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Top 21 Best Places to Party in Thailand

Thailand is a place on many people’s bucket lists throughout the world and for tons of reasons. First off, the diverse landscape is breathtaking.

On top of that, you can immerse yourself in the culture and learn a lot about the country. Most people have also heard about Thailand’s infamous party scene.

Whatever kind of party experience youve had, or if you think youve done it all, Thailand will quickly humble you and blow your mind.

Thailand has some of the top nightlife in the world and is proving to be very hard to compete with. So where are the best places to party in Thailand?

We’ll get to that soon, but first people tend to visit Thailand because of the low costs and beautiful scenery.

This is why tons of backpackers, digital nomads, and tourists on a budget head to this tropical country. Also, the drinks are cheap, and the parties are priceless.

Best Places to Party in Thailand

Keep reading for the best cities and places in Thailand to party, as well as some of the best things you can do in each of those cities.

So if youre headed to Thailand and want to make some fun memories, look no further.

Lite up signs on busy street in Thailand

1. Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is located on Thailands eastern Gulf coast. It has amazing beaches, 24-hour clubs, resorts, and offers lots to do.

The once quaint fishing village is now a booming city. Pattaya is just minutes from Wat Phra Yai temple, which has a 60-foot gold Buddha statue.

Explore the nearby area during the day before going out at night.

2. Walking Street, Pattaya

This is one of the most well-known and busiest streets in the entire country. The name is simple, Walking Street.

Its an entertainment and red-light district in Pattaya which is a major tourist attraction because of its nightlife scene.

Visitors will love all the neon signs and all the action. There are bars, nightclubs,  and lining the street.

Anything you can imagine, youll find on Walking Street. Visit this infamous street, and youre in for a good night.

The street is over half a mile long, and traffic is blocked off after 6 pm, allowing people to fill the streets.

Walking the street is a party within itself, but be sure to check out one of the numerous bars or clubs lining it.

3. Go-Go Bars

Go-Go Bars are very similar to strip clubs. Youll find a center stage with poles and various sofas for sitting and watching the show.

You will find them in almost every major city in Thailand. This is where you will most likely find lady boys, as well. This might not be for everyone, but its a popular activity in Thailand and worth checking out, even if it is for only one drink.

Thai Temple lit up at night in Bangkok

5. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the most well-known city in the country. Home to marvelous temples, floating markets along canals, and lots of luxury, Bangkok feels like a dream come true and is well worth the visit.

If you are coming to Thailand to blow off soem steam, you will want to stop in Bangkok, even if it is only for one night.

6. Patpong, Bangkok

This is the oldest district in Bangkok, and at night the historic area becomes youthful. After the sun sets, this is the brightest street in the city.

There are over a dozen go-go bars, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants to choose from. It has some of the best nightlife in the country. It is on the bucket list for nightlife in Thailand, eveyone should come check it out.

7. Onyx Night Club

This club hosts up to 2,000 people a night and there are often world-renowned DJs performing. Enjoy nonstop excitement by way of lasers, confetti, cannons, and more.

Every night of the week, you can count on Onyx to host a good time. The massive dance floor with an LED screen is perfect for meeting new people and partying the night away.

Busy Street in Thailand with lit up signs

8. Khao San Road

This street has a lively nightlife, and dotted along it are rooftop bars, pubs, clubs, street food, and restaurants.

On the nearby Chao Phraya River, you can also go to a boat party and explore the area.

Its a great way to do something unique and enjoy a different perspective of the city.

Palm Trees lining beach in Koh Phangan

9. Koh Phangan, Thailand

This relatively undeveloped island is a part of Thailand.

The tropical paradise has small villages but large parties.

By day, relax on the stunning beaches or explore the landscape. At night, head into town and find the music. There is always a party going on.

Thai girls dressed up in neon paint for full moon party

10. Full Moon Party

The world-famous Full Moon Party in Haad Rin on Koh Phangan island is a bucket list item for many people.

It happens once a month on the full moon and has been happening since the 80s.

It attracts thousands of people every month. While the night of the full moon is the biggest party, for several nights leading up to the celestial event, there are lots of parties being hosted on the island.

It’s one of the most famous events occurring in Thailand.

Consider it if you love to party and ever have the opportunity to go!

11. Jungle Experience

For those that love partying but also being one with nature, look no further than the Jungle Experience on Koh Phangan island.

