What Is It Like To Work On A Superyacht!

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By now, you have heard about the yachting industry. Whether you read my blog on How to get a job on a Superyacht!, watched below deck or have a friend in the industry.

The next question you are probably asking yourself is whether yachting is right for me? Yachting is an amazing experience, but it is not for everyone. So what is it like to work on a superyacht?

Before you head off to start your yachting career and invest in getting your STCW 95, you should ask yourself whether or not you are going to be happy with working on a yacht.

I am going to review the realities of what it is like working on a superyacht, that way you are able to decide if the bad outweighs the good.

Whether you are looking to work on a superyacht or are simply curious as to what day to day life looks like while living on a yacht. I’ll cover the good, the bad and the ugly sides of yachting.

First, let’s dive into the awesome benefits of working in the yachting industry.

Monaco Grand Prix

If you want to work on a superyacht, you should get used to the terminology of being referred to as a yachtie. This is what anyone who works in the industry is referred to as.

Yachting is an amazing industry. You are working for the top 1%.

You will see and experience things you never thought imaginable in your wildest dreams.

Yachting is a glance into another world, one where you don’t belong.

It is like living in an episode of the rich and famous and you get to be a part of it.

During my yachting career, I was able to eat at the world’s number one restaurant, attend Monaco Grid Prix not once, but twice.

I was also able to see a live private performance from Wil Clift at the Cannes film festival and cruise around the statue of liberty on the 4th of July watching the fireworks.

Spent a summer in the Hamptons and winter in Saint Barths.

I was able to go in the owner’s personal submarine to 550 meters below sea-level.

I had friends, that enjoyed rides in private jets, trips to the Superbowl and Indy 500.

Yachting is able to open your eyes to a whole different world and the best part of all this is, you are getting paid to experience all of these things.

You can live your best life ever while stacking your paychecks into your bank account.

Surely you won’t be as rich as the owners you are working for, but when you go home you will have more money in your bank account than most of your friends, and incredible stories to tell.

But yachting is not all peaches and cream.

Downsides Of Working On Yachts

Now that we discussed the amazing things you will see and do during your career working on yachts, let’s discuss some of the bad things.

Not everything is perfect and sometimes you have to learn to take the good with the bad.


There is absolutely no stability in your job. You can be working on a yacht and at any given moment be asked to vacate the boat within hours.

The boat may have been sold, the owner decided they don’t want to use it anymore, or any other reason their heart desires.

You have to be ok with rolling with the punches and going with the flow. The industry is ever-changing and you have to be ready to move in a moment’s time.

For this reason, you can kiss any plans goodbye.

I’ve had vacations planned and had to cancel them 24 hours before I was meant to leave because the owner suddenly wants to use the boat.

I’ve been underway or in mid-ocean with a boat planning to dock somewhere, but the owner changes their mind and wants to go somewhere else.

If you are someone that likes to have everything planned out and doesn’t like when things change then yachting is not for you.

You have to learn to expect the unexpected and be ok with the ever-changing plans.

Personal Space

Personal space is another thing that becomes a luxury when working on yachts. You are living and working in very tight quarters so you have to be ok with not having any personal space.

Your cabin, or the small space you think is your own, is not your own space. You will have cabin inspections and are expected to keep your cabin spotless.

Everything on the boat belongs to the boat owner, you are just able to use it.

You will also have to get used to constant drills including fire drills in the middle of the night.

I once had a captain that loved to pull the fire alarm on the crew when he knew we had a big night out.

He wanted to test us and ensure that we were still a capable crew. In yachting, you are never truly off the clock. You could be expected to work at any time and you always have to be in a condition to do so.

There is no clocking in and out of your job when you work on superyachts. When you are on board, you are working. Even if you decide to stay off the boat for the night, you could easily get called back to the boat.

Want To Work On A Superyacht?

So do you want to become a yachtie? does the good outweigh the bad? I think so, but it all depends on your personality type.

Working on superyachts I was able to make friends from all around the world. I have some of the most incredible stories and experiences that most people would never believe.

I was also able to save so much money because when you are working on yachts you have no expenses.

Everything you make you are able to save because you have no rent or food expenses. The only bill you have is your cell phone bill.

You are able to set yourself up for a better future or you can afford to take a year off and travel the world or simply drop $1000 going out every weekend.

Yachting is a fabulous industry, one I wish I had heard of years ago. It’s not for everyone, but the benefits outweigh the downsides.

It is also a great industry for anyone wanting to travel, be out on the water and go to places most people don’t.

Did you enjoy this article on what it is like to work on a superyacht? If you did, you might enjoy reading about my friends that are superstar full-time sailing family.

They might not be working for the rich and famous, but they are out on the water every day with their kids enjoying that boat life.





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