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Top 5 Best Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica

Wellness retreats are a great way to reconnect with yourself. Life these days is so fast-paced and it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day happenings that you dont stop to enjoy the beauty and wonder of it all.

Thats where retreats come in. They allow you to slow down, unplug, and remember who you are. The things that you love, and the things that make you happy.

Its vital for your well-being that you stop and smell the roses sometimes, and thats what a retreat will help you remember to do. That is why we are here to discuss the best wellness retreats in Costa Rica

A retreat is more than a vacation; its a special opportunity to grow internally and bring peace and positivity to your life.

Costa Rica is a great place to go on a retreat because it feels like paradise. The warm weather, turquoise blue water, diverse landscape, abundance of animals, and fresh air brings out the happiness in everyone.

Being in Costa Rica alone can help you connect with yourself, but adding a retreat to the mix makes the experience even better.

There are a ton of retreats around Costa Rica.

Below youll find five of the best retreats across the country.

So get ready to change your life for the better and be who you were always meant to become. Its your chance to turn your life around and have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Top 5 Best Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica

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1. Mad Love Costa Rica Introspective Retreat

The Mad Love Retreat is located in Uvita in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica. The retreat’s focus is to teach yoga in a way that strengthens your inner spirit.

The space allows you to feel anything and everything and look inward to understand yourself better. Giveing you the choice and opportunity to better yourself.

For a whole six nights and seven days you will enjoy daily yoga, meditation, and introspective practices.

The retreat cost starts at $1,778 but can increase depending on if youd like a private room, shared king, or shared twin room.

The retreat comes with an airport transfer from SJO and excursions like a trip to a waterfall and to the beach.

Also, the retreat is secluded among the rainforest and has access to a river and many walking trails.

There is also a pool and an open-air jungle yoga studio. Spend the week completely immersed in the jungle and enjoy fresh, locally-sourced meals that are included with your stay.

Five days will be spent with the retreat instructors who will help you heal and build yourself. The rest of your stay is saved for excursions and free time.

On your days off, consider going to the beach 10 minutes away, hike in the rainforest, swim in the river or ocean, explore a waterfall, zip line, surf, snorkel, and much, much more.

Rooms are air-conditioned and include free WiFi and access to laundry services. The types of accommodations include glamping tents, private cabanas, private rooms in a shared house, and shared rooms in a shared house.

The price will vary depending on the room type you choose in this tranquil rainforest location.

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2. Vida Asana School of Yoga Retreat

This retreat is 5 nights and 6 days in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The retreat includes two daily yoga classes, meditation, and other daily practices, as well as three fresh, locally sourced meals per day.

By the end of the retreat, youll be infinitely more relaxed and refreshed, stronger mentally, and at peace.

Its in the perfect location for taking a break from everyday life, unplugging, and enjoying nature.

Rediscover yourself, slow down your way of life, and reenergize.

Along with yoga classes, youll go on trips to the beach and be able to explore the town.

There are hammocks for relaxing and a sweat lodge to help you detoxify.

Also onsite is a pool, jungle yoga studio, restaurant, and garden for your enjoyment.

In your free time, hike through the rainforest and walk along hanging bridges to enjoy the surrounding area.

All rooms have a private bathroom, fridge, air conditioning, and fan for the highest level of comfort.

Round trip airport shuttle is also included with your stay.

Each day, youll have yoga classes, mediation, and inner-child healing workshops to help you build and strengthen your inner self. You will also be able to attend a cacao ceremony and enjoy live music during the retreat.

The retreat cost is $895, and there are many additional activities you can purchase a la carte, including surfing lessons for $60, catamaran tour for $70, zip lining for $60, and many other options!

If you book early, youll also receive a complimentary 30-minute massage. The price also goes up the closer it is to the retreat so if you’re sure about your trip, lock it in.

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3. Costa Rica Adventure and Yoga Holiday

This retreat is located in the southern part of the Osa Peninsula near Dominical. This yoga retreat is excellent for women who want to completely transform their life and be the best version of themselves.

The retreat is more than just yoga. It will help you make a significant change in your life to become who youve always wanted to be. Youll learn to live more positively every day.

The retreat is six nights and seven days and the price varies depending on if you choose to stay in a private or shared room.

The retreat includes daily yoga classes, meditation, daily life coaching, and workshops. Youll also get to enjoy a beach day with coconut oil and coffee scrub exfoliations.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included daily and are freshly cooked onsite.

