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Top 3 Best Places to Stay in Esterillos, Costa Rica

Esterillos is a small beach town in Costa Rica in the Puntarenas province. Here youll find luscious greenery, large and unattended beaches, and farms with grazing cows.

Youll see colorful birds and palm tree-lined streets and you’ll immediately feel more relaxed. 

What makes Esterillos so great is its location.

Its just far enough from larger cities and towns like Jaco, San Jose, and Quepos but close enough to be a short drive away from more restaurants, bars, and shopping when you desire it.

Esterillos is the perfect place to unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle. You’ll be able to slow down with everything still at your fingertips.

So where are the best places to stay in Esterillos and why do you want to stay here?

Well, you won’t find a ton of establishments like restaurants, shopping or bars, but thats what makes it so appealing.

It has a few great restaurants, some small grocery stores, and a few hotels. The absolute ideal place to get away and retreat. 

Esterillos consists of Esterillos Este (East), Esterillos Oeste (West), and Esterillos Centro.

The three small regions within Esterillos are pretty similar, and all would make for a great place to stay during your time in Esterillos.

Below youll find a detailed review of one of the best hotels to stay at in each part of Esterillos.

Since Esterillos is such a small, local town, there arent many accommodations, but there are still some great options!

Esterillos Beach with palm trees, Costa Rica

Best Places To Stay In Esterillos

Esterillos Este

Encantada Ocean Cottages

Encantada Hotel is a beautiful accommodation located right on the water. Once you turn off the main road to head towards the hotel, youll be greeted by fields and the site of horses and cows.

Once you arrive, youll walk under a little archway covered in plants to find the large swimming pool and outdoor area. Youll be greeted by inviting faces eager to help you settle in.

The main outdoor area is vast, with a bar and shaded seating. Then you can walk out on the beach where youll find hammocks in the trees and cabanas.

There is a line of chairs out of the cover of the trees if you want to relax under the warm sun.

Relaxing beach chairs on beach in Esterillos, Costa Rica

You can order a drink and it will be brought to you on the beach

Drinks are well crafted and delicious. At night, people dance and sing while watching the sunset.

The outdoor yoga studio that drapes people in relaxation in the morning takes on a new form at night and becomes a stage or dance floor. 

As for the rooms, there are several options to consider.

The cost🏝️ of the oceanfront villa starts at $210 a night and has a private patio overlooking the pacific ocean and for watching beautiful, daily sunsets.

The room sleeps four and has a king and two twin beds. There is a walk-in shower, a double vanity, and a kitchenette so you can cook right from the room if you choose.

Its equipped with a gas burner, toaster, coffee maker, fridge, and more.

Two double beds next to each other in hotel room

The two-bedroom villa price starts at $185 a night and can sleep five people.

You cant see the ocean from the room, but youre not far from it all, and youre surrounded by luscious greenery. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The first bedroom has a king bed and twin bed and the second bedroom has two twin beds. There is also a kitchen with a stove, coffee maker, toaster, fridge, etc.

The villa also has a private outdoor area for lounging. 

Bright blue pool surrounded by palm trees

The poolside cottage starts at $175 a night and is steps away from the pool. The room sleeps four people and has one king bed, one twin daybed, and one twin bed in the loft. There is a bathroom and a private outdoor area.

The private retreat room starts at $130 a night and comes with a private balcony and hammock that overlooks the pool and sleeps two people.

Its located on the second floor of the hotel and has one king bed or two twin beds and a bathroom. 

Coffee in bed at the Encantada hotel in Costa Rica

Each room is luxurious with air conditioning, organic soap and shampoo at your disposal, complimentary breakfast, Wifi, a mini-fridge, fresh flowers, beach towels, coffee, tea, and outdoor seating.

The hotel considers what needs you might have and provides them to you during your stay. 

Encantada hotel offers various activities you can purchase during your stay for roughly $50 to $60 per person.

