Cheap things Budapest has to offer that you can do for under $10

Cheap things budapest
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Are you looking for cheap things to do in Budapest? Budapest is a wild fun city with so much to see and do. It is easy to get caught up and carried away, but it is also a city that can be seen in a matter of days.

Eastern Europe has always been one of my favorites due to all the fun activities you can do for a fraction of the price.

It has all the amazing things Western Europe has to offer, but for a fraction of the price and tourists. There are so many reasons why you would want to visit Hungary, besides just Budapest.

Let’s dive into

10 Cheap Things In Budapest You Can Do For Under $10

Cheap things in Budapest

1. Ruins Bars  

Budapest is known for its great nightlife. From dive bars to pub crawls and even swanky rooftop bars, Budapest has it all. What sets it apart from the rest is its unique and obscure ruins bars, they are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They have so much character to them and each one is different with its own style.

Be sure to check out the ruins bars while you are in town. They are filled with cheap drinks, good times and tons of fun people. Enjoy a fun night out on the town and be sure to hit up the ruins bars

Cost: 900-3,000 Huf or $3 – $10 per drink

River Boat Tour Budapest

2. River Boat Tour

A trip to Budapest wouldn’t be complete without a sunset tour down the Danube river. It is a cheap fun thing to do in Budapest and you get to enjoy a full scenic view of the city and parliament. Enjoy sunset drinks and or dinner and watch the city go by from the comfort of a relaxing riverboat tour.

There are several options you can choose from depending on the duration you would like to do. I prefer a shorter 3-hour tour, but the preference is up to you. You can also choose a tour with drinks or one that includes dinner.

Cost: 9,000-15,000 Huf or $10 – $50 depending on your tour

3. St. Stephen’s Basilica

Saint Stephen’s Basilica is not to be missed when you are in Budapest. It is free to enter, but there is a small fee if you want to hike to the top, which I highly recommend. The church is massive and took over 50 years to complete. The amount of detail that went into the church is unreal.

Be sure not to miss this church on your trip to Budapest and take the extra time to hike to the top. The city views are worth it and it is good to get a little exercise while you are on vacation.

Cost: 500 Huf or just under $2 to hike to the top dome

4. Funicular

Budapest was originally three cities that were divided by the Danube River. Buda, Obudá, and Pest were merged into one, making the megacity of Budapest in 1873. The Pest side is where most of the tourists stay and where all the nightlife is, but there is plenty to check out over in Buda.

Head over to Buda and enjoy a quick ride to the top of the cities mountain on their Funicular.  It is an enjoyable ride and perfect after you have spent the day walking around. It runs every 10 minutes so you never have to wait too long, and it sure beats hiking up to the top of the Buda side to check out the views.

Cost: 1,200 HUF one way or $4

5. Rooftop Bars

Besides being full of fun ruins bars, Budapest also has some amazing rooftop bars that are great for watching the sunset. They are the perfect place to enjoy a nice glass of Hungarian wine or beer with your friends or family. You’re sure to find some amazing views of the city as well.

You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank either as you will never pay more than $5 dollars for a beer in Budapest. Even though many bars are classy and swanky, you won’t spend an arm and a leg just to enjoy their amazing views.

Cost: 1,500-3,000 Huf $5 – $10 depending on your drink

cheap things in budapest

6. Walk Across The Chain Bridge

Next to their Parliament, the Chain Bridge is one of the most iconic attractions in Budapest. The famous Chain Bridge originally connected the two cites of Buda and Pest and is famous for its architecture.

Walk across the Danube river to either the Buda or Pest side, depending on where you are staying. Take a good look at the lions when you cross the bridge, they are famous for missing a body part, so be sure to see if you can tell what it is?

Cost: Free

7. Free Walking Tour

I can’t go to a European City without taking advantage of their free walking tours. I always learn so much, meet so many interesting people and get a good feel for the city when I am there. Budapest has so much interesting history that you have to do a walking tour.

You will learn so much and a lot of interesting architecture will be pointed out that you wouldn’t notice on your own. I always recommend doing them at the beginning of your trip as they will give you a lot of useful information. Be sure to check out this free walking tour

Cost: Free (But should you tip about 1,500 Huf or $5 a person)

8. Fisherman’s Bastion Viewpoint

On top of the Buda side lays Fisher’s Bastion Viewpoint. It has stunning views of the Danube River, Parliament and of course Pest. It is a great place to have a photo op or just relax and enjoy the views. Most of the walking tours do end their tour here, so you will unlikely miss it.

It is a great spot to view the city and if you are looking for a little extra exercise it makes for a great hike to the top of the mountain. If you are not looking for a workout, you are can take the funicular or one of the many hop on hop off buses.

Cost: Free

Cheap things in Budapest

9. Budapest Ferris Wheel

Another great cheap thing to do in Budapest is enjoying their eye of Budapest. Enjoy a quick 15-minute ride on the Ferris Wheel for beautiful views and photos of the city without having to do any hiking.

Perfect for those simply looking to relax. The Ferris wheel is also in a nice park within the city that is worth checking out and grabbing a coffee or drink.

Cost: 2400 Huf or $10

10. Hero Square

Last but not least we have Hero Square. This is one of Budapest’s main squares and is famous for its iconic status. It is a great spot to learn a little more about Hungarian history as it has played some important keynotes.

It is a little out of town, but it is also close to the famous thermal baths, so worth checking out. Be sure not to miss it!

Cost: Free

Budapest is full of cheap things to do. But no trip to Budapest would be complete without a trip to the thermal baths. Budapest has some of the best thermal baths around. They are world-famous, and although you won’t be able to get in under $10, it is worth spending a little extra to enjoy the baths.

Be sure not to miss them!

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