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11 Best Digital Nomad Jobs

Being a digital nomad can be a dream come true for many people because it provides the opportunity to create the life you always wanted.

Youre free to start your own business, travel the world, spend time at home with family, work your own hours, and follow whatever path youve always wanted.

Because of this, digital nomads are often some of the happiest and most positive people because theyre living out their dream life. While being a digital nomad isnt for every person, its desired by many. Here youll find a list of some of the best digital nomad jobs to consider.

11 of the Best Digital Nomad Jobs

We’ve gathered a list of some of the best digital and remote jobs for you to consider. There are so many out there and the list is only continuing to grow. But these are just a few ideas to get you started, hopefully on your life to becoming a digital nomad. 

Girl in red shirt with glasses sitting at a deck

1. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a great option to consider for one of the best digital jobs. If youre a good writer and enjoy creativity, researching, and writing you should consider copywriting.

There are many opportunities out there for freelance writers.

You can find jobs on freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork where people will hire you to write for their websites, blogs, and even for apps and other exciting things.

You can also reach out to companies, bloggers, and websites youre interested in working with and see if they need someone to help out with some of their posts.

If you love or have expertise in a certain field, this is a great way to niche down and write about something you truly enjoy.


A laptop open with the word blog written on it

2. Blogging

Blogging is a great digital job because its an online option that truly allows you to build your own brand.

While it can be hard to get off the ground and you wont be making money right away, it can be absolutely worth it. You can write and speak on things you love and choose an industry that fits your lifestyle and interests.

If you love writing this is a great option. The great thing about blogging is that the opportunities are endless.

You never know where it can lead you long-term and you could create an entire business out of your blog if you work hard enough.

And yes, bloggers do make money. It is a great job to turn your passions into reality and blog about something that you truly love.

There are even great courses out there to help you get started to and help you generate income. I highly recommend the blogging fast lane course.

I took after a year of running my blog and I only wished that I had done it sooner.


Online Teacher one of the best digital nomad jobs 3. Teach English Online

Youre already fluent in English so why not teach it? If you enjoy helping others, teaching English online can be one of the best digital nomad jobs around, as you create your own schedule.

There are various websites where you can find teaching job opportunities to teach English as a Foreign Language.

There can be more requirements to online teaching jobs than other digital careers so consider this when deciding on the digital job thats right for you.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language often requires you to be certified, have a bachelor’s degree in any subject, and have access to a good computer and camera.

If you enjoy teaching and helping others, its a great way to have the freedom of an online job where you can work from anywhere.

I laptop open with a cup of coffee next to it

4. Social Media Manager

As the online world continues to grow, businesses are starting to see the importance of investing in social media and adding a social media manager to their team.

Its a great way to bring awareness to a brand and find new customers. If you love social media, this is the perfect digital nomad job or even career.

Youll research trends in the industry youre working for, create posts and copy, schedule things to post, share, like, comment, and create ads.

You may even great graphics, strategize, and analyze for the brand. 

It can absolutely become a full-time opportunity whether youre working for one company or a few. Its also a great way to learn about building a social media page and you can even work on building your own following at the same time if youre interested in getting into influencing.

There are also tons of social media jobs on Fiverr, so it is an easy digital nomad job to get started with.


5. Virtual Assistant

If youre organized and looking for an online job, becoming a virtual assistant can be a great option. Youll get to work with really cool brands and people and help them run their businesses.

It will also teach you a ton about what its like to have a business from behind the scenes and youll gain a lot of experience.

Some of the things youll do as a virtual assistant are schedule appointments, make phone calls, keep an up-to-date calendar, help with social media, and so much more.

The job can definitely vary, depending on who you are working for and what their business is.

You can also work with more than one company at a time if you choose.

Essentially, a virtual assistant is just like a personal assistant but in this case, its entirely online. Making it another great option to get you started on your path to the digital nomad lifestyle.

Two girls computer coding 6. Programmer

If youre interested in a technical job, consider programming. There are various coding boot camps out there you can join that will teach you everything you need to know about programming.

Its a great way to skip going to college which costs a ton of money and essentially get the same programming education but in a more specialized and precise manner.

Going through a coding boot camp takes time but it pays well once you get a job.

There are various skills you can learn in coding boot camps including cybersecurity, web development, and lots more.

Its a great way to choose something youre interested in and stick to the niche.

