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10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit In October

People enjoy visiting the Caribbean for many reasons. The islands are warm year-round and have some of the most luscious and diverse landscapes.

You’ll find volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests, beaches, and more when you explore a Caribbean Island.

There are so many to choose from that it can often be hard to decide where you want to go.

However, if you plan to travel to the Caribbean in the month of October, there are things you’ll want to be aware of ahead of time.

For instance, October falls within hurricane season, so there are some islands you may want to avoid if you don’t want to take any chances of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

It is also the rainy season in many of the islands, so you will want to consider that before booking your flight.

However, even during the rainy season, there is still many hours of sunshine every day.

Keep reading to learn more about traveling to the Caribbean in October, what the weather is like, as well as the best and worst Caribbean islands to visit during this time.

Don’t be worried, there are still some great options, just know that because of the chance of hurricanes in October, your options might be limited. 

Which Caribbean Islands Have The Best Weather In October?

  1. Aruba
  2. Curacao
  3. Bonaire

Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In October

Below are the islands in the Caribbean that are not located in the hurricane belt and are a safe choice during the month of October. 

The two best islands to visit in October because of the best weather conditions are the following:

Turks & Caicos

1. Aruba 

Aruba is one of the abc islands and has one of the lowest chances of rain in the Caribbean during the month of October.

Though the chance of rain is slightly higher in October than the rest of the year, it’s still much lower than in other Caribbean islands. Making it the perfect spot to sunbathe and enjoy a nice tropical October vacation.

To put it into perspective, the average rainfall in October, one of the rainiest months in the Caribbean, is still lower than some of the other Caribbean island’s dry months.

Therefore, Aruba is one of the best islands in the Caribbean you could visit in October. 

White sandy beach with wooden sun umbrellas

2. Curacao

Curacao is located near Aruba and also has some of the lowest chances of rain in the Caribbean. Surprisingly it is a very dry island to visit in October.

The chance of rain in October is higher than in the rest of the year in Curacao but still much lower than in the rest of the Caribbean.

Curacao is a great island for scuba diving, hiking and just relaxing on one of the many white-sand beaches.

It is also a province of the Netherlands, so has a huge European influence bringing great food to the island. But if you still need more reasons to visit, it is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean.

Sail boats on blue blue water in Bonaire

3. Bonaire 

The final of the ABC countries, which includes Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, is Bonaire another good choice in the month of October and is one of the best Caribbean islands.

Bonaire is also a municipality of the Netherlands located outside of the hurricane belt, so it’s relatively safe during this time of year.

It’s a small island, but it’s lovely, and the locals are friendly. One the best remote tropical islands you visit in October.

Colorful lifeguard tower on the beaches of Trindad with tall palm trees all around

4. Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are two separate islands that makeup one country. They’re just off the coast of Venezuela in South America, so they’re pretty much clear of the hurricane’s path.

They are not the safest Caribbean islands to visit on this list as far as petty crime goes, but if your main worry is not being in the hurricane zone, you will be safe here.

Trinidad is the larger of the two islands, but they’re a pretty small country. They’re a great choice to visit during these months when the weather is a main concern.

Palm trees lining white sand beach in Barbados

5. Barbados

Another great spot to visit in the Caribbean Sea is Barbados.

This eastern Caribbean Island has some gorgeous beaches.

Until July 2021, when Hurricane Elsa rolled through, Barbados hadn’t been hit by a hurricane in roughly 60 years making it one of the best Caribbean islands to visit in October.

The odds aren’t high, so it’s a relatively safe place to visit in October. It’s also a relatively dry month if you’re worried about the rainfall impacting your beach days.

By the way, all beaches are public in Barbados, which is super awesome, because it has some stunning beaches and you are going to want to visit them all.

The island where pirates of the Caribbean was filmed

6. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is made up of the main island of St. Vincent as well as some smaller islands.

This is a very remote destination with Barbados being the closest island 100 miles away. This is a mainly undeveloped destination, so if you like remote and authentic, this is the best place to visit.

October is a great month and Saint Vincent normally has clear blue skies with normally only a few cloudy days.

Located just below the hurricane belt, these islands will most likely be safe and sound during the month of October.

It’s a fairly underrated place to visit and great for a fall trip to the Caribbean. 

It has pristine beaches and even some epic coral reefs you will want to check out.

While you are here be sure to check George town the capital.

Palm trees lining a beach in Grenada

7. Grenada

Are you looking for warm weather in October? Well, maybe you should think about visiting the island of Grenada is one of the least visited Caribbean destinations.

It’s in the southernmost section of the hurricane belt, so it’s rarely hit and is a great place to visit in the fall season.

Because it’s not a tourist gold mine, it’s also one of the cheapest Caribbean destinations. An island nation that shouldn’t be skipped.

Grenada is known as the “Island of Spice,” and you can expect to smell the aroma of the cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, turmeric, and ginger that grows here. 

There is plenty of hiking, exploring, and outdoor adventures to be had here. One of the things that makes this Caribbean destination so fabulous as there is so much more to do here than hang out on the beach.

Palm tree on the water in San Andrés, Columbia

8. San Andrés, Columbia 

Out of range of almost all hurricanes, San Andres is an island off the coast of Nicaragua, but it’s part of the country of Columbia.

It’s another great option during the month of October. It’s one of the best places for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

The water is crystal clear blue and this Caribbean island hosts nothing, but blue skies for your October trip.

Clear water with coral underneath in Panama

9. Bocas del Toro, Panama

There are nine main islands that make up Bocas del Toro.

They are part of Panama and are located off the country’s east coast.

