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Best Beaches Near Rome: Top 9 Beaches

Rome is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most historically significant cities in the world. Anyone who plans a trip to this magnificent city is bound to have a jam-packed schedule.

There is so much to see and do whether you are doing Rome in a day, staying a week, or if you are deciding on spending a decent amount of time there. Rome is full of free things to do, so is a great destination for anyone on a budget. 

Rome can be a great place to move or spend a decent amount of time. The cost of living in Rome is low, so it makes for a great place to have a long vacation.

That way you are able to enjoy all the tours, sites and beaches near Rome.

Everyone know that Rome has beautiful parks, ruins, and museums, but not everyone knows that it also has many fabulous beaches that are easily accessible from the main city.

This not only allows you to relax but also rejuvenates you for the rest of your trip.

If you are wondering what beaches might be good to camp out for the day, worry not.

In the list below, we identify some of the most popular beaches in the vicinity of Rome. Also, find details and directions on how to access them.

Top 9 Best Beaches Near Rome

Santa Marinella One of the Best Beaches Near Rome

1. Santa Marinella

Photo credit: Santa Marinella la “Perla del Tirreno”

The Santa Marinella beach, situated north of Rome, is famous for its sandy beaches and clear water. One can choose between accessing the free area of the beach or the private (and paid) areas, the latter of which comes with added benefits.

Santa Marinella is full of excellent bars, shops, and restaurants. This beach does tend to get very crowded, especially in the tourist season and on weekends. If you are looking for a more private beach day you might want to pay for the private section. 

How to Get Here?

Santa Marinella is accessible by trains that leave from the Termini Station – Rome’s central railway station. There are approximately three trains leaving every hour for this destination or the Santa Train Station. From the station in Santa, the beach is only a quick a five-minute walk.

Santa Severa

2. Santa Severa

Photo credit: Exclusiveissimo

The Santa Severa is a well-known beach, famous for its glorious sands and crystal blue waters. The beach is also divided into private and public sectors. But it is much larger than the Santa Marinella beach, so you are able to find some free spot to rest in, even if it’s a busy day.

There are fantastic restaurants surrounding the beach, which are perfect for a nice Italian lunch when you are feeling hungry. The beach also boasts of a gigantic castle that stands right on the shore.

Known as the Castello di Santa Severa, it is a popular attraction amongst tourists ever since it has been opened for public visits.

How to Get Here?

The Santa Severa beach is one stop before the Santa Marinella. It is easily accessible via the regular Civitavecchia trains in Rome and is at a ten-minute walking distance from the train station.

Fregene Beach Near Rome

3. Fregene

Photo credit: Riva Beach Club Fregene

If you are looking for a beach to party, then Fregene is your beach. It is popular among the young Romans looking to see and show off their perfect summer bodies and tans. With several bars and nightclubs situated along the seashore, you have a wide variety of options to spend a memorable time here.

You can also come with your family, for there are several family-oriented restaurants available too. However, this beach is more known with the single younger crowds. 

How to Get Here?

Fregene is accessible via train. You can take a train from the Roma Termini to Maccarese-Fregene station. From this point, hop onto one of the frequent local buses that will drop you off right at the beach.

The bus journey usually takes up to an hour, so you will have to be a little patient! But once you are there it is totally worth it. 

Ostia Beach near Rome

4. Ostia

Photo credit: Fabulous Village

Ostia is not known for being the cleanest of all beaches, with its waters not being as blue as the other beaches mentioned, and finding an empty spot on the beach can be a chore.

Despite all this, it is still impossible to compile a list of the best beaches near Rome without mentioning this destination.

This beach is lively and fun. If you are a non-Roman who wishes to witness Romans indulging in their characteristic seaside rituals, you would want to come here. Also, the city of Ostia Antica is worth checking out. 

There are several bars and restaurants on the beach that offer excellent food. This is a great beach for anyone who enjoys people-watching, and wants to get a true Roman experience. 

How to Get Here?

Ostia is easily accessible from central Rome and is one of the closest beaches to Rome. To get to Ostia, you will have to take the B metro to Piramide and then a commuter train from the adjoining Ostiense station to Ostia. Super fast and simple.

Pro Tip: Be sure to check out a cooking class while you are in Rome. Italy is known for its amazing food, so why not mix culture with eating and learn some tricks to take home with you along with some history of cooking in Italy. 

