Best Time to Ski in Europe

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Are you thinking about planning a Ski trip to Europe? Bewildered about the right time to do this crazy adventure in your life and need to know the best time to ski in Europe.

Planning a ski trip is an essential part of making sure you will have the best chances for great snow. 

Before you pack your winter boots and head to the mountains, you need to do your research. 

This will help ensure there will be plenty of snow.

Plan the trip in such a way that you get the time to do all of your bucket list snow things.

As well as enjoying a nice hot cocktail sitting by the fire.

When is the best time of year to Ski in Europe?

Europe is in the Northern Hemisphere, which means its winter is from December – March. So the best months to plan your ski or snowboard holiday will be in this time frame.

If you have never seen snow before most of the resorts and hotels open at the end of November and remain available for everyone to stay until the month of April. 

This will ensure the resorts get the longest time frame for their winter season. There is still snow outside the winter months, but not as much. 

However, if you are not able to make it to Europe during this time frame, all you have to do it head further north. 

The Levi resort in Finland is open until the month of June. This is because it is so far north that it is able to enjoy the cold arctic temperature longer than other places in Europe. 

The most affordable time of the year to ski in Europe

Europe can either be a very cheap or very expensive ski and snowboard holiday.

I have visited some resorts in Europe where lift tickets were only 40 Euros and I was able to enjoy 2 Euro beers. That is far cheaper than the $180 lift tickets I am used to paying in the USA.

When planning a trip make sure to analyze the prices for the provided services, such as the prices for lift tickets, accommodation and of course food and drinks. 

Be aware of any local holidays or traveling during Christmas, New Year or Easter. As prices can easily double or even triple. 

Best Snow in EuropeLet’s break it down per month and see what is the best month to ski in Europe.


This is still a little too early to start your ski vacation, but if this is the only time of year you are able to get to Europe for skiing then you can visit the Austrian glaciers resorts.

Hotels such as Kitzsteinhorn & Stubai Glacier can be booked for a comfortable stay and impeccable services. 

You are also able to enjoy a ski resort when most other places in the Northern Hemisphere are not open.


Winter has still not officially started, but there are still some places you are able to enjoy a ski holiday.

October is also the month where the snow starts falling in Europe. Although it might not always last, this is usually when it all starts to happen.

Cat skiing is an adventurous experience that you are able to enjoy while you wait for the resorts to open up. In Siberia at Pri Freeride you are able to enjoy some cat skiing as well as the glacier ski resorts. 

Other places such as Solda-Sulden, Tonale & Val Senales in Italy are also sometimes available in the month of October. 


November is when the magic starts to happen. Snow starts to fall on regular bases and all the resorts start to open up : )

Since it is still early in the ski year, you can sometimes score some pretty sweet deals as the resorts aren’t fully booked yet.

Nevertheless, you can plan the trip in the month of January for amazing deals for European Ski hotels. 


December the longest nights and shortest days of the year. This is a great time to plan a ski holiday since there is normally lots of snowfall.

It is also some of the coldest days of the year with not much sunlight. If you imagine yourself only skiing on powder bluebird days, you might want to hold off on your holiday.

December is also when Christmas is celebrated, which if you plan on planning your ski holiday around this time, you might be paying double. 

Yes, indeed, Europe will get a lot expensive on the magical event, and the place will be filled with tourists from all over the world.  

However, the magical vibes that the place has, especially during the festive seasons, are unparalleled.  

In December, there is a decent amount of snow everywhere, and slopes are smothered with snow for people to enjoy adventurous skiing trips. 

During the month of December, a Swiss Alps family Christmas at the delighted Aletsch Arena can make the trip a memorable one. 


This is by far my favorite month to plan a ski holiday. The Christmas and New Year crowds are gone and the days start getting longer.

In the month of January, the Austrian ski resorts are considered as the most suitable places to stay for tourists, but all the in Europe will be open. 

The ski slopes all covered in snow and create a smooth yet fun experience for all the skiers. 

Resorts like Diedamskopf, Krippenstein, Zell am See, or Salzburg is the most beautiful properties to stay in for an immense, wondrous experience. 

In January the Austrian mega resorts in the Zillertal (Mayrhofen & Hochzillertal), Skicircus Saalbach, Ski Arlberg (St Anton, Lech, Warth Schroecken, Zurs) & Vorarlberg’s snow magnet Damuels Mellau are an excellent choice for making the trip comfortable yet beautiful. 

On the contrary majority of the skiers also choose to go to Switzerland to enjoy the ski at the behemoth of the Portes du Soleil, Jungfrau, or the Gstaad.

In the month of January, all the services are smoothly provided for the tourist, and the resorts are available for everyone without any trouble or extra expensive fares for the resorts or hotels.

Skiers can enjoy shorter lines and fewer crowds during this month, all while enjoying fresh falling snow.


This is the month of love all over the world, planning a Ski trip with your friends or partner can be considered a romantic as well as a thrilling idea and the perfect Valentine gift for your lover. 

February the snow is deepened on the slopes and creates a smooth yet wonderful experience for all the skiers.

In this month the snow is still falling and it is still cold enough that the snow does not melt.

However, it must be known that most of the ski trip places in Europe increase their customary prices in the month of February because it is the month when most of the tourists visit such sites. 

Not all the places are heightened with high prices to avoid the burden on your budget. Most of the people decide to go to the Balkans for the resort, which is comfortable yet affordable, and ski touring in North Macedonia & Kosovo or further afield to the Caucasus and Georgia. 

Also, in the month of February, the Via Lattea in Italy delivers the best ski experience at an incredibly reasonable price. In the Aosta Valley’s, Crevacol, Pila & La Thuile, and more such resorts can be the perfect place to stay. 


March is the best time of year to enjoy spring skiing. This is when you are most likely to have nice bluebird days.

If you aren’t too concerned with fresh snowfall, then this might be the month you will want to visit.

In general, Europe is an incredibly beautiful place to visit in the entire world. 

However, in the month of March, the Dolomites are explicitly splendid.

The resorts that lie above the Arctic Circle such as Riksgransen, Abisko & Bjorkliden in Sweden are nicely available for all the tourist from all over the world. 

The Mont Blanc massif is available in the entire month of March and is usually crowded with people from the countryside. 

The routes around Italy, such as Verbier, Davos Klosters, Andermatt Sedrun, and St Moritz. Monterosa can be unfolded for complete assistance and a fun ski trip, which will be remembered forever by your mates. 

And if you are in search of a thrilling ski trip adventure, you must unfold the Gudauri in Georgia in the month of March indeed. 

Perfect time to enjoy the last good weeks of winter.


April is when all the snow starts to melt. You are not very likely to have fresh snowfall in these months unless you travel a little further up north.

Most of any of the snowfall you receive is likely not going to last very long. However, if you still have not been able to enjoy a ski holiday.

This is your last chance to enjoy the snow before summer sets in and you will have to wait until later in the year for the nest snowfall.

Well, that sums up the best time to ski in Europe. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you plan on visiting North America. Be sure to check out the best resorts in North America

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