Best Party Hotels in Tulum: Where you should stay.

People Partying in Hotel in Tulum
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There are two types of people that come to Tulum, the hippie travelers looking for spiritual enlightenment and the ones coming to let loose and party. Tulum is a magical place full of great spiritual energy. It is a place where you will find what you are looking for.

Whether you want to blow off steam and party all night or if you want to drink green juice and meet with a Shaman, Tulum has it all. But if you are reading this post, most likely you are looking to party. That is why I’ve put together a list of the best hotels to party in Tulum.

Whether you plan on staying on the beach or staying in the town, I’ve got you covered.

What is the best area to stay in Tulum?

Tulum is broken into two different areas, the beach, and the town. Sadly, they are not really within walking distance to each other, so where you decide to stay depends a lot on you.

Both are filled with amazing restaurants and nightlife, so you can’t go wrong there.

The town is a little more rustic and you will somewhat feel like you are in Mexico, whereas the beach has more of a Miami vibe to it.

If you are traveling on somewhat of a budget, I highly suggest you stay in town and just head to the beach for day or night trips.

The town is pumping with lots of good and fun things to do. There are plenty of parties to be found in both the town and the beach.

Stay in Tulum Town if

  • You are looking for authentic taco stands
  • On a budget
  • Prefer Cenotes to the Beach

Tulum Beach is also a beautiful spot that should not be skipped on your stay in Tulum. It has beautiful long white sand beaches that are filled with luxury hotels and trendy restaurants. It has a boho Instagram style to it.

Stay on the Beach in Tulum if

  • Prefer trendy instagrammable cafes and restaurants
  • Not on a budget
  • Want to lie in a sunbed all-day
  • Don’t care to see the cenotes

The Beach Zone is more luxurious and has expensive hotels and resorts. Youll find upscale restaurants, bars, and clubs in this part of Tulum. Your interests and budget will determine which part of Tulum you choose to stay in.

If you are coming to Mexico to work on your tan and lay by the beach all day then you will probably want to stay on the beach. There are fabulous hotels there if money isn’t an object.

Best Party Hotels in Tulum Town

Now that you have decided what area of Tulum you would like to stay in. Let’s narrow it down to what hotel you would prefer to stay in.

Quick Overview

Be Sure Not to Forget Any Important Items Tulum Packing List

People drinking at Straw Hat Bar

1. Straw Hat

This place is infamous for starting off the night and throwing some of the best pre-parties in town. Even if you decide not to stay here, I would swing by one night before you hit the town. The bartenders are friendly and it is easy to meet and party with everyone there.

Be sure to spin their wheel to get the night really going (just read all the options before you do so). Also, beware if you are skinny dipping in the pool everyone in the street can see you.

This is technically a hostel, but they do have awesome private rooms. So if you are not wanting to share a room with snoring roommates, opt and get yourself a private room.

You can’t beat this location if you are wanting to stay in town. It is right in the middle of everything.

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Swing Bar Seats

2. Mayan Monkey

This is another great option if you are looking for a great hotel to party in while you are on vacation in Tulum. It is another hostel, but they offer great private rooms with daily cleaning, so pretty much like a fancy hotel with a hostel atmosphere.

They have a great bar and pool area to socialize and party in. The only downside about this place is it is not really in town and it is not really on the beach, it is kind of in between, which makes everything a bit far.

However the party is always pumping, so you probably won’t really want to leave unless it is to venture out and explore all the things to do in Tulum.

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3. Aldea Tzunun

You can’t be at a party hotel in Tulum center unless it has a pool. Pool parties are where it’s at and you can’t beat the pool here. This a great party hotel to come to if you are on a budget, enjoy art or just want a more rustic experience.

Aldea will feel like you are staying in a wood cabin in the jungle. I mean you are in Tulum after all. This place also has a great area for hanging out, meeting people, and of course great tables to play drinking games.

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Mimosa Hotel in Tulum
4. Mimosa

Mimosa is a hotel and hostel which makes it a more budget-friendly option. There are both individual and shared rooms as well as teepees all of which help you save money if thats your goal.

There is also a bar and pool on site. This is also an adult-only hotel, so no guests under 12 are allowed, which means you can enjoy the pool without having screaming kids in it.

This accommodation is located in downtown Tulum so it has a much different vibe than the other hotels on this list. It might not have the beach views or beach club but it makes up for it in price and accessibility.

Its super close to all of the bars and restaurants you may be interested in visiting downtown. 

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5. Day Tripper

If youre looking for an inexpensive place to stay that will still be a lot of fun, look no further than the Day Tripper.

Its located in downtown Tulum right near the main strip of bars and restaurants. There are colorful murals everywhere and even Elvis Presleys mugshot on the wall at the front desk.

The Day Tripper really fosters a fun and exciting environment for guests. There is a shared kitchen at your disposal, breakfast made by the owner of the hostel each day, WIFI, a bar and lounge area, and so much more.

The adults-only hostel is the ideal place to stay in Tulum if youre looking to have some fun on a budget. You get all the perks of Tulum without the major price tag and the beach still isn’t far away. The best part is the proximity to the main strip of bars and restaurants in downtown Tulum.

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Always Tulum PoolBest Hotels to Party on Tulum Beach

1. Be Tulum Hotel

Be Tulum is located in the Beach Zone and is a hotel and spa. The adults-only luxurious accommodation can be found among the hotel strip with amazing ocean views. This area is known for its many restaurants and bars.

The rooms are spacious and modern but the best part is the on-site beach club which has a drink service and many places to lounge.

There is also a restaurant and two more bars on the property. Because kids are not allowed, it leaves a lot more opportunity for partying, making it a great hotel if youre looking for fun and adventure.

