5 Best Surf Camps in Mexico: Where to Surf Next!

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Mexico borders the United States which makes it an easy and accessible place to visit from anywhere in North America.

It has the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico along its coasts. With 5,797 miles of coastline, youre bound to find some good waves.

The best waves are found on the Pacific Ocean coastline which is 4,560 miles of the entire Mexican coast.

If you like barreling, Mexico has some great breaks. Its very popular among SoCal surfers for a weekend trip or even a day trip to surf some awesome waves.

It also is home to some of the best surf camps in Mexico.

Besides great waves, Mexico has highly adored cuisine, strong culture, beautiful landscapes, and unique history.

Its a great country to both surf and explore because between lessons youll find that there is an abundance of things to do.

The beach towns are quaint, the food is mouthwatering, and there is so much to see.

As more and more tourists visit Mexico to try out the waves, surf camps have popped up throughout the country.

Theyre great for people of all levels and even experienced riders can learn new tricks or enjoy board rentals and accommodations.

There are surf camps of all levels of luxury and youll definitely find the right one for you. Many even offer other benefits including all-inclusive meals, excursions, additional water activities, and many more.

With so many to choose from, weve narrowed down the list to the

Best Surf Camps in Mexico

Punta Mita, Mexico Sunset

5. Punta Mita, Mexico

Mita Surf Camp: Best Surf Camp for all Surf Levels

All surf levels are invited to visit Mita Surf Camp in Punta Mita, Mexico. Youll get to surf in the Bay of Banderas and novice surfers will receive an in-depth two-hour lesson on land to learn about surfing and how to pop up.

Lessons are taught in either English or Spanish. Intermediate surfers can go on surf trips with instructors who will take them to the best spot of the day depending on the conditions and the surfers’ experience.

Instructors will provide feedback as needed but it wont be quite as hands-on as the novice surf lessons. Lastly, expert surfers are invited to go on a guided surf break orientation.

This option is for independent surfers who want to find the best surf breaks in the area.

The locals at Mita Surf Camp will share their knowledge about where to enter and exit the break, underwater conditions to be aware of, parking, and any other useful information. Its truly the perfect place for all surf levels.

Included in your stay are 7 surf lessons, free surf equipment rentals, transportation to various surf spots, and a 14-night accommodation.

You will also have WiFi, access to the outdoor swimming pool, and other additional amenities.

There are also various day trip surfing excursions for an additional fee. You can also pay extra to rent a paddleboard, mountain bike, snorkel gear, or to go whale watching.

Book Punta Mita Surf Camp Here

The activities to do when you are not surfing are abundant.

The accommodation has an indoor/outdoor apartment just a few blocks from the beach. The room is spacious and there is a private outdoor lounge area for enjoying the fresh air.

You will receive free filtered drinking water, towels, shampoo and conditioner, and other essentials, a weekly cleaning service, and access to a private kitchen.

What more could you need?

Guy in Barrel surfing in Puerto Escondido Best Surf Town in Mexico

4. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Oasis Surf & Language School: Best Surf Camp to Learn Spanish

The Oasis Surf & Language school located in Puerto Escondido, Mexico is a great place for combining a love of surfing with an education in the Spanish language and the Spanish culture.

If youre looking to truly discover Mexico, this is a great option. Youll not only surf some of the best waves but youll also be able to amp up your Spanish skills.

The 7 night, 8-day accommodation includes 5 surf lessons for two hours each, 5 private Spanish lessons at 1.5 hours each, and fitness classes every evening that will enhance your body for surfing.

The fitness classes include yoga and pilates, among others. All equipment needed is provided and you will also receive transportation to the best surfing spots in the area.

Surf instructors will only work with up to two people at a time to ensure you get the help you need for perfecting your skills and all ages and levels are welcome.

Lessons will include a proper warm-up of the body, a theory session including safety, wave reading, and etiquette before moving onto techniques in the water.

You will also have professional photos taken during one of your lessons in order to provide feedback and an analysis of your surf skills.

At the end of your stay, you will receive a surf diploma that outlines your board size, skills, level, and the spots you visited. To prove to all your friends that you really can surf.

Book Oasis Surf Camp Here

For the Spanish lesson, you will receive private lessons from certified and native Spanish speakers.

You will take a placement test to ensure youre learning useful and tangible information about the language.

All the material needed will be provided along with a certification of completion at the end of your stay stating the level you attained.

You will receive a welcome dinner your first night and one coaching dinner during your time at this surf camp. You will need to purchase the rest of your meals.

Your private room does come with a kitchen if youd like to cook. You will also be brought on one surprise” trip during your stay.

The excursion could include city tours, a cultural excursion around Puerto Escondido, a boat trip to the lagoon, or a visit to the Mezcal factory, among others.

Other options you could add to your accommodations include a cooking class, salsa lessons, and more.