This dance party is known as an eco-party and takes place deep in the Baan Tai jungle.

Surrounded by beautiful nature, DJs play music while guests dance the night away, breathing in fresh air under the night sky.

There are also many performers and the party occurs a few times a month.

Small canoe boats sit on beach in Thailand

12. Phuket, Thailand

This area in the Andaman Sea is mountainous and has a significant rainforest with some stunning and popular beaches.

It has a diverse landscape to explore when you’re not out partying. Here youll find lots of high-end and luxurious resorts and spas.

13. Hard Rock Cafe

This might sound surprising, but the Hard Rock Cafe is a super exciting place to hang out in Phuket.

The restaurant hosts a large foam party in the swimming pool every Saturday night.

Dance the night away while DJs play your favorite songs and foam fills the air.

14. Illuzion 

Located in Patong, Phuket, Illuzion is a cant-miss nightclub.

It has a massive dance floor and LED wall, which helped make it one of the top clubs in Asia.

World-famous DJs regularly play at this club, and it can host up to 5,000 people a night for an epic party you wont forget (or you might).

Songkran Water Throwing

15. Chiang Mi

Chiang Mi is an old, historical city in northern Thailand founded in 1296.

The old part of the city still has the remains of walls and moats from its historical past.

There are also hundreds of Buddhist temples to explore. Chiang Mi is an excellent place for both partying but also enjoying a cultural experience.

Be sure to check out Chiang Mi for Song Kran the world’s largest water fight. It goes on for days and nobody is safe in the streets.

16. Zoe in Yellow

Located in the Old City, Zoe in Yellow is an outdoor/indoor club that throws epic parties with DJs playing all kinds of music.

Everyone in Chiang Mi knows Zoe in Yellow, has been to the club and will recommend it. Its the best club in the city.

So dress to impress and have the night of your life. Oh, by the way, drinks are served in buckets.

Street in Thailand with Monks in the Morning Light

17. Nimmanhaemin Road

This trendy area has lots of cafes, bars, and clubs and is a great place to walk around until you find the right party scene for you.

Nimmanhaemin Road, also called Nimman Road, has countless places to stop.

This is a great place to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner by day, then come back at night for drinks.

Its a picturesque, Instagram-worthy, and yummy street to explore. (If youre going to be partying all night, you need substance. This street is perfect for getting food and drinks.)

Palm Trees line beach in Thailand

18. Koh Samui, Thailand

This island in the Gulf of Thailand is the countrys second-largest island.

It has mountains, rainforests, coconut groves, and many palm trees lining gorgeous beaches. Here, parties occur all day long, from sunrise to sunset or sunset into sunrise.

19. Chaweng Beach

This is the largest beach in Koh Samui and is lively all day long.

Parties at night often end in the early morning hours, near sunrise. If youre looking to party, you will find nothing short of a good time on this beach.

Like the famous Full Moon parties on Koh Phangan island, Koh Samui has similar parties each month celebrating the new moon and two half-moon days.

The Black Moon party is the most famous party of the month, and prominent DJs come to play the night away.

Other things to do on Chaweng Beach include cabaret performances, visiting Akbar, and watching a Thai boxing match, the national sport of Thailand.

Thai women dancing in fancy costumes

21. Alcazar Cabaret Show

When visiting Pattaya, you must go to an Alcazar Cabaret show.

The show is full of professional performers dancing in exquisite and extraordinary costumes full of color.

The show attracts tourists from all over the world.


Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is known for its epic beauty, outstanding food, and happening nightlife.

The tropical landscape is breathtaking, and the unique architecture is absolutely impressive. There is so much to see and do in Thailand. Hike and explore by day and then party all night long.

Thailand is the ultimate destination. The fascinating culture and breathtaking landscapes alone are reasons to visit this beautiful country.

On top of that, its one of the best places to party in the world. You can come here on a spiritual journey, backpacking adventure, unforgettable party, or all three.

Or come for one reason and stay for another. By day, you can explore the diverse landscape or enjoy relaxing days on the beach, and by night, you can dance the night away, meet new people and gain unforgettable experiences.

You can have it all in Thailand. Its a land of opportunities and a world of fun.

If you love partying, Thailand is the ultimate party host.

We hope you enjoyed this list on the best places to party in Thailand.

It was full of clubs, street parties, specific places in Thailand and so much more.

Partying in Thailand is like never before. Once you party is in Thailand nothing will ever compare.

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