Airport transfers to and from SJO are also complimentary. You will also enjoy a waterfall adventure day.

The retreat has an outdoor swimming pool, dining area, garden, lounge, yoga studio, and WiFi. Group sizes are never more than ten people and there are three different houses at the property for your stay.

The retreat is located in the jungle along a river with ocean views. Other activities you may want to take part in during your trip are visiting nearby Dominical, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, and getting a massage.

The cost of the retreat starts at $2,000 and increases depending on your room choice.

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4. AmaTierra Detox Retreat 

This detox retreat will help you heal your body and it will give you a break from the toxicity of the world.

Youll learn to reenergize and be a healthier version of yourself. The detox program will allow you to cleanse and purify yourself with the help and guidance from a certified natural health professional.

The retreat is near Orotina, about an hour from San Jose in the jungle.

Enjoy the serene environment around you and the quiet of the rainforest as you embark on your journey of self-improvement.

Its the perfect place for rejuvenation and restoration of the mind, body, and soul.

The retreat cost begins at $1,495 and can increase depending on your room choice.

If you book early enough, youll receive a free 45-minute treatment. Along with detoxing your body for a healthier lifestyle, youll partake in yoga and relax among the sounds of nature for a break from reality.

This retreat gives you the chance to put essential practices into place without the distraction of your everyday life so you can go back home and implement those changes. It is one of the best wellness retreats Costa Rica has to offer.

Your detox program will fit your individual needs based on body type, lifestyle, and physical features to ensure your needs are met.

The detox retreat does more than just restore your body; youll also feel supported mentally and physically in the calming and relaxing environment.

Youll also have the opportunity for other adventures, including going to the beach, checking out a waterfall, visiting Carara National Park, exploring Poas Volcano, snorkeling to Tortuga Island, and even zip-lining through the jungle.

Enjoy daily yoga and meditation classes, private consultations, and check-ins. You’ll also enjoy herbal teas and drinks for body cleansing, fresh food and juices, and sound mediation sessions.

The retreat is seven nights and eight days with private or shared rooms. Youll also receive a one-hour full body massage.

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5. Vision Journey and Horse Retreat

This retreat is a unique opportunity to heal with the help of horses while nourishing your mind, body, and spirit.

Take the time to unplug, rediscover who you are, and truly listen to all of your inner dreams. You will experience a newfound fondness, understanding, connection, and awareness with horses which will help guide you to follow your heart.

For eight whole days, you will live simply among horses, nature, and people with the same interests and needs as you.

You will challenge yourself to have trust and faith in the horses and discover joy and purpose. You will have the chance to break through to become the best version of yourself.

Each day youll work with your own special horse on healing therapies.

You will also get to ride the horse among gorgeous landscapes, along the beach, and under the moon.

All are welcome, beginners, couples, singles, friends, advanced riders, and anyone in between.

You will also harness power from the full moon to help you release anything you need to let go of so you can experience pure joy.

Its the ultimate self-care retreat. Horses can help provide healing energy that you’ll start feeling immediately.

Along with time spent with horses, you will have free time to roam, relax, and explore the surrounding area.

The retreat cost starts at $3,250 but can increase depending on your room choice.

Your stay includes a full moon horse ride, a waterfall excursion, dinner, a beach day with the horses, horse meditation, and daily movement with the horses.

Meals are not included but are available to purchase. The retreat is located in Cabuya, a small village on the Nicoya Peninsula.

The retreat is on a ranch surrounded by the jungle and the ocean, a supreme and beautiful location.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to book your retreat or consider going on one in the future. Its a great way to take back your life in ways you hadnt considered.

Retreats will help you form better habits that you can carry back home and reinstate into your day-to-day life to enhance the way you live.

Youll leave feeling better than ever, if you decide to book one of these best wellness retreats in Costa Rica.

A retreat might sound a bit expensive but having an all-inclusive experience is worth it. Plus, you won’t have the hassle of trying to figure out every aspect of your trip to Costa Rica. It has been planned for you and you can just get excited and show up.

Are Retreats In Costa Rica Worth The Money?

Yes! Retreats in Costa Rica are worth the money. An investment in your health always pays the best returns. Taking time to unwind and focus on you, will be hugely beneficial.

How Do I Choose a Wellness Retreat?

First, it is important to know exactly what you want to get out of your wellness retreat. Then you are going to want to look first for that feature in your retreat. Remember this is you putting you first.

Its the perfect relaxing experience.

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