Romania is a beautiful country, full of so many places to explore and see, but with so much to see, where do you begin? Where are the best places to visit in Romania? I spent 5 weeks in Romania galavanting around and checking out all the best places it has to offer.

I put together a list of the best places to see in Romania and also included a few day trips from those places. Romania is an underrated country. It is not usually on someone’s radar, but I am here to show you why it should be.

The Best Destinations In Romania

1. Brașov

Brasov Hike

Brașov was my favorite city I stayed in while I was in Romania. It is a charming little town full of great restaurants and plenty of activities to do around the town. I was there in October, but in the winter months, it turns into a vibrant ski town, with Romania’s best ski resort being under a 20 minutes drive.

There was still plenty to do while I was there including hiking and visiting the famous Bran Castle which was the castle that inspired the story of Dracula. Brașov is in the heart of Transylvania.

You are able to enjoy all the beautiful nature around you while enjoying a small city with Austrian architecture. Looking for more to do in Brașov check my post on 10 things to do in Brasov

2. Bucharest

Bucharest Romania

It is hard to go to Romania and not spend at least a few days in Bucharest, not to be mistaken for Budapest. Home to the second-largest administrative building in the world. Covered in marble from top to bottom it also makes it the heaviest building in the world. A must-see while you are in the capital city of Bucharest.

Bucharest is not a large city and the downtown is relatively small for a capital city, but there is still plenty to see. Besides the capital building, it has an interesting architecture that is mixed between French colonial and communist North Korea.

Apparently, when dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu visited North Korea, he was impressed with how it was running and wanted something similar in Romania. He returned and started to tear down all the old French colonial buildings to make room for more basic communist ones that make up about half the city today.

Bucharest is full of so much Romanian history, you don’t want to miss it. If you are looking for more things to do in while you are there check out my post on 10 Things To Do While In Bucharest

3. Sighișoara

It claims to be the birthplace of Dracula or the real Dracula of Romania, Vlad the impaler. If you are a true Dracula fan you can go visit the room he was born in and if you are not into Dracula, but just want to check out a cool medieval town this is the place. It is a charming town with all colored houses and cobblestoned streets.

It is quite small, so you probably don’t need to spend more than a day there, but it is a delightful place to spend the day walking around the few narrow winding streets it has, enjoying a coffee and checking out the home of the true Dracula.

4. Sibiu

Sibiu, where the houses have eyes and are always watching you. It is a great small little fortified town with all Austrian architecture influence, which didn’t get destroyed when Nicolae Ceaușescu was in power. I felt like I was walking through downtown Disney, but without all the screaming kids.

It is so charming it is easy to hang out there for a few days and just enjoy its beauty and amazing gelato that is sold all over the streets. Be sure to check out the Liar’s Bridge, which is pictured above to find out if your lover has been unfaithful.

Also, when you are in Romania you can’t miss the Transfăgărăşan Road and Sibiu is the perfect place to drive it from. Made famous from Top Gear the road is like nothing you have ever seen before, but the scenery is what makes it really special. Be sure to go in the summer months as it closes in the winter.

5. Iași

Iași is right on the border of the country of Moldova and in the region of Moldova in Romania. It is home to some really good wine and is one of Romania’s oldest cities. There are plenty of great churches to check out and great wine tasting around the region. It is also a huge college town so there is always plenty going on.

If you have the time to make it to the Eastern part of Romania, Iași will not disappoint you. It is a bit out of the way to get there. However, if you are planning on heading to the country of Moldova it is on your way, which just so happens to be the least visited country in Europe. Is will also help break up the long journey.

6. Constanta

If you have had too much mountain while you have been in Romania, why not head to the black sea to enjoy the beach. It is a great place to head in the summer and soak up all those beautiful summer sun rays.

There is also still plenty to do and is actually the 5th largest city in Romania. It is also the largest city located on the Black Sea. Don’t let that fool you though, it is actually home to over 13 kilometers or 8 miles of beach and also has hot mineral spring baths nearby for when you get tired of exploring the town or sitting on the beach.

7. Timișoara

Timișoara is located in the western part of Romania. It is close to the border of both Hungary and Serbia and is known for its stunning architecture and beautiful central square, Piața Victoriei.  There you will find the Orthodox Cathedral, which is made famous from its mosaic-patterned roof tiles. It is hard not to miss it.

It is a beautiful and vibing city, and thankfully on your way to either Budapest or Belgrade if you are traveling through Eastern Europe. You won’t want to miss this gem as it is often overlooked by tourists. Which is hard to believe as it is one of the best places in Romania.

8. Maramures Region

I never made it to Maramures even though it was high on my list I just ran out of time. However, everyone I met that had been there couldn’t speak highly enough of it. It is like stepping back in time and is probably similar to what Amish county is to the United States.

It is known for its wooden churches and villages still practicing century-old traditions. Located in the north of Romania, it borders Ukraine.

Be sure to check out the town of Sapanta, where their religion believes that death is just the beginning and not the end of life. It is worth checking out the Merry Cemetery where when someone dies, they receive a blue cross engraved with a humorous event of their lives.

9. Sinaia

peles castle

Sinaia is another great ski town that Romania has to offer. It also happens to have one of the coolest castles I have been to. Peleș Castle was built for King Carol I from 1873 – 1914. It was built with complete electricity, indoor plumbing, and even a central vacuum system, which seems crazy to me.

Romania wanted to build King Carol I a summer home to remind him of his Germany roots. They picked this location because it is similar to the black forest. Inside of the castle is like nothing I have seen before. The amount of detail that went into the woodworking in unreal.

Besides being home to a beautiful castle Sinaia has great outdoor hikes in the summer and amazing snowboarding in the winter. The town also has great restaurants and plenty of shops to walk around in. It also had a great outdoor market where you were able to buy fresh goat cheese and other great things.

10. The Danube Delta

This is a great place to get away from it all and just relax. When you are tired of site seeing, sick of castles and ready to just to unwind come to the Danube Delta. It is the second-largest delta in Europe and home to over 300 different species of birds. It is the perfect place for any wildlife enthusiast and even better for bird watchers.

Romania is a great and beautiful country with so much to offer, and thankfully it is still off the radar so you won’t run into loads of tourists here. These are just a few of the best places in Romania that I found, but I am sure there are more hidden gems out there to explore.

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