Activities include horseback riding at sunset, yoga, massages, and surf lessons. The people at Encantada can help you book experiences during your trip to Costa Rica.

Other tours you can partake in include a crocodile tour, monkey tour, a visit to a waterfall, and a private tour of Manuel Antonio National park. Looking for more ideas on what to do in Esterillos, Costa Rica?.

Esterillos Oeste

Rancho Coral Hotel

Hotel Rancho Coral is a small oceanfront hotel in Esterillos Oeste. It’s the perfect peaceful retreat from everyday life in the small town of Esterillos.

Whether youre looking to relax or you want to adventure out into Costa Rica, you can have the best of both worlds at this hotel.

You can surf, visit Manuel Antonio National Park, and more, or sit in one of the many comfy chairs on the beach.

The hotel will help you plan any activities you want to partake in, like surfing, zip-lining, yoga, kayaking, getting a massage, etc. 

The Rancho Coral Hotel is a small hotel that doesn’t have a ton of rooms but there are still several different room types to consider.

All rooms come with a kitchenette with a fridge, a private bathroom, air-conditioning, a TV, and a private patio.

The king room starts at $175 a night and has a king and twin bed with a private, wrap-around porch facing the ocean.

The deluxe room starts at $150 a night, has a queen and two twin beds, and can accommodate 4 or 5 guests.

The standard room starts at $120 a night, has a queen bed and one twin bed, and can accommodate up to 3 guests. The hotel also offers Wifi and parking.

The hotel is a great choice if you want a quiet sanctuary to stay in during your time in Costa Rica. You’ll be provided with everything you need and more. 

Esterillos Centro

La Escapadita Hotel

This hotel is located right on the beach in Esterillos. The restaurant on the hotel’s bottom floor is shaded by the rooms above and looks out over the water. The restaurant serves fantastic food and drinks.

There are several types of rooms to consider, but there isnt anything overly interesting or luxurious about the rooms.

They can sleep three people and come with two beds including a queen and a twin, but the room wont feel like a luxury resort.

You’ll be provided with the necessities for only about $95 a night.

The price is the most appealing part about it. If you plan to park on the beach and be out on activities most days, you dont need much more than a bed anyway so it’s a good place to consider if you’re on a budget.

Dont expect too much from the room, but the location and food offered are worth it. Beachfront rooms have a private patio looking out over the beach and ocean.

Rooms also have a private bathroom, TV, Wifi, and air conditioning. You also choose pool rooms that look out over the large, shared pool. 

The hotel will also help you book excursions like fishing trips, waterfalls, etc. La Escapadita will also provide stand-up paddle boards, surfboards, boogie boards, and other equipment for you to use during your stay which is a great amenity.

La Escapadita is an excellent choice to consider when staying in Esterillos if you want to save a bit of money. This is a great place for young people and those who plan to be out and about all day. 

There are other places in the nearby area outside of Esterillos you can stay in if youre looking for a more upbeat, touristy experience.

Jaco is a beach town about 20 minutes from Esterillos known for its large surfing community. It has many restaurants, shops, and hotels lining the beach and a large nightclub scene.

Quepos is about an hour from Esterillos and is the home of Manuel Antonio National Park. It has a strip of hotels and restaurants on the beach and a ton of activity.

There are definitely more touristy options if thats what youre looking for, but you should consider a small, local town like Esterillos for your visit to Costa Rica.

Youll have a very relaxing experience enjoying the environment, but youll also be privy to nearby locations like Jaco and Quepos, leading to the perfect mix. 

There arent a ton of accommodations to choose from in Esterillos, but we hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best places to stay in Esterilloes. If youre looking for that off-the-grid, total retreat-like vibe, youll find it here.

Streets arent bombarded with stores, bars, or food joints and instead are lined by palm trees and lush greenery.

Animals roam freely, and the ocean and beach stretch seemingly forever. Its like finding heaven in a place. 

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