Entry Level Yacht Jobs: Which one is right for you?

how to become a yachtie on a superyacht
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Have you heard about the wonderful life of a yachtie? Thinking you want to join the exciting world, but don’t know where to start? There are a lot of different entry level yacht jobs that you can apply for, that can help you jump start your career in yachting. However, how will you know which one is right for you and which one is right for you?

Before you even leave to try and land a job on a yacht, it is best to prepare yourself. Gaining experience or learning a trade can help increase your chances of getting a job on a yacht.

But how will you know what experience you should gain before you try and get a job on a superyacht?

Below I am going to discuss all of the entry level positions that you can apply for in the industry and all the jobs that you can do beforehand to help increase your chances for landing your first job in the yachting industry.

Here are the most common entry level jobs you can do in the yachting industry.

Types of Entry Level Yacht Jobs

For the most part, there are going to be 4 different jobs or departments that you can apply for onboard a superyacht.

These jobs are going to be:

  • Chef/Galley
  • Stewardess/Interior
  • Deckhand/Exterior
  • Engineer/Engines

These are all the main departments that work on a superyacht, this is for boats that are anywhere from 100 feet – 300 feet. Once you get above 300 feet, there might be more departments and the departments are going to be much larger, since they will run more like a cruise ship than a luxury yacht.

For now the I am just going to be discussing these departments and jobs you can do at home to help increase your chances of landing a job on a superyacht.

Chef on a yachtChef – The best entry level yacht job for the creative type

Every boat needs someone to cook for the crew, the owners and maintain the galley. This is one of the easiest positions to come into, especially if you have experience on land working as a chef.

If you are wanting to get a job as a chef onboard a superyacht it is a good idea to have some experience working in restaurants or even better working as a private chef.

It is probably one of the most transferable positions on the boat because it is pretty straight forward.

However, even if you don’t have experience working in a restaurant you can still get an entry level position on a yacht working as a chef. There are a lot of boats out there, that simply need someone to cook for the crew while the chef is away on holiday.

This is a great opportunity to get a job on board and get some experience working in the industry. The more people and friends you make in the industry the easier it is to get your next job.

If you have a passion for cooking and want to learn more about getting a job as a chef onboard a superyacht, you should read my blog post on How to become a yacht chef

Yacht stewardessStewardess – The best entry level yacht job for wanting guests interaction

This is probably by far the easiest entry level position on a yacht to get a job, that is if you are a girl. Yachts are always looking for new stewardesses and more than likely you probably already have some experience from prior jobs as well that will help you get a job as a stewardess.

A stewardesses job can range from cooking, to cleaning, being a nanny or caring for the elderly, being a hair dresser or massage therapist, yoga instructor or personal trainer.

Having any experience in any service related industry is normally transferable to being a stewardess on a boat.

Usually any extra skill that you have that is going to make you stand out from the rest is going to help you get a job on a superyacht before someone else.

deckhand yachts
Deckhand – The best job for those wanting to be outdoors

This is probably the most popular entry level yacht position for the boys, but also the most competitive.  There are always way more people looking for a deckhand position than there are jobs, especially at the entry level positions.

It is super competitive and you have to make yourself stand out. If you are wanting to apply for this position it is more important than any other position, to have useful and applicable experience that is going to transfer to the yachting industry.

Almost everyone joining yachting or wanting to be a deckhand is going to have previous boating experience or be some kind of expert in water sports. This means that you are going to have to stand out from them if you want to be different and you want to get your first entry level position on a yacht.

The best way you are going to be able to stand out from the other 100 people applying for an entry level deckhand position will be to have experience in carpentry skills.

Being a deckhand is not all watersport, there is a lot of work and maintenance that needs to be done on the boats when the guests are not on board.

This work usually requires a lot of sanding, polishing, and fixing broken things.

If you have any carpentry, construction or building skills it will be a huge benefit to getting a job in the yachting industry, especially as a deckhand.

Are you able to demonstrate your carpentry skills and show the boat you know what you are doing without them having to show you? Well, you will most likely be able to land yourself your first entry level position as a deckhand.

Yachting EngineerEngineering – the best job for the mechanical type

This is not usually an entry-level position when it comes to yachting, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t jobs out there that you can apply for especially if you have previous experience in engineering. It also doesn’t hurt if that is what you went to school for.

Being an engineer is hard work and you have to be super knowledgeable. You have to know what you are doing and know what you are talking about. You are going to be in charge of the ins and outs of a superyacht.

This is also a super a position where it is super helpful to be handy with some tools and know how to fix things. Being an engineer isn’t just knowing how to run the engines and change the oil.

Most likely as a entry level yacht job you will be in charge of fixing the toilets, and repairing the blender when it is out.

You will be in charge of all mechanics on the boat. You are pretty much a glorified handyman.

Why You Should Work On A Superyacht

Working on a superyacht is not for everyone, but for anyone who doesn’t want to work in an office, it might be the right kind of job for you.

You are able to do some pretty amazing things working on superyachts, but not everyone that leaves their home in pursuit of a job in yachting is going to make it.

There are a lot of people that come looking for a job that never get one and have to go back home, but that doesn’t have to be you.

As long as you make sure you have some prior experience before trying to get a job on a superyacht you will be ok.

Also, once you set out on your journey to work on a superyacht, it will help increase your chance of getting that job if you read my blog on  How to Get a Job on a Superyacht




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