Best Spots in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida
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Looking for the best spots in Nusa Penida?

Nusa Penida is a short ferry ride from Bali and a beautiful island that’s well worth the trip. There are so many beautiful spots in Nusa Penida that you might want to plan on spending a few nights to enjoy this beautiful island. I highly recommend staying the night in Nusa Penida so you are able to enjoy all of the island and you don’t have to miss anything.

It is so stunning and untouched, much like Bali used to be before it became over-run with tourism. If you are looking to get away from the hectic traffic of Bali, Nusa Penida is the perfect escape.

Here is everything you need to know, how to get there, and what to see.

How To Get To Nusa Penida

Boat to Nusa Penida

Boat to Nusa Penida

If you are going to Nusa Penida and coming from the island of Bali, there is a high-speed boat that will take you to the island from the town of Sanur.

The boats leave pretty much at random. There is no set time, although they will have one listed. For the most part, they wait until they fill up and then they will leave.

You don’t need to book your ticket in advance and you will actually save money if you don’t book online.

Ticket prices should be 200,000 rupias which is $14 for a one-way ticket.

The ferry will take around 1 hour to get to the island. Be aware that you have to walk through water to board the boat, but once you are in Nusa Penida they have a dock to get off the boat.

Arriving In Nusa Penida

Once you are in Nusa Penida you will be attacked by people trying to sell you services. Scooter rentals, taxi drivers, and tour guides trying take you to all the famous spots in Nusa Penida.

The roads in Nusa Penida look and seem great when you first start driving on them, but to get to any of the top tourist spots in Nusa Penida, the last 30 minutes of the roads will be horrible.

Just be aware, if you are planning on renting a scooter in Nusa Penida, the roads do get ugly and it is better to each rent your own scooter. There are areas where the roads are bad and having two people on one scooter increases your chances of getting a flat tire.

If you do not want to rent a scooter, you are able to hire a driver for the day. Which should cost around 600,000 rupiahs or $42 for the taxi, so if you have a group of people it is not bad.

However, to see all the main tourist spots in Nusa Penida you will need two full days, so you will need to hire the driver for two days.

Scooters should cost around 75,000 rupiahs a day or $5. It is easiest to rent them straight from the port, so when you are leaving the island all you have to do is drop them off in the marina.

Best Spots In Nusa Penida

Although it looks small, Nusa Penida is a big island. Most of the main attractions are about a 45 minutes drive from each other, and some of the hikes are around 45 minutes as well. Which is why I recommend staying overnight so you are able to see everything.

Here is a list of the top places to visit on your trip to Nusa Penida. I have made a two day itinerary as it will be nearly impossible to see all of these places in one day since they are not near each other.

Day 1

Diamond Head Nusa Penida

Diamond Head Beach

This was my favorite beach on the island. It is absolutely beautiful and the walk down wasn’t too bad compared to the others you can encounter on the island. It is still steep, but had a nice handrail the whole way down.

The beach itself is pretty small, so make sure to go at low tide to maximize your beach time and space. Also, be aware that when you swim here the tide is strong. It is really only recommended for advanced swimmers.

Cost: 10,000 for parking and entrance or $ .75


Atuh Beach

It is right next to Diamond head beach and is more friendly for swimming as the currents are not as strong. You leave your scooter in the same parking lot so there is no need to pay for extra parking or entrance fees. This is one of the more commercial beaches on the island. Rent a day bed and have lunch or drinks brought to you on the beach.  A great place to camp out and rest while on the island.

Putri Caves

Take a break from hiking up and down the steep cliffs of Nusa Penida to see a beach and enjoy a semi-cool dark cave temple.

If you are claustrophobic, this might not be the best choice. Although the cave itself is very large, about the size of 5 football fields, the space to crawl into and enter the cave is quite small.

The cave is very humid inside, but it is amazing to see how large it actually is.  Make sure to cover your legs and shoulders when you are entering. If you didn’t bring any clothing to cover them, they do provide you with something you can rent.