Girl playing with camera and editing video on computer.

7. Video Editor

If you enjoy videography and you have a creative mind, consider being a video editor. You can work with YouTubers and others to help edit videos to flow better.

This job allows you to work from anywhere because all youll need is your laptop and editing software.

This job can be super fun because youll essentially be able to watch videos all day and cut and edit them accordingly.

Itll definitely keep you entertained and youll always be working on something new.

Becoming a successful video editor will also help you in the long run if you ever choose to start your own Youtube channel or something similar.

As vlogging and apps with short videos like Tik Tok continue to grow, this digital job will only become more and more in demand.

Someone shopping on an ipad

8. Starting an Online Store

If you desire to start your own brand, consider creating an online store. This will allow you to sell a product or service to others and create a long-term business. For instance, if you love fashion you could start a clothing or jewelry line.

You can also do drop shipping if you dont want to have any physical stock. Essentially, youll market and brand your own items and when someone purchases something, a different company will actually mail it out to them.

This ensures that you dont have to make a huge upfront investment on a product or hold large amounts of inventory. Another option is to sell items on Amazon.

An Online Personal Trainer on a yoga mat 9. Online Coach

If you love helping others and you have an expertise or skill you can share with people, consider becoming an online coach.

There are various realms you can work in including personal training or becoming a life coach.

This digital job usually requires certification of some sort and a professional website. It can also take some time to build up repertoire but once you do, you can truly thrive.

Being an online coach builds a business and career for you in ways that working for someone else doesnt.

You can build a brand around something you love and create your own schedule. Its also a great way to help others and still be remote if thats something youre looking for.

Influencer sitting on coach 10. Social Media and Influencing

Another digital nomad job you might want to think about would be to become an influencer.

This job has become very intriguing in recent years is influencing. Influencers are people with a loyal following on social media who are paid to promote products by brands.

They also receive affiliate codes and make money if people purchase something they recommend. They run ads, get paid for views, and more.

Want to create your own business, then this might be the route you want to go.

You should love sharing with others and want to test and promote products online.

Becoming an influencer takes time building a social media network that people love and will follow but once you gain traction you can grow pretty quickly.

Girl sitting at desk with computer opened and color wheel on the desk

11. Graphic Design

If youre very creative, consider graphic design as one of the best digital nomad jobs for you. This is great if youre good at drawing and illustrating and you have an eye for design and color.

You can help create logos for companies, graphics for social media posts, website designs, flyers and so much more.

As social media and the online space continue to grow, graphic designers are going to be more and more sought after.

If you love being creative and working with different companies, definitely consider this as a digital career.

Top Reasons to Become a Digital Nomad

Being a digital nomad means you can work virtually and for the most part, youre tied to your own schedule and choose your own hours.

This gives you a lot of leeway in terms of the structure of your life. Its very enticing to people, especially because its a job that cant be taken away as easily through layoffs and things out of your control.

You can rely more heavily on your online job.

Being a digital nomad is a great career choice if you like the freedom to be where you want and when you want.

An online job also makes for a great side hustle to bring in extra money if youre not interested in doing it full-time.

Below are some of the best reasons to become a digital nomad before we give you the top 11 digital nomad jobs.


The freedom of choice is very exhilarating. Having one of the best digital nomad jobs means you are not tied down to locations because you can work from your computer anywhere in the world.

You will have the opportunity to choose when you work, where you work, and how much you work.

Make your job fit your lifestyle instead of the other way around.


Digital nomads are often world travelers because theyre not tied down to a place. They change locations often and experience new things along the way.

For people who don’t feel like the few vacation weeks they’re given in a year is enough and their bucket list is only getting large, a digital job can be a great career change to give you more freedom of location.


Online jobs save you a ton of time. You dont have to commute to an office or be forced to sit for 8 hours straight whether or not you have work to do.

You can work efficiently and on your terms.

You create a schedule around when youre most productive and if you prefer working at night, that choice is yours.


There are so many online jobs out there and there is definitely something for everyone. No matter what you enjoy doing, you can most likely find one of the best digital jobs out there that caters to your interests.

If you ever had an interest in working remotely, now is your chance to make that dream a reality.

Go out there and travel the world. Work from home and spend more time with family.

Do whatever it is that youve always dreamt of and live a life worth living.

Are you a digital nomad and have a job that wasn’t mentioned on this list? Say so in the comments below

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