s about 1.5 miles from the popular town of Budva.

The beach is known for its golden pebble sand and large surrounding cliffs. It’s a great place for snorkeling, swimming, water sports, and beach volleyball.

Half of the beach is developed with beach chairs, beach bars, restaurants, and more. The second part of the beach is much more secluded with natural beauty, where you can relax and enjoy the warm sand and turquoise waters.

Woman sitting on a cliff looking down on a beach in Turkey

9. Kaputas Beach, Turkey

On the Lycian Coast of Turkey, Kaputas Beach is one of the most picturesque Mediterranean beaches. Just below steep cliffs lies this stunning beach.

You must walk down 187 steps to reach this beautiful beach.

The beach is also near sea caves, including the famous Blue Cave. This can only be reached by boat and is well worth the visit. It got its name from the bright turquoise waters, and it’s amazing to see in person.

This whole area is well worth exploring.

Tan sand beach in Cyprus

10. Coral Bay, Cyprus

Coral Bay has some of the finest sand in all of Cyprus, making it one of the best Mediterranean beaches.

Relax on this beach paradise, and then once you’re hungry, you can stop at one of the many nearby restaurants.

Nearby Coral Bay Avenue is filled with tourists in the peak months, and you’ll find live music and lots of food, shopping, and bars.

Coral Bay Beach is conveniently located near all the hustle and bustle and will surely keep you busy during your vacation in this resort town it’s the main beach in this town.

There is so much action and fun to be had between the beach and the popular Coral Bay Avenue.

Beautiful turquoise water beach in Italy

11. Cala Soraja, Island of Spargi, Sardinia, Italy

This beach is very simple yet perfect. There aren’t any amenities, and it’s not near any major cities or destinations.

This is the kind of delightful public pebble beach you visit for a relaxing day of enjoying the views. It can be a bit difficult to get to, but it’s well worth it if you get the chance.

Spargi Island is uninhabited, so this is a beach you’d visit for the day by boat, but you wouldn’t necessarily stay here.

If you wanted to visit one of the most amazing beaches because of how remote and natural it is, this is the perfect place to spend a lazy day.

Blue turquoise water beach in Greece

12. Lindos Beach, Rhodes, Greece

Lindos is a quaint town on the south coast of the island of Rhodes. Lindos Beach is within walking distance from town.

This Mediterranean beach has fine golden sand and clear, shallow water, making it a great place for families. It’s also a great place to swim. There are amenities, including sunbeds, umbrellas, and a bathhouse.

The nearby town of Lindos has restaurants and other food and drink. Lindos is also a great holiday spot. It’s known for its whitewashed homes, narrow alleys, painted ceilings, and authentic beauty.

Water so clear it is completely see through

13. Cala Saona, Formentera, Spain

On the island of Formentera, Spain’s smallest Balearic Island, Cala Saona is one of the most gorgeous beaches on the island.

It’s known for its ideal sunsets, and the sun doesn’t set until after 9 pm in the summer. It doesn’t get much better than that. You can sunbathe all day and into the early hours of the night, it’s a perfect sandy beach.

Cala Saona lies in a bay surrounded by red rocks. The horseshoe shape makes it a great spot for snorkeling and swimming on the Mediterranean coast. You can also enjoy the view of the beach from the rocks above it.

Tall Cliffs around a beach in Greece

14. Tsigrado Cove, Greece

Tsigrado beach has it all. From reefs, to caves, to cliff jumping. This is the best Mediterranean beach for adventure. It’s located on the island of Milos in Greece, and this beach is on the southern coast of the island.

Reaching the beach can be difficult, but that’s part of the fun. It sits between volcanic cliffs, and you’ll have to scale down the cliffside using the ropes there to help you.

After that, you still have to climb down a wooden ladder until you reach the sandy beach. See what we mean about adventure.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds, but it’s surely an adventure! It’s well worth it because this is one of the coolest beaches in the Mediterranean.

Narrow cove with a few boats in it and green cliffs all around

15. Stiniva Beach, Croatia

On the island of Vis in Croatia, Stiniva Beach is a secluded cove with a pebble beach. To reach this beach, you’ll either need to visit by boat or go on a hike.

The hiking trail takes about thirty minutes each way but is worth it for the views. During the hike, you’ll come across an expansive opening where you can enjoy the views of the dramatic green cliffs and the beach below.

It’s a very popular beach so it’s worth going early in the morning if you can. It’s one of the most famous beaches in the Mediterranean.

This is also popular for cliff jumping and snorkeling, who knows, maybe you’ll even get lucky and spot sea turtles.

Blue Water beach with Green islands around it

16. Spiaggia di Isola Bella, Italy

Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea,” Spiaggia di Isola is on the tiny island of Isola Bella. The bay has a mountainous backdrop, and the beach is surrounded by natural beauty, including pine trees and other flora and fauna.

There is a nearby cafe which is a great spot to get off one of the most sun-drenched beaches and enjoy a little relaxing pick-me-up.

Sunsetting over a beach in Cinque Terre, Italy

17. Monterosso Beach, Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is one of the most well-known places in not only Italy but Europe and the world. It’s a string of ancient, colorful villages on the ocean.

It’s a must-visit and bucket list item for just about everyone.

Monterosso Beach is no exception. This is one of the prettiest beaches in the Mediterranean. It can be hard to pick which beach to visit in Cinque Terre, but Monterosso Beach is a wonderful choice.

This beach is more developed and modern than the other beaches in the various villages. If you’re looking for a lot of amenities and things to do, this is one of the best beaches to choose from.

What Is The Warmest Beach In The Mediterranean?

Greece has very warm beaches. Tsigrado Cove on the island of Milos in Greece is a great choice for a sunny beach with warm waters.

Lindos Beach on Rhodes Island in Greece is another one of the warmest beaches in the Mediterranean. Red Beach in Santorini, Greece, is another great option for the warmest beach because it’s surrounded by cliffs, so it doesn’t get much wind.

Spain and Italy also have some of the warmest Mediterranean beaches.

Where Is The Clearest Water In The Mediterranean?

Cyrpus has some of the clearest water in the Mediterranean. Coral Bay Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the Mediterranean.

The Balearic islands also have very clear water. The island of Formentera is a great place for snorkeling and enjoying the wonderful crystal-clear ocean.


The Mediterranean is full of so many stunning beaches. It can be hard to choose where you want to vacation, with so many pristine beaches to choose from.

With so many hidden gems along the Mediterranean Sea and all being gorgeous beaches, you can’t go wrong anywhere. Pick the stunning beach that’s right for you.

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