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Top 10 Best Places In Florida In October To Visit

Florida, known as the Sunshine State, is a great place to visit throughout the year. However, with warm weather comes some hot days that can be unbearable for those not used to it.

For some, the summer can be too hot to comfortably enjoy being outdoors. This is why, for many people, the fall months are the perfect time to visit Florida. October is an ideal month.

The temperature is warm and comfortable for enjoying the outdoors, and the climate turns from humid and rainy to dry and cool.

October is one of the slowest tourist months of the entire year, another reason its an attractive time to visit.

You can expect smaller crowds, which brings down the prices of flights, hotels, and other entertainment in the area, making October also a great month to save a bit of money in Florida.

Florida is the only state in the US with a subtropical/tropical climate all year long.

So while October starts to cool down from the hot summer months, its still warm. The average high temperature in October around the state is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit and there is an average low of 67.5 degrees Fahrenheit which mainly occurs at night.

The southern part of the state is the warmest.

October is also nearing the end of hurricane season in Florida, which can be no longer stressful and daunting for visitors and residents.

By October, you dont need to worry about storms ruining your vacation. There are very few hurricane watches or warnings in October so you can safely plan a trip and not have to have concerns about it being canceled. 

Fall weather is warm enough to hang out on the beach without being too hot and needing to get out of the heat.

It also means the nights will be cooler, which will allow you to find reprieve from the heat. As a result, the days are very comfortable, and there are fewer crowds. Its the best of both worlds.

Florida has over 4,000 islands that are part of the state. These are great to explore in the fall when the weather is perfect for being outside.

October would be a great time of year to explore some of the islands that have been on your bucket list.

Some cities in Florida, like Tampa, even celebrate Oktoberfest, a fun-filled beer festival that happens in Munich, Germany, each year but has made its way all over the world, and Oktoberfest events are now held in tons of places.

Other fun events that occur throughout Florida during October are Halloween parties.

Best Places In Florida To Visit In October

Keep reading for a list of ten of the best places to visit in Florida during October.

October is an excellent month to visit any place in Florida because of the decline in tourist crowds, more attractive pricing, and great weather.

Magic Castle at DisneyWorld

1. Orlando

October is a great time to visit Orlando. All the kids have returned to school, so fewer families crowd the amusement parks and the city.

The temperature will be much more bearable when youre standing in line waiting for your favorite Disney ride.

If you have children, this is a great time to bring them to the parks when there arent as many families. Dont have children? Capitalize on the fact that kids will be in school during the week.

Walt Disney World is the most popular attraction in Florida and is busy no matter what time of year it is, but luckily October is a little slower than the summer months.

Walt Disney World consists of Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, as well as two water parks. There are also some great beaches near Disney World.

Not only do hotel and flight costs decrease in October, but so does park pricing, so its a great time of year to save money and not wait in lines for nearly as long. 

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Skyline view of Tampa, Florida

2. Tampa

October is a great time of year to visit Tampa. The fall marks the start of manatee season and Tampa is surrounded by parks worth checking out where you may get lucky and spot a manatee.

For instance, visit ZooTampa and check out the animals or Adventure Island, which is a large water park that is part of SeaWorld.

Not far from Tampa is Little Manatee River State Park and Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River, both of which have tons of manatees for you to hopefully see.

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Lifeguard Tower in Siesta Key Florida

3. Siesta Key

This coastal 8-mile barrier island is on the Gulf of Mexico off of Sarasota. Its known for its stunning beaches and shallow waters, which are great for swimming.

With silky white sand and turquoise blue water, October is one of the best times of year to visit Siesta Key and enjoy a day on the beach. It is the perfect small beach town in Florida.

The mild, comfortable temperatures will allow you to lounge and relax without overheating under the sun.

Siesta Key welcomes you to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Siesta stands for an afternoon rest on a hot day which is very fitting for this island city.

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Lighthouse on the beach on Sanibel Island

4. Sanibel Island

While summer on Sanibel Island can be crowded and busy, fall is just right. Expect to find a nice piece of beach real estate to lounge on for the day, whereas this can be hard to comfortably find in the summer months.

Sanibel Island hosts an event known as Ding” Darling Days at the Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge in October each year.