Anzio Beach

5. Anzio

Photo credit: Circolo della Vela Anzio Tirrena

Anzio is a small town with historic significance, located 50 miles south of Rome. It is known for being the landing site for the Allied troops who freed the country from Nazi occupation.

Due to this event’s importance and success, several moving memorials pay homage to the fallen soldiers.

However, the historical value isn’t the only reason why this beach is so famous.

It has an attractive, long stretch of a sandy beach that runs through the town’s entire length. The harbor is active and thriving, which means that the restaurants are never short of fresh fish.

Combined with the local art of cuisine, the excellent seafood served in these eateries is not something you want to miss out on.

How to Get Here?

Anzio is located an hour away from the Roma Termini. Board a train towards Nettuno and get off at the second last stop.

Torre Astura Best beach near Rome

6. Torre Astura

Photo credit: Ivana Di Laura

Torre Astura is regarded as a fairytale beach located on the coast of Lazio. Individuals who visit this destination deem it as a hidden gem, and rightfully so.

The beach is situated within a nature reserve and is very aesthetically pleasing. Its turquoise, clear waters provide a view like no other. Moreover, near the shore stands the medieval Torre Astura castle, which dates back to the 15th century.

It is a popular attraction that invites the flocks of people to visit the beach every season. Just make sure to take your food and drinks to Astura since there are no restaurants available in its proximity!

Even without amazing restaurants, it is still one of the best beaches near Rome.

How to Get Here?

Getting to Torre Astura kindles people’s adventurous spirits since it is a somewhat remote destination. You can’t access this beach by train, so you will have to rent a car and drive here. Followed by a twenty-minute trek to get to the actual beach. But trust me, it is worth it!


7. Sperlonga

Photo credit: Sperlonga

Sperlonga is one of the best coastal areas of Lazio. It holds two gorgeous crescent-shaped beaches that stretch for miles along the coast.

Lush Mediterranean vegetation and aesthetic mountains back the beaches and provide an incomparable picturesque view.

The waters are famous for being warm and crystal-clear, which makes them perfect for swimming in. Some of the finest restaurants in all of Lazio are on the beach of Sperlonga,

This is the perfect beach to enjoy if you have a couple of days to get out of Rome. That way you can enjoy the beach and explore the local cuisine.

How to Get Here?

To get to Sperlonga, find a regional train from Roma Termini that heads toward Naples. Get off the train at the Fondi-Sperlonga station, which is about an hour and a fifteen-minute ride away from the departing point.

The town and its beaches are accessible via shuttle buses, that leaves from the train station.

Gaeta Beach

8. Gaeta

Photo credit: Gaeta

Located about 120 kilometers from Rome on the border with Campania, Gaeta is a wonderful seaside town.

Many justifiably argue that it might be Lazio’s most spectacular town.

It is a medieval town with lots of historical value and significance. The ancient Romans were fond of it for its perfect weather and excellent bathing opportunities.

Today, the town is splattered with relics of the past. You can find a 6th-century Aragonese castle, medieval churches, and ancient mausoleums. As for the beach, you can relax on its fine, golden sand and swim in its clear, clean waters.

How to Get Here?

Hop onto a train heading towards Naples from Roma Termini and get off at Formia. From this point, you will have to take a bus to get to the beaches in Gaeta. 

Gaeta is not just one of the best beaches near Rome, it is also a great town to visit for is historic sites.

Sabaudia Beach close to Rome

9. Sabaudia

Photo credit: Aivenn

Sabaudia is a spectacular beach, famous for its beauty, spaciousness, and Mussolini-era architecture.

Its beach flaunts the Blue Flag status awarded to it by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). This translates into the fact that its waters are clear, and the beach is clean.

These features, along with the fact that the Circeo Forest surrounds it. Make it one of the best beaches near Rome.

How to Get Here?

Several cotral buses commute passengers between Rome’s Laurentina metro stop and Piazza Oberdan in Sabaudia. Tourists generally prefer to take a shuttle bus from this point, which runs along the coastline.

So, that was the list of some of the most remarkable and gorgeous beaches near Rome. We know that a trip through Rome can prove to be too much for most people.

Therefore, it is always good to plan your trip with some slots specified for leisure beach time. This is an excellent way of making the best out of your journey.

So, make sure you visit them and build lots of unforgettable memories! We hope you enjoyed this article on the best beaches near Rome. 

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