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How To Become A Yacht Stewardess: 11 steps you NEED to take

So you want to join the wide and crazy world of yachting? It is a great opportunity to travel the world, save money and meet interesting people from all over the world, but where do you begin?

I’m sure you are asking yourself, how do I become a yacht stewardess? What do I need to do to land my dream job?

That is what I am here for, to teach you from experience, how exactly you become a stewardess on a super yacht.

As long as you follow this step-by-step guide, I can almost ensure you that you will land a job as a stewardess on a yacht.

I know from first-hand experience everything you need to do to land your first job. So if you are ready to get your first yachting job, let’s dive in.

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How To Become A Yacht Stewardess?

Getting a stewardess job on board a yacht is not hard, all it takes is a few courses that can be done in a week, and you will be set and certified to get your first job.

Step 1: Decide to Go for it

Deciding to make the plunge into yachting, is probably the hardest part.

Once you are mentally prepared and excited to join yachting the rest will come easy and natural. I think the hardest part is actually making the decision to do so. So if you are reading this, most likely you are already there.

Step 2: Get Everything in Order

You are going to want to be prepared as possible before you leave to try and get a job on a superyacht, this means that you are going to want to have enough money saved.

It could be a month or two before you land your first job, so you are going to want to have enough money to support yourself during this time.

You will also need money to get all the certificates and training you will need before you leave.

Besides this, you are most likely going to want to get rid of most of your expenses back home. This means packing up your apartment so you won’t have to pay rent while you are gone.

You might even want to think about selling your car or storing it somewhere it will be safe.

Also, you need to be prepared to pack only your basic belongings. You don’t want to show up to the boat with suitcases full of useless stuff.

Minimizing everything is key.

Pro Tip: Be sure to pack everything in a collapsable suitcase. Storage is tight on a boat and there isn’t much room for big boxy suitcases. I highly recommend the Dakine 90 Liter Bag, it has changed the way I travel

Step 3: Get Your STCW 95 and ENG 1

To start with you are going to need to get your STCW 95 this is your basic training course that everyone needs to work on a boat, cruise, super yacht, sailboat, or any vessel that goes to sea.

It is basic sea survival, first aid, fire fighting, and sea knowledge all packed into a one-week course. This is the course breakdown

1. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (Basic Firefighting)
2. Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
3. Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR)
4. First Aid / CPR (Basic First Aid)
5. Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA)

It is impossible to get a job on a yacht unless you have this. The course can cost anywhere from $800 – $1500 depending on where you do it. This might seem like a lot of money, but you will make it back so fast once you get your first job.

The next bare minimum thing you will need before you step foot on a yacht is your ENG 1.

This is a medical exam that proves you are fit to go to sea. Yachts go to off-the-beaten-path places, and you can spend several weeks doing a crossing where you will not see or touch land.

Before you are employed, your employer is going to want to ensure that you don’t have any medical conditions that might jeopardize your health if you are unable to get immediate medical attention.


After these any other courses, you can find online can help you obtain your first job, but no course will compare to first-hand experience.

Being a female and going for your first yacht stewardess job is easy, you will find work fairly fast as long as you are in a yachty hub and actively looking for work.

Two yachts at sunset

Step 4: Get Yourself to a Yachty Hub

I highly suggest doing your STCW 95 in a hot location and trying to pick up work from there. Starting off it is almost impossible to get a job on a yacht unless you are where the yachts are.

These are the top spots you want to be in to get a job on a superyacht

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Antibes, France
  • Palma de Mallorca, Spain

These are going to be the best spots for you to find your first job. After you have some experience you can be almost anywhere in the world and if a boat wants you they will fly you to the boat, but not for your first job.

How to dress as a yachtie

Step 5: Make a Kick-Ass CV

After you have the basic training you are going to want to create a kick-ass cv/resume. You are going to want to list any jobs that you have had in the past that is going to related to a yacht stewardess job. Some examples are

  • Hotel Maid
  • Anything in the Service/Hospitality Industry
  • Nanny
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Massage Therapist
  • Hair Dresser

Also, very important to note that your yacht CV is going to have to have your picture on it. Take a clear shot of your face, wearing a white polo shirt.

Not only that you have to list your age, nationality, and driving record. Plus, all the yachting courses you have taken. It is also a good idea to list your interests. This is a key element to help you stand out from the others.

For more information on How to get a job on a superyacht.

Step 6: Network

Also starting off you are going to want to network, network, network. This is going to be how you will find your first job.

First, you will want to join all the Facebook groups there are to search for jobs. Here are some ones to get you started

Besides these Facebook groups, there are other websites that are great for looking for jobs.

In the early stages of your career, it is so important to network. When you take your STCW 95 network with everyone in your class and go to the hot yachting bars to network and meet people. This is how you are going to get your first job.

