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The Perfect Malaysia 2 Week Itinerary

Are you looking to plan a 2-week vacation to Malaysia? Here is the perfect way to plan your holiday with the ultimate 2 Week Itinerary Malaysia.

The easiest and most affordable way to start your holiday will be to fly into Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

It is a big city with plenty to see and do.

Kuala Lumpur

Touching down in Kuala Lumpur can be a pretty mind-blowing experience. However, 2 nights in KL is ample time to experience this vibrant and dynamic city—and get up close and personal with local culture.

Highlights of Kuala Lumpur

  • Petronas Twin Towers
  • Aquaria KLCC
  • KL Central Market
  • Batu Caves
  • Kuala Gandah
  • Masjid Wilayah mosque
  • The Botanical Gardens

Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur

Day 1: Day Tripping

Plan to spend your first day acclimating and exploring the area around your hotel. KL—as it’s known to the locals—has some fascinating cosmopolitan highlights to leave even the most jaded traveler awe-struck.

  • The Petronas Twin Towers
  • National Museum
  • Menara KL Tower
  • Luxury Malls
  • KL’s Central Market: home to art galleries, crafts, souvenirs, and local boutiques.
  • Petaling Street in Chinatown
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Day 1: After Dark

When the sun goes down on Kuala Lumpur, the heat rises in Bukit Bintang. Make your way down to Jalan Alor to experience all the culinary delights and gastronomic adventures that hawker stalls have to offer.

While you’re in the area, you can work off your feast at Changkal Bukit Bintang—the epic nightclub strip five minutes from Jalan Alor.Or swing by Petronas Twin Towers at night to catch the Lake Symphony Water Show.

Day 2: Day Tripping

Day 2 of your Kuala Lumpur adventure is best for exploring the wildly colourful culture this country is famous for. Batu Caves is located 30 minutes outside the city centre.

The caves themselves are over 400 million years old, and are carved into the limestone cliffs.

The area—one of KL’s most important religious landmarks—is dotted with Hindu temples and shrines. If you overindulged at Bukit Bintang last night, Batu Caves has the solution: 272 rainbow colored steps up to the colony of monkeys.

If 250+ steps don’t sound like your idea of a good time, take a full day tour to the unrivaled Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. This wildlife conservation centre aims to further visitors’ education around these noble, elegant creatures and lets you share in the joy of feeding and caring for the elephants.

Day 2: After Dark

Some late night shopping could be a great way to unwind on your last night in this vibrant city. Explore the best of global brands like Louis Vuitton, Coach, Topshop, and Nike at KL’s biggest malls.

Then finish off your night at the swanky Sky Bar, enjoying a cocktail as you look out over the breath-taking Kuala Lumpur skyline.

How To Get Around Kuala Lumpur

  • Walking
  • KL Monorail
  • RapidKL LRT and KTM
  • KL Hop-On Hop-Off bus
  • Uber/Grab

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Cameron Highlands 2 Week Itinerary Malaysia: Cameron Highlands

After a brisk 200km bus trip from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this high-altitude escape offers fresh air, lush greenery, and uniquely local flair.

With 3 days to enjoy the peace of this great escape, you’ll have just enough time to rest and refresh.


  • Explore local tea plantations
  • Visit the Mossy Forest
  • Eat lavender ice cream at the lavender farm
  • Pick strawberries
  • Visit a butterfly farm
  • Explore the local temples
  • Go hiking

Things To Do

Day 3:

A trip to the Cameron Highlands is about restoration and rejuvenation. So what better place to start than with a trip to the Lata Iskandar waterfall and indigenous village.

Connect with the local culture, visit the flower gardens, and round out your day at the Brinchang cactus farm.

Day 4:

The Boh Tea plantation tour is at the top of today’s itinerary, followed by a trip to Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm.

The honey bee farm is run by trained, experienced beekeepers who will guide you through all the fascinating facts of beekeeping and honey collection. You can take away a sweet souvenir, or collect royal jelly for its multitude health benefits.

The Healthy Strawberry Farm and the Big Red Strawberry Farm are the final highlights of today’s adventures.

Day 5:

By day 3 of your Cameron Highland escape, you may have more energy than you know what to do with. Burn off some of the Cameron adrenaline with a hike along the jungle trails, or check out the views on Mt. Irau.

If something slower appeals, a visit to the serene Sam Poh temple will make the heart sing. Follow this up with some time at the Cameron Highland Orchid and Rose garden, before retiring for a quick rest.

To celebrate your last night in this peaceful haven, take a trip to the Brinchang Night Market to enjoy some local cuisine and great tea region souvenirs.

How To Get Around Cameron Highlands

Reaching the Cameron Highlands from KL is an easy bus trip—one that can be booked through many reputable local companies.

Once in the Cameron Highlands, however, transportation is a different story.

There are three ways to get around in the highlands: on foot, by taxi, or by shuttle. Walking is the most comfortable and reliable, and a trip from Tanah Rata to Brinchang will only take an hour.

Ipoh 2 Week Itinerary Malaysia: Ipoh

It’d be tough to explore everything Ipoh has to offer in a lifetime—so 2 nights is nowhere near enough. The trick is to pack in as many of the highlights as possible.


  • Sam Poh Tong
  • Perak Cave Temple
  • Kek Lok Tong
  • Ling Sen Tong—for Chinese mythology enthusiasts
  • Ipoh Heritage Trail
  • Ipoh Railway Station

Things To Do in Ipoh

Day 6:

Start your day off right with a cut of Malaysia-famous Ipoh white coffee. Sweeter and lighter than regular coffee, it’s a great sugar fix to start your day—and it put Ipoh on the map as one of the best towns to get coffee in Asia.

