Best Travel Apps For 2019

What are the best travel apps? There are a lot of apps out there today and technology has completely changed the way we travel. You no longer have to show up somewhere late at night in the pouring rain knocking on doors hoping they have a bed for you to sleep in.

You no longer have to get lost in a city because you can’t read the street signs or have to deal with reading maps.

Technology has changed our lives in so many ways, whether or not this has been a good change, it sure has made traveling easier.

Here is a list of the best travel apps that I can’t be without.

Travel App


If you are like most travelers and don’t always have data or cell service, MapsMe is the solution. They provide downloadable maps that work offline. These maps not only keep you from getting lost, but they also include restaurant and hotel reviews. Even in remote places, I have found them to be more detailed than Google Maps.

Travel App


When traveling abroad staying in touch with loved ones can be challenging. WhatsApp is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family while traveling abroad. Anyone that has the app can text and call each other for free through wifi or data. No need to use up your expensive cell phone minutes. Just download the app beforehand and confirm your number via text.


Rome2Rio Travel App


RometoRio is fun and easy to use. If you have ever wondered how to travel from one place to the next, RometoRio answers that question for you. Just put in the two locations and they will give you all the options on how to travel there, from flights to ferries and even buses to helicopters. If there is a means to travel by, RometoRio will tell you, and tell you how much each one costs.

Skyscanner Travel App


Before you book your travel, Skyscanner offers a wide range of cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals. They do the research so you don’t have to. Skyscanner lets you see the cheapest days to fly, set price alerts, and even get email notifications for when prices drop. Skyscanner is a must-have when you are looking for cheap flights.

Travel App Booking


Bookings is starting to become my favorite tool for booking accommodation when traveling. From 5-star hotels to hostels to apartments, Bookings has something for every type of traveler. You can sort by location, star rating or user reviews. It’s easy and free to use!

Travel App Airbnb


If you are wanting to save money on accommodation for your next holiday, Airbnb is a great way to do so. They provide a wide range of options from a single room to an entire apartment or home. Booking apartments is a great way to save money, not only on your accommodation, but with access to a kitchen you can also save on eating out!

Travel App XE


If you get confused easily when trying to convert 14,200 rupias or .80 pounds to the dollar, XE currency is a great app to have. It offers live exchange rates so you never have to be confused about the price or getting ripped off on exchanging money again.

Travel App Duolingo


Get a jump start on learning the language before your trip. With over 30 languages to choose from, including 2 fictional languages, Duolingo helps you learn basic phrases that will make travelling easier.

Travel App Trip Advisor


TripAdvisor has been a long time favorite of mine. Great for scoping out restaurants, tours, accommodation, or things to do where ever you are traveling. Get advice and recommendations from fellow travelers on where to eat, what to see, and what to avoid. It is great to ensure you will always get a good meal and not fall into a tourist trap.

Hotel Tonight Travel App


HotelTonight is great for finding cheap deals on nice hotels last minute. Don’t let a missed flight connection or changes in your travel plans get in the way. This can also be a really good way to save money on hotels, if you are ok with not knowing exactly where you are going to stay as rooms can be up to 80% off.

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