You will also have access to WiFi to keep your Instagram up to date while on surf vacation.

There is also a pool to lounge around when you need a break.

Oasis Surf & Language School provides many great amenities and is a great option during your time in Mexico if you want to do more than just surf.

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Puerto Escondido Beach

3. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Lanka Surf Club: Best Surf Camp for Surfing & Yoga

The Lanka surf camp in Puerto Escondido is perfect for travelers to surf the waves off Zicatela Beach, practice yoga, and enjoy socializing and experiencing Mexican culture.

The Lanka Surf Club is a great way to learn how to surf or work on preexisting skills. You can rent a board and take your surfing to a new level.

As well as the included surf and yoga lessons they provide.

Local instructors will bring you to some of the best waves in the area and help you work on your technique.

There are many different accommodations including private rooms, shared rooms, suites, and even cozy teepees are an option!

Some of the amenities include WiFi, a swimming pool, a movie room, and a rooftop bar. If youll be working while traveling, there is a great co-working area with desks, couches, and meeting rooms. You can really have it all at Selina.

Book Lanka Surf Camp Here

Sunset over waves in Mexico

2. Sayulita Mexico

Variant surf Co: Best Surf Camp for Surfing and Meeting People

Variant surf Co in Sayulita, Mexico will provide a 6-night, 7 days stay at their surf camp.

Transportation from Puerto Vallarta airport to the venue is included, as well as 4-day lessons and a luxury massage.

All surfing levels are welcome to join and they cater the lessons to your level of surfing.

You will also go on various adventure excursions and have time to relax or explore the area.

They also include photography on the last day, so you can have proof of what you accomplished.

 Youll have access to WiFi, a kitchen, a terrace, and a yoga deck for your leisure.

The accommodations are either a queen bed for yourself or you can share a queen bed with a friend for a discount.

Sayulita is a great town and there is so much to see and explore when you are not surfing.

Its a beautiful spot with some great waves to explore.

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Sayulita Beach

1. Sayulita, Mexico

Wildmex Surf & Adventure: Best Surf Camp for Accommodation Options

Wildmex Surf & Adventure in Sayulita, Mexico is a 6 night, 7-day surf camp. You will receive 5 surf lessons with an instructor who can speak English and Spanish.

You can choose from over 300 surf and SUP boards and you will also receive transportation to various surf breaks.

You can also rent a wetsuit, booties, and rash guard. The surf lessons are best for beginner and intermediate-level surfers.

Depending on your budget, there are three different accommodation options so if you’re looking to save money or you want a private and relaxing room, the choice is yours.

The Dorm/Backpacker accommodation is a hostel that has a swimming pool, rock climbing wall, terraces, laundry facilities, a kitchen, a common room, and WiFi for you to use.

This is great if youre booking with friends, family, or if you want to meet new people.

Its located just a few minutes from the beach and downtown Sayulita. There are both mixed and female or male-only dorms.

You will also find lockers and a safe in each room for valuables.

Basic Accommodation is located in downtown Sayulita. It includes a large common terrace, a private bathroom, a safe, WiFi, a shower, and more. Its great for socializing, visiting the main plaza, and checking out the hustle and bustle of being downtown.

The Standard Accommodation is located just a few blocks from the beach and downtown. The hotel has a pool, terrace, yoga studio, bikes, WiFi, and more. Its great for those who want a more relaxing vacation but the ability to socialize when they choose.

Wildmex Surf & Adventure takes safety seriously and students will learn about water and surf safety before going out into the waves.

Your bilingual instructor will constantly assess your skills to make sure you’re surfing properly.

Beginners will learn a bit on land before going out in the water. Once you’re ready, you will be brought to surf breaks that are best for your skills and level.

For intermediate surfers, instructors will guide you during your lessons and help you improve your skills.

You will explore different breaks and get tips on perfecting your surf skills. Other activities you can do while at the surf camp include hiking, mountain biking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and swimming.

You will also receive airport transfer from Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport. Its a great place for novice surfers to work on their skills.

Besides being an awesome surf camp, there are plenty of cool things to do in Sayulita,it is an awesome beach town that will make any vacation special.

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Well, there you have it. We hope you enjoyed reading the best surf camps in Mexico and hope it helps narrow down your choices in the booking.

No matter which camp you chose, youll enjoy surfing in Mexico. There are some great waves and surf breaks all around the country.

Any surf camps here that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Surfs up!

Basic Gear you will want before learning to surf

Before you head out to catch some waves, be sure to protect your skin. Being out on the water for hours at a time will give you a gnarly sun burn if you are not prepared.

  • Rash Guard – Make sure you get yourself a long sleeve rashguard before you head out to surf to protect your skin.
  • Face Stick – You are going to want a Zinc Face Stick to keep the sunscreen on your face and the back of your legs

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