From there, day 1 of any trip to Ipoh should focus on the beautiful local cave temples. Each one is different, so try to take in as many as possible.

Another unique highlight of the Perak region is Kellie’s Castle. Built by a Scot in the European style, the castle was left unfinished and abandoned, and is said to be haunted.

Day 7:

Day 2 in Ipoh is a great opportunity to explore rich history. Start off at Han Chin Pet Soo museum, learning about the town’s early mining history. Plus it’s free!

Take some time to walk the streets between Old Town and New Town, and admire the street art and murals.

How To Get Around

Getting to Ipoh is 2.5 hours from KL by car, or 2 hours direct from the Cameron Highlands by bus.

It’s easy to get around Ipoh on foot. The town layout is a clever grid, and you can get from Old Town to New Town in under 30 minutes.

Public transport is fairly average, so the best option when you need to get to hot-spots further out—like the cave temples and Kellie’s Castle—is a taxi.

Book smart by negotiating a rate for the day—and plan all your out of the way visits at the same time.

George Town 2 Week Itinerary Malaysia: Penang

It’s almost obligatory to spend at least 3 days in Penang. Kuala Lumpur may be the one in the spotlight, but Penang is something of a hidden Southeast Asian gem.


  • Penang National Park
  • Batu Ferringhi
  • George Town
  • Old Town
  • Chulia Street Hawker Stalls

Things To Do

Day 8:

Starting off your Penang adventure, take a little time to enjoy the quiet side of life on Pulau Penang. Start your day with a hearty breakfast in George Town, and stock up on snacks for a day out.

After an easy ride out on the 101 bus, you’ll arrive at Penang National Park—known to locals as Taman Negara Pulau Pinang. Explore the Canopy Walkway, the world-famous Monkey Beach, and keep your eyes peeled for quirky lizards, giant butterflies, and vibrant tropical plants.

End your nature expedition with a quick trek to Pantai Kerachut—the best place in Penang to catch the sunset.

Day 9:

Ready for a fast-paced day in the Malaysian metropolis? It’s time to hit George Town.

This dynamic urban centre wears its heart on its sleeve and proudly displays its history. Explore the unique temples, expressive street art, and satisfying culinary delights in this ever-changing hive of activity.

Then it’s time to move on to the UNESCO-listed Old Town. Home to some of the best food in the city at Chulia Street Hawker Stalls, and Love Lane, Old Town is an easy stroll from New Town and a great way to mix with the people and businesses of Penang.

Day 10:

For your last day in Penang, the adventure begins with a trip on bus 203. Out towards Air Itam, you’ll find Kek Lok Si temple, the largest Buddhist temple complex in Malaysia. You can also catch a ride to Penang Hill, ride the funicular train, and explore the rich flora and fauna on the hill walk.

As the sun sets on day 3, soak in the beautiful coastal views of Penang by night.

How To Get Around

The cheapest way from Ipoh to Penang is by bus, but it’ll be much faster if you take the ETS Fast Train. You’ll be setting foot in Penang in just under 2 hours.

  • Buses are the most reliable form of public transport around Penang.
  • Taxis, car rentals, monorail, motorbike rentals, and trishaw are all available around Penang.

Langkawi- The perfect Malaysia 2 Week Itinerary 2 Week Itinerary Malaysia: Langkawi

The final stop of this west Malaysia itinerary is Langkawi—the ultimate island experience. Since we only have 4 days, it’s important to make the most of it.


  • Oriental Village
  • Panorama cable car ; Sky Bridge
  • Field of Burnt Rice
  • Mangrove Tour
  • Skull Sand Beach
  • Temuran Waterfall
  • Lake of the Pregnant Maiden
  • Wet Rice Island

Things To Do

Day 11:

The first day of a 4-day Langkawi visit starts on a high note: the Sky Cab and Sky Bridge at Oriental Village. Get there early to beat the crowd, and enjoy panoramic views across the island. Then it’s off to Telaga Tujuh waterfall for Insta-worth photo opportunities.

Take in a Malaysia Cultural Dinner and Show at the Aseania Resort; Spa to end your night with an inspiring cultural experience.

Day 12:

Day 2 is easily scheduled direct from your hotel. Enjoy a relaxing breakfast before you head out, and pack a snack for a full day of touring the mangroves.

If you haven’t already chosen a restaurant for every night of your Langkawi vacation, book a sunset mangrove tour that includes dinner.

Day 13:

Rent a car, scooter, or bike—or negotiate with a local taxi driver for a personal tour guide—and spend the day exploring the island. You’ll be amazed at what the back roads have to uncover.

Day 14: Last day

The final day of your 2-week itinerary Malaysia is an island extravaganza. Start off at Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest and Pulau Dayang Bunting.

The latter is home to the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, a breath-taking spot to sit and reflect on your Malaysian adventure.

How To Get Around

There are a lot of travel options between Penang and Langkawi.

The ferry may be highly recommended but it gets very full, and can take up to 5 hours in bad weather.

Flying is much easier—and faster—and it’s easy to get to and from the airports at both ends.

Rent a motor scooter or take advantage of the reliable hire car services and taxis on the island.

Day 15: Depart from KL and fly home : (

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you enjoyed this article on the perfect Malaysia 2 week itinerary.

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