The event encourages people to get outdoors and explore the refuges in their area. Events include a free family fun day, art day, and free visits to the refuge.

Besides this, there is plenty to do on Sanibel Island.

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Bridge in West Palm Beach Florida in October

5. Palm Beach

This very popular city in Florida is known for its glitz and glamor. The barrier island is on the Atlantic coast and separated from the mainland by the Lake Worth Lagoon.

Palm Beach received its name from the palm trees that line the streets. For example, Worth Avenue is lined by palm trees and is known worldwide for its upscale shopping opportunities.

It has luxurious resorts, gorgeous mansions, tons of history, and gourmet restaurants. If you want to be pampered for your vacation, this is the place to be.

Its also known for its beautiful beaches. The famous Lilly Pulitzer brand began in Palm Beach. Golf is another popular activity on the island, with luxurious views of Lake Worth Lagoon.

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Southern most point in the USA, the Florida Keys

6. The Florida Keys

The Keys are one of the most popular destinations in the US because it feels entirely like a tropical vacation and not at all like you’re in the state of Florida.

The Keys are accessed by the Overseas Highway. In October, the water temperature is still low 80s, so its a great time to swim, hang at the beach, snorkel, and jet ski.

The weather is perfect for being outdoors and out and about on the water. Key West and Key Largo have some of the most stunning beaches of the Keys.

These islands are a fun place to visit and a must-see if you get the chance. Be sure to indulge in key lime pie and the freshest seafood you could imagine.

Then, party the night away and enjoy all that The Keys are known for.

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Palm Trees and Lifeguard tower at sunset in October

7. Clearwater Beach

Known for being one of the most famous and popular beaches in Florida, Clearwater Beach has fine, powdery-white sand and crystal turquoise waters.

Its named after its clear waters that are surreally visible. The calm waters make it a great place to swim, paddle board, kayak, and parasail.

Clearwater holds many events in the fall, including the Clearwater Jazz Holiday, Clearwater Offshore Nationals, and the Seafood Festival.

Check out the Clearwater Marine Aquarium during the day and by night head to Pier 60 and be prepared to be entertained by the artisans and street performers there each night.

There is a great coastal promenade where youll always find people walking, running, cycling, and rollerblading. The promenade is also lined by restaurants, bars, and cafes.

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City Sky line in Naples, Florida

8. Naples

Naples is known for its high-end shopping, gourmet restaurants, and luxurious golf courses. Naples is a beautiful place on the Gulf Coast in southwest Florida.

There are a ton of waterfront bars and restaurants where you can grab a bite and enjoy the turquoise-colored view.

The Naples Pier is a great spot to catch the sunset and go for a walk and was first built in 1888 and has since become a symbol of the city.

It’s also a popular spot for fishing and dolphin spotting. The sand in Naples is known as sugar sand for its fine properties. October is a great time for all the outdoor activities in Naples.

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Sunsetting in Amelia Island, Florida

9. Amelia Island

One of the oldest places in Florida, Amelia Island dates back to 1562 and has a history of being ruled by the Spanish, French, British, and Americans.

Its most well known for its golf courses with fantastic ocean views. Amelia Island is located near the northeastern border of Florida by Georgia.

It’s known for its history and in the historic district, you may even find ghost tours in the old town.

Enjoy the beach and all the waterfront restaurants that dot the coast. Main Beach Park has a public boardwalk with sand dunes, beach sports, and other recreational activities.

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Skyline in St. Petersburg, Florida

10. St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city off the coast of Tampa in the Tampa Bay area. Its a popular place for golfing, boating, fishing, and of course, beach-going.

The city is known for its art, and The Dali Museum has the most extensive collection of Salvador Dalis work outside of Spain.

In addition, the city has several art districts and many more art museums. St Petersburg is also home to Dunedin, Florida’s oldest microbrewery.

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Hopefully, this has convinced you that October is a great time to visit Florida, despite what you might have previously thought.

Its a great opportunity to save money and enjoy visiting beaches and parks with fewer crowds than normal.

The weather is ideal because its not unbearably hot and humid like it is in the summer months. October is underrated and a great time of year to visit Florida.

Do you have a favorite spot in Florida that you like to visit in October that wasn’t mentioned on this list? Say so in the comments below

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