Also, when you are looking for work or taking your STCW 95 you are going to want to stay in a crew house.

This is a temporary house that the yacht crew uses when they are looking for work or in between jobs. Usually, who you decide to take your course with will recommend some crew houses that are near their facility.

I highly recommend staying in a crew house, it is great for networking.

Step 7: Apply, Apply Apply

A lot of yachting especially in the early years is all about being in the right place at the right time. You are most likely going to apply for 20 + jobs before you get a callback. Don’t get discouraged. Stick with it, and keep applying to as many jobs as you can every day until you get one.

Yachting is a weird industry, because not only do you need to hire someone that has the right skillset.

You need to hire someone that is going to fit in with the crew. Be the right nationality. Be the right age and have the same interests as the other crew. Don’t let rejection get you down, the right boat is out there for you.

Step 8: Prepare for the Interview

So you landed your first interview with a boat. Congratulations, but how do you prepare? Most likely the interview is going to be on the boat or at least in person, so you are going to want to dress the part.

You are going to want to wear that white polo that you wore in your CV to the interview along with a nice skort, shorts or skirt that isn’t too short.

They are going to want to see you presented in what you will look like in uniform, so dress accordingly. Have your hair neat and pulled back, and don’t wear heavy make-up.

Be sure to wear flip-flops or shoes that are easy to take off before you board the boat.

Step 9: Ask Questions

The best life advice I can give anyone is ask questions at the interview. This shows that you are interested in the job and that you have done your research. When captains are looking for new crew for the boat, they not only want to make sure you are the right fit for the boat but that you are going to be happy as well.

Captains want crew that are going to stick it out for the long haul and not leave the boat straight away.

Here are some great questions to ask during your interview.

Step 10: Celebrate Your New Job

Now that you have aced your interview it is most likely that you have landed your first job on a yacht. Time to celebrate. They will be asking you to move on board in no time. Enjoy your last few days off the boat.

Soon you will be working as a yacht stewardess. You will most likely be working demanding hours, learning all sorts of new things to do with cleaning, laundry, guest services, and of course looking after the crew.

I know it’s hard to think about, but enjoy your last few nights in the crew house and celebrate with all the friends you have made so far. Your dreams are about to come true.

Two yachts tied up in crystal clear water

Step 11: Move Onboard and Start Your New Life

Now that you have celebrated your new job. It is time to move on board and get serious. Time to work out, meet your new boat family, and get to know your roommate.

Congratulations you made it as a yacht stewardess.

But what exactly do you do now.

What does a yacht stewardess do?

Now that we have talked about how to get a job as a yacht stewardess, we should probably discuss what your job will actually entail.

For the most part and first starting off in the industry you are mainly going to be doing laundry, cleaning guest cabins, maintaining the crew mess, and whatever else you are needed for.

You will most likely be doing so much laundry, that you will be a pro in no time.

When you are first starting off, you need to learn the ins and outs of the industry and you will be stuck with the worst jobs, but stick it out and you will work your way up the ranks in no time.

Before you know it you will be a chief stew on a yacht managing 3 girls below you missing your days in the laundry room.

Also, besides the common jobs, you will be assigned it is also your job as a yacht stewardess to be a good crew member and to keep morale high within the crew.

Plan fun nights out for the crew, organize bday parties and gifts, and keep the boys align.

How Much Does a Yacht Stewardess Earn?

Starting off as a junior stewardess you can expect to earn around $3,000, this is your wage and before tips, if you happen to be lucky enough to get a job on a charter boat.

This might not sound like a lot of money, but when you no longer have to pay rent, food, or any other expenses you are able to save almost 100% of this besides your entertainment money.

Also, this number will increase dramatically the longer you stay in the industry. If you become a chief stewardess on a larger boat 200 + feet you will most likely be on $8,500 or more a month and could very much be on rotation, meaning working 2 months and having 2 months off paid.

Not a bad salary for only working half the year.

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What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Yacht Stewardess

Yachting is an incredible industry. You are able to travel the world, meet people from all over the world, earn a ridiculous salary and save a ton of money all without a college degree.

It is a great job to do as a gap year or two if you want to save money for college, or if you just want to travel the world. Yachting has given me so many opportunities and experiences that were beyond my wildest dreams.

I was able to ride in a submarine, attend Monaco Grand Prix, shopping sprees in Gucci and so much more. Yachting is the door to a world you never could imagine.

Not only is it a fun and exciting job, but it offers so many benefits.

Conclusions On Becoming A Yacht Stewardess

Yacht stewardess is not a job for everybody. You have to be social, and ok with sharing your space. As you will be sharing a cabin and most likely there is always someone around.

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