Other amenities at Be Tulum include free breakfast, free rentals include bikes and snorkel gear, WIFI, parking, and more.

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2. Nomade Tulum

Your stay at Nomade Tulum is completely carbon neutral which is something you can feel good about. The hotel also aims to represent Mayan culture which has had a large influence on Tulum’s history.

The hotel hosts sacred fire rituals, cacao ceremonies, and ancient Mayan healing treatments. Nomade places a big importance on music.

There is a studio at the hotel for up-and-coming musicians to make music.

Youll find both local and internationally acclaimed music and DJs for an unforgettable experience. Nomade Music has even released its first album.

Accommodation options in this hotel include tents, treehouses, suites, and rooms. Its located in the Beach Zone and has a restaurant and bar on site. It also has a swimming pool, WIFI, parking, and more.

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3. Cabanas Tulum

Located in the Beach Zone, Cabanas Tulum is a great option. Guests 14 years and older are allowed to stay at this hotel.

There are two restaurants and a bar on-site with a pool table and places to lounge. You may even be able to enjoy live music.

Ziggys Beach Club is the ultimate place to hang out during the day. There is a drink service and places to lounge all day every day from 7 am to sunset.

There is also a happy hour and daily live music sessions for your enjoyment. Other amenities include a spa service, yoga, tours, and much more! It’s a great party hotel option to consider. 

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There are tons of other great accommodations in Tulum that have bars, restaurants, or beach clubs at the hotels themselves. Some of the cheaper accommodations don’t have their own bar or beach club but are located very close to some great establishments in town.

If youre looking for something more budget-friendly, consider looking for a place in the heart of downtown.

The Beach Zone is appealing, however, because you dont even need to leave your hotel or resort to have fun. When choosing where you want to stay and why really depends on what is most important to you!

Consider what it is youre looking for ahead of time and make the right decision for you. No matter what you choose youll most definitely have a great time in Tulum.

What is the Party Scene like in Tulum?

Tulum by day is relaxing and by night, it has a vibrant nightlight. The party scene in Tulum is perfect because there are a ton of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to enjoy.

You can find live music, a more laidback environment, or true party vibes. It has something for everyone.

Like mentioned before, Tulum is broken into two main parts. Tulum Town, also known as Tulum Pueblo, is the town center and downtown area. This has the most budget-friendly accommodations and establishments. This is also where you’ll find a majority of the affordable restaurants, clubs, and bars. There are tons of options downtown and places to enjoy.

The Beach Zone is the second main area in Tulum. Its about a 10-minute drive from downtown and is more expensive with upscale and luxurious hotels and restaurants. Some of the establishments have their own beach clubs and the bars in this area are much more casual.

Some hotels let you join their beach club for the day even if you’re not staying overnight at their hotel. This is a great option if you’re looking for something fun to do during the day. 

If youre looking for an exciting, hip, and inexpensive area to spend your time in, Tulum Town is your best bet.

You can still drive down to the beach by day and head back for a night out on the town. If youre more interested in the laidback yet fun beach environment, consider the beach zone as the best place to stay in Tulum. Either way, you’ll have a great time. 

Why Visit Tulum

Tulum is a ton of fun and has continued to stay a bit understated compared to more well-known places in Mexico like Cancun or Cabo. There are also plenty of things to do in Tulum.

While its growing in popularity among tourists, it hasnt lost its authentic and cultural appeal quite yet.

This has allowed it to remain a very attractive place to visit. If youre interested in seeing rare things like cenotes and Mayan Ruins while simultaneously having a great time partying then youve come to the right place.

You can have wild parties in Tulum just as you can in Cancun or Cabo but without the crazy amount of tourists and over-commercialization. What more could you ask for? Tulum offers so much to do and has some of the most pristine, powdery white beaches in all of Mexico. Tulum should be at the very top of your vacation list!

Things to Do while in Tulum

There are tons of things to do in Tulum while visiting. If youre looking for a party scene, you can definitely be kept busy each night with tons of bars and clubs to choose from.

During the day, there are also beach clubs but if youre looking for other things to do, look no further. Weve outlined some of the best activities below.

Snorkeling in Cenotes, TulumCenotes

Visit a Cenote! They are underground bodies of freshwater that were created after the collapse of limestone rock. The only place in the world they are located is on the Yucatan Peninsula.

There are thousands of these in and around Tulum. They can be completely underground, semi or fully open pools of water.

Tulum has some great cenotes including the Gran Cenote, Cenote Calavera, and Cenote Carwash all of which are easily accessible from town. It’s the perfect place to spend the day exploring and swimming. 


Go snorkeling! Tulum is located near the Mesoamerican Reef System which is the second-largest reef in the world. This makes Tulum a very popular location in Mexico for snorkeling.

There are spots you can snorkel just offshore and boat tours that will take you to some awesome spots. The party hotel you choose can most likely set you up with a tour if youre interested. You’ll see the most amazing marine life of all colors, sizes, and shapes in Tulum. 

Tulum Ruins with GirlMayan Ruins

Check out the Mayan Ruins, The Tulum Mayan Ruins are from the 13th century and have been well preserved. They’re the most stunning Mayan Ruins in all of Mexico because theyre located atop a 15-meter high cliff overlooking the water.

It’s one of the top photographed spots in all of Mexico and definitely a must-visit while in Tulum.

Tulum is the perfect getaway location in Mexico. Its historic, authentic, fun, luxurious, and gorgeous.

You can relax by day and party by night for the best of both worlds. Consider staying at one of the best party hotels in Tulum for all of your adventure needs.

There are tons of options all over town to choose from that would be great. There are also more than enough bars, clubs, and restaurants to check out as well. Enjoy a fun vacation in Tulum.

Have you been to Tulum before and have a favorite party hotel that wasn’t mentioned? Say so in the comments below.

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