Cost: 20,000 for entrance or $1.25

Day 2

Kelingking Beach

Also, know as T-Rex beach, this is probably the most popular beach on the island and most likely the one you see the most photos of.

The view from the top is absolutely stunning. If you have the time I highly recommend hiking down to the bottom of the beach. It is about a 45-minute hike down and maybe 30 minutes up. It is a very steep and narrow hike, most of your time is spent waiting for people to pass you on the trail. The beach is a beautiful white sand beach, and there is someone at the bottom selling refreshments which they had to carry down.

Cost: 5,000 for parking or $ .25

Angels Billabong Nusa PenidaAngel’s Billabong

It is probably the worst road on the island, but this is one of the easiest spots to walk around and you do not need to walk down any cliffs to get to it.

However, swimming is normally forbidden here, because the current is very strong and people have been swept to sea before. They will have it blocked off if the current is too strong to keep people out, but even if it is open, use your best judgment.

Cost: 5,000 for parking or $ .25

Broken Beach Nusa PenidaBroken Beach

It is right next to Angel’s Billabong, you can walk from one to the other so there is no need to pay for extra parking. They are both beautiful spots and you can take loads of worthwhile photos. Make sure you wear shoes when walking around these beaches as the rocks are very sharp.

Manta Point

Manta Point is a famous snorkel and dive spot on the island of Nusa Penida if you have the time to do it.

I highly recommend it, as you get to swim with Manta’s that are 10 -15 feet long. They are like no other creature I have seen diving. They seem prehistoric.

You are able to get up close and personal with them and they will come within arms reach to you.

Indo is home to some of the best diving around, including some ultimate liveaboard dive experiences.

Cost: Scuba Diving was 1,200,000 rupiahs or $83 for a 2 tank dive or if you don’t dive you can Snorkel with them for 350,000 rupiahs or $25.

If you plan on spending some time in Bali. I highly recommend making the trip over to Nusa Penida. It is beautiful, quiet, and a peaceful break from Bali.

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  • 08/18/2019

    The Diamond Beach looks like a fantastic place!! Would love to go!

  • 08/18/2019

    Ah I’m so mad i hadnt heard of this when i went to bali! it looks amaaazing!

  • 08/18/2019

    I’ve never heard of this place!! Thanks for putting it on my radar

  • Aireona


    I don’t really know a ton about Bali and the surrounding area, but this definitely looks like a lovely place to stop by. The cliffs are so striking! And that climb down the rocks looks fun (if a little scary).

  • 08/18/2019

    Wow!!! That looks so beautiful and very budget friendly! Love it!

  • 08/19/2019

    I have been to Bali before but didn’t make it over to Nusa Penida. However now i’m living in Australia, flights to Bali are cheap so I may be looking to go back when I want an escape. Parts of Bali are indeed too touristy but good to hear that Nusa retains a bit more of its authentic character. I’ll definitely use this as my go-to guide when I make it over – thank you!


  • 08/21/2019

    This post is perfect for when I go there! I went to Bali twice and yet never made it to Nusa Penida. But I clearly have to go! looks amazing!

  • 08/21/2019

    Gorgeous! I looove the sound of climbing down the cliff to reach those beaches! Diamond Head and Kelingking beaches both look stunning! How cold was the water to swim in? It’s always so hard to know until you dip your toes in!!

  • Ann


    Looks gorgeous. I’m still deciding if I want to add on Nusa Penda to my Ubud trip. Diamond beach looks incredible as does the Manta dive.

  • 08/21/2019

    Oh wow! The beaches and views of Nusa Penida are gorgeous! I would love to visit Bali and will definitely add this to my list of places to go. 🙂

  • 08/22/2019

    I have yet to visit Bali but I’ll be sure to head to Nusa Penida when I do! Diamond Head Beach looks SO gorgeous!

  • 08/23/2019

    Having live in the San Francisco Bay Area for close to 30 years I have so many Filipino friends that I love and adore and who speak fondly about where their roots are. I would absolutely love to visit some of these islands someday – this one looks lovely!


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