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11 Best European Cities For New Year’s Eve

Looking for the best European cities for New Year’s Eve? Want to celebrate the New Year in style with fireworks, great drinks, and good vibes?

I have picked out my favorite European cities and what makes them unique for celebrating the New Year the way you want to. These are some of Europe’s prettiest cities.

Here is a list of my favorite European Cities and why they make the best European cities to celebrate the New Year.

Paris during New Years

1. Paris

Best New Year’s Eve Spot For Fireworks

There is something about Paris that makes it ever so special. The Eiffel Tower, plentiful museums, hustling people or just the good cafes you find on every corner.

You can’t go to Paris without falling in love with the city. There is so much to see and do that one trip is never enough.

It is such a great city and even a better place to bring in the New Year because Paris is full of things to do at night.

Watching the fireworks over the Eiffel Tower is a bucket list item and one that shouldn’t be missed.  If you are near Paris for New Year’s Eve, it is worth staying in the city and celebrating.

Besides being in the center of everything. Paris has a ton of great day trips by train that you can enjoy if you want a break from the big city.

All and all, Paris is a great destination that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Budapest NYE

2. Budapest

Best New Year’s Eve Spot For Underground Bars

If you are looking for a good spot to celebrate the New Year, Budapest is your spot. The drinks are cheap and this city is full of unique underground bars.

It might not be the glam and glory you get from Paris, but if that is not your scene then you will love the ruggedness that Budapest offers.

Budapest draws more of a hipster underaged crowd but all ages are sure to be entertained. I have never gone to Budapest and not had a wild and memorable time.

Be sure to check out a Budapest itinerary so you don’t miss out on the best spots.


3. Prague

Best New Year’s Eve Spot For Street Parties

Prague is known to get a little wild for New Year’s Eve.

People flock to the streets and start their own fireworks shows. People are singing and dancing, and of course, the booze is flowing. Which can make for a little dangerous situation, but also can be a lot of fun.

Prague is a fun city to visit any time of year, and although it can be a bit cold on New Year’s Eve, the party in the streets is worth it.

So don’t let the cold stop you and come celebrate the New Year in here.

Prague is the perfect place to spend a couple of days or even a week. There is so much to see and explore in this city.

London New Years

4. London

Best New Year’s Eve Spot For Pubs and Fireworks

There is no doubt about it that London has a special charm to it. The city is big enough city to feel isolated if you want, but friendly enough that you never have to be alone.

The Brits are so incredibly friendly that it is easy to make friends in almost any pub.

It is easy to get along with their friendly and easy-to-use public transport system, aka the tube. You can get almost anywhere in the city with no hassle.

Plus, London is full of unsual things to do.

Their iconic double-decker buses make for great means of transportation on a night out or just getting around the city.

Heading to the British capital for New Year’s Eve be sure not to miss London’s hottest hotels to watch the fireworks. 

Best European Cities For New Years Eve

5. Rome

Best Spot For Cheap Eats and Drinks

Rome has to have one of the oldest feelings in Europe. There are so many ruins to see and they are all so close together that you can easily walk to everything.

I love going to Rome and just walking around the city, getting a bite to eat and enjoying a good drink or cocktail.

It is hard to walk a block without seeing something delicious that you want to eat. Rome is the perfect spot to spend 3 days, for New Year’s Eve or for a long weekend.

There is so much good, cheap food around every corner.

If you are not looking for a crazy party, and want to enjoy some good food and have a cultural experience, Rome is the spot.


6. Liverpool

Friendliest New Years Spot

Head into a pub for a tasty cider and have a friendly chat with some local northern Brits.

Nothing beats the English charm of heading down to a local pub. On New Year’s Eve everyone tends to come out and embrace ringing in the New Year with a banging celebration.

You will learn quickly why the Brits have the reputation that they do.

They know how to party and they are not shy about making new friends. There are plenty of lovely local pubs to check out featuring live music that you can party all night long to.

Best European Cities For New Year's Eve

7. Berlin

Best New Year’s Spot For Clubs

Berlin has the best clubs I have been to. They are all so unique and out of this world.

If you are a fan of electronic music, or just into experiencing an out-of-the-ordinary club scene, Berlin is your place.

It is hipster, full of great vegan cafes, but more importantly, the best clubs.

Their clubs are not commercialized like Ibiza, yet they are some of the hardest clubs to get into in the World.

Unlike most clubs that only let in the most attractive and well-dressed people, Berlin tends to shoo those people away to make room for partiers dressed in casual comfort.

However, there are clubs in Berlin that require you to dress for the occasion, so be sure to plan ahead.

Berlin is also full of great hotels that are affordable on almost any budget.

Copenhagen Denmark

8. Copenhagen

Best New Year’s Spot For Fine Dining

If you are past the age for crazy parties, people vomiting in the street or crowded pubs then Copenhagen might be the spot for you. It is the best European city for New Years, for the more sophisticated crowd.

Yes, there will still be some wild crazy crowds, but Copenhagen is also home to fabulous Michelin-star restaurants.

Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet evening with some close friends while enjoying a fabulous meal over a few good bottles of wine.

Copenhagen is a perfect spot for those looking for a quieter New Year’s scene. As long as you are ok with the cold weather, Copenhagen could be your spot.

Irish Pub in Dublin

9. Dublin

Best For Local Feel

There is nothing like going out in a big city, but feeling like you are in a small town. Dublin is great for giving you that sense of feeling that you are in a small town, with BIG city vibes.

Dublin is great for beer drinking, meeting new friends and of course, celebrating the New Year.

While you are here you should check out the Guinness Brewery as well as the many other great day trips from Dublin.

And even though it might be cold this time of year, you are still bound to have a great time.


10. Edinburgh

Best Spot For College Kids

Edinburgh is a vibing young city with tons of fun activities going on. It is full of so much culture and of course, the Scottish people can drink.

They are just as friendly and maybe even a little wilder than their neighbors, the Brits. If you can handle the snow and don’t mind the cold, Edinburgh is a city that won’t disappoint.

There is much to do in and around the city so you can still be entertained during the day before the party begins. Besides that, Edinburgh Cafes are some of the best in Europe.

When you are not hitting up a cafe or checking out the sites be sure to hit up a gin bar for a special gin and tonic. In Scotland they pair the tonic for each individual gin, a true delight.

11. Bucharest

Cheapest Party Spot

Bucharest is seldom mentioned and I find it hard to know why. Like many European cities, it is a great place to go out and have a big night, but for a fraction of the price.

Their nightlife is always pumping and the old town is small and easy to navigate. There are also tons of places to stay nearby, so you can easily stumble home to your hostel, hotel or Airbnb.

Bucharest is a great place for anyone wanting to go out and have a crazy night out for New Years without breaking the bank.

It’s perfect for all ages and has plenty of deliciously cheap street food to eat after a long night of drinking. If you are looking for more to do while you are in Bucharest, check out my blog post on 10 Things To Do Under $10.

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