They have a very low risk for hurricanes, making them another great choice in October. The islands have a laid-back vibe, and they’re fairly underrated and not very well known.

Making it all the more reason to visit.

If you love visiting these kinds of places, you’ll love it here.

What makes Bocas del Toro so unique is it is surrounded by water, and to get anywhere you take water taxis. It is a place like nowhere else.

Hammock inbetween two palm trees on white sand beach

10. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are made up of three islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman with Grand cayman island being the most popular.

Although the Cayman islands are inside the hurricane zone, they are rarely hit by hurricanes. The last time they were hit by a hurricane was in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan rolled through, thankfully only two lives were lost the island bounced back quickly.

If you have always wanted to visit the Cayman Islands but were unsure because of the expense of visiting them, October is the perfect month.

Take advantage of the off-season and visit one of the most luxurious islands in the Caribbean.

The Worst Caribbean Islands To Visit In October

Below are some of the worst islands to visit during the month of October because they get hit by hurricanes more often than other islands.

They also have higher rainfall levels in October. We are not saying that you can’t visit these islands in the month of October, just be warned that historically they have been harder hit by hurricanes.  

Pig swimming in the clear water ocean with bird on his back

1. Bahamas

One of the worst places to visit during hurricane season is the Bahamas. The island of Abaca in the Bahamas has been given the Hurricane Capital of the Caribbean, which is not a title to be excited about. 

The islands get hit harder and more often than other islands in the Caribbean. So while you will have warm weather if you are trying to avoid rain or hurricanes on your vacation, you might want to save the Bahamas for another month.

Sun setting in the Virgin Islands

2. The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are made up of islands controlled by the United States and the United Kingdom.

The UK-controlled islands are normally referred to as the British Virgin Islands, and the US-controlled are commonly referred to as the US Virgin Islands.

The most popular US Virgin Islands are St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. The Virgin Islands are within the hurricane belt and have cause for concern during hurricane season. 

They are not the place you want to be if the worst were to happen.

White sand beach of Turks & Caicos

3. Turks & Caicos

Turks and Caicos are also some small Caribbean islands located within the hurricane zone, although they are rarely hit. However, if you like to live on the side of precaution you will want to avoid these islands.

Whether or not a storm rolls through, October is a very rainy time of year in the Caribbean and in Turks and Caicos. 

Ariel view of Saint Maarten

4. Saint-Martin or Sint Marteen

The island of Saint Martin is comprised of two different municipalities and is roughly divided 60:40.

Saint-Martin is an overseas collectivity of the French Republic and a member of the European Union.

The other part of the island is called Sint Maarten and is a country that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Dutch side is more populated than the French side, but it’s smaller. The island is east of Puerto Rico and just a few miles south of Anguilla.

While this island is gorgeous, it is located within the hurricane belt and does get hit about once every hurricane season. They don’t have the best of luck.

It might not get hit drastically each time, but it’s still something to be wary about before traveling to this island in the month of October.

When Is Hurricane Season In The Caribbean?

The hurricane season occurs from June 1st through November 30th. The peak of the season is in mid-September, and most activity occurs from mid-August to mid-October.

September is the worst month for tropical storms, total rainfall, and the threat of hurricanes.

October is the second worst month. On average, the Caribbean experiences roughly four tropical storms in October, but most don’t turn into hurricanes. This is good news if that is when you are looking to take a vacation.

Tropical storms can still be intense and bring on strong winds, heavy rains, and less sun for your tropical vacation. 

This means that October can be a risky and dangerous time to visit the Caribbean. However, after mid-October, the chance of a hurricane rapidly declines, so if you’re visiting at the end of the month of October, you might be safe.

Also, there are some islands outside of the hurricane belt in the Caribbean.

So if you have your heart set on visiting the Caribbean in October, you may want to consider only visiting certain islands. 

Palm trees hanging
 over blue water with white sand beaches

Weather In The Caribbean In October

October can be a very wet month in the Caribbean, but less wet than September. Temperatures in October run from mid to upper 80 degrees Fahrenheit to average lows around 70 degrees. 

So start getting ready to show off that new bikini of yours, because you are going to want to wear it.

Should You Visit The Caribbean in October?

October is not all bad news, but being prepared and knowledgeable about what to expect and what could happen is important.

Tourism is fairly low in October due to the potential hurricanes. However, October is the lowest month for tourism anywhere.

Because October is right after summer when most people aren’t sick of the cold yet and are not yet traveling for the fall/winter/spring season. 

Kids just are getting back into school, so if this is your month to travel congratulations you will find the best deals anywhere you decide to go.

More positives to visiting the Caribbean in October include fewer crowds of tourists, lower accommodation prices, and lower airfare costs.

If you want to save money and have the whole beach to yourself, you’ll love October in the Caribbean.

There are also some islands that lie outside of the hurricane belt that you can visit and not chance being hit by a tropical storm or hurricane. 

Conclusions On The Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In October

The month of October isn’t the ideal time to visit the Caribbean for good weather, but you can still have a good time and make the most of it.

You just need to know when to visit, where to go, and what to expect. If you stick to more of the southern Caribbean islands, you will be able to avoid storms and rainfall much more effectively.

However, if you have your mind set on a certain destination, ensure you’re paying attention to the weather before your trip and have traveler’s insurance in case anything goes awry so that you cancel if a storm is brewing.

The more prepared you are, the better. The Caribbean is not dangerous for the most part, but you definitely don’t want to be there if a hurricane rolls through, so plan accordingly. 

You can have a great time in the Caribbean in October if you know what to expect. 

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