Best Resorts For Snowboarding

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Are you looking for a solid winter snowboarding trip with your friends or family? Want to find the best snow, the best parks or the best nightlife for your trip?

With winter quickly approaching, it is the perfect time to begin planning a winter wonderland. So pack up your sustainable winter jackets and let’s hit the mountains.

Because heading up to the mountains with some friends to enjoy the day on the mountain, and the nights either soaking in a hot tub with a nice drink or hitting the bars are always some of my fondest memories.

I have spent a fair amount of time snowboarding across the US and Canada and have broken down the best resorts for skiing and snowboarding.

Whether you are an avid skier or trying to plan a ski holiday for beginers.

Here is a list of the Best Ski Resorts for Snowboarding in North America and what they are best for.

1. Park City, Utah

Best Over-All Snowboarding Resort

Park City is the largest ski resort in the United States. It covers so much terrain, that it is impossible to see it all in one day. From beginner to the advanced riding and everything in between, Park City has you covered. They have plenty of backcountry, tree-riding and several parks.

Park City is also easy to access so having a car isn’t necessary. It is full of restaurants, and despite being in Utah, has a decent nightlife. It is only a 30-minute drive from Salt Lake International Airport, so it makes traveling there a breeze making it my choice of best over-all snowboarding resort.

Adult Ticket Price: $172 

Number of Chairs: 41

Number of Trails: 330 +   

Average Snow Fall: 355 inches

2. Kirkwood, CA

Best Snowboarding Resort To Avoid Lines

Kirkwood is a lesser known resort in Lake Tahoe, but it’s hard to know why. It has great terrain, good snow, excellent tree runs, and no lines. This resort is off the beaten path and not over-run with riders, leaving more room for fresh tracks.

They don’t have as many lifts as other resorts, but I never found myself waiting in lines. It is easy to lap the lifts all day and their out of bounds terrain will ensure you never bored. Lift ticket prices were much cheaper than other resorts in the area and the snow was just as good.

Adult Ticket Price: $84

Number of Chairs: 14

Number of Trails: 65

Average Snow Fall: 350 inches

3. Mammoth, CA

Ultimate Bucket List Resort

It is hard to be a snowboarder and to have never heard about Mammoth before. It is one of the most sought out resorts in the USA. Mainly because it’s a long season, due to its incredible high elevation of 11,053 feet. Mammoth is famous for its large dumps, getting up to 5 feet at a time. It is also famous for being incredibly sunny, making it perfect to enjoy beautiful bluebird powder days.

Anyone who is an avid snowboarder has been to or has plans on riding mammoth mountain. Besides their excessive amounts of powder, they are also known for their great parks and fun atmosphere. You are likely to have just as much fun off the mountain than on the mountain, making a spot you don’t want to miss.

Adult Ticket Price: $111 Average (Depends on the time of year)

Number of Chairs: 28

Number of Trails: 150

Average Snow Fall: 400 inches

4. Jackson Hole, WY

Best For Experts And Backcountry

Jackson Hole is known for its steep drops and long rides. Starting from the bottom with their infamous tram, you can head up to the top of the mountain and from there you can head off and explore. The mountain doesn’t have many options for beginners, so if you are a beginner this might not be the resort for you. But if you are more advanced you don’t have to worry about amateurs getting in your way as you bomb down the mountain.

I loved how long their runs are and they still get plenty of snow to make it worth your while. Any rider looking for a challenge or who enjoys the backcountry should check out Jackson Hole. You won’t be disappointed.

Adult Ticket Price: $126

Number of Chairs: 12

Number of Trails: 133

Average Snow Fall: 459 inches

Best Resort for Snowboarders, Keystone

5. Heavenly, CA

Best Party Mountain

Located in South Lake Tahoe, Heavenly is a great resort for those looking for more to do than just ride and enjoy the mountain air. If you are traveling with others who do not ski or snowboard, they will be easily entertained with plenty of Casinos, Spas, and shopping. There is also a ton of nightlife to enjoy after a long day on the mountain.

Heavenly has plenty to explore on the mountain. It has a wide variety of runs, so it is ideal for all levels. It is also on the border of California and Nevada, so you are able to ride in two different states in one day. Heavenly is also full of good restaurants and bars on the mountain to keep you well-fed.

Adult Ticket Price: $141 

Number of Chairs: 28

Number of Trails: 97

Average Snow Fall: 360 inches

Best Resort for Snowboarding, Powder

6. Snowbird, Utah

Best Fresh Powder

There is no doubt about it that Utah has the best snow in North America, maybe even the World, and no resort in Utah gets more snow than Snowbird. Snowbird is a resort for those who like riding fresh powder, with the massive amounts of fresh powder that Snowbird receives it is hard not to find fresh tracks.

I absolutely love Snowbird. It is a mountain for hard-core riders. Riders that are more concerned about getting freshies than they are with the after-party. It is locally owned rather than being owned by a large corporation, so it has more of a mom and pop feel to it. If you are planning a trip to Utah to enjoy their fresh powder snow, be sure to check out Snowbird.

Adult Ticket Price:  $70

Number of Chairs: 13

Number of Trails: 168

Average Snow Fall: 500 inches

Best Resort For Snowboarding, Backcountry

7. Red Mountain, Canada

Best Tree Riding

If you are like me, most chances are that you don’t like staying on the groomed runs. I love popping in and out of the trees. Searching for fresh powder and exploring what is off the main run. I’m always looking for resorts with good, wide open trees. Canada did not disappoint and Red Mountain Resort had some of the best tree riding I have found.

Besides tree-riding, they had plenty of fun terrain to explore despite not having many chairlifts. Their lines were not bad and I was still able to find plenty of untouched snow. Red Mountain is a great choice for those who like to explore more off the runs.

Adult Ticket Price: $118 

Number of Chairs: 5

Number of Trails: 110

Average Snow Fall: 300 inches

Boarding Girl

8. Northstar, CA

Best Parks

Northstar not only leads the way with their kick-ass scenic views you get to enjoy while you ride, but they also have killer parks. Leading the way with well maintained massive jumps, pristine half pipe, jibs, rails, boxes, just to name a few. Their parks also range from beginner to advanced so anyone wanting to get better and up their park game can practice here.

If you don’t want to spend all day in the parks, Northstar still has plenty to explore. Full of runs for all levels. However their backcountry isn’t as great as some other resorts, but they are full of intermediate runs and have loads of groomed runs.

Adult Ticket Price: $147

Number of Chairs: 19

Number of Trails: 100

Average Snow Fall: 350

9. Whistler, Canada

Best Backcountry

Whistler is a massive resort, the largest in North America. It covers a wide amount of terrain that it is good for all levels. There is plenty to explore for beginners, intermediate and advanced. They also have killer parks. Anyone who rides has heard about whistler. Not only do they have an epic mountain, but there is also plenty of nightlife to enjoy while you are there.

They also have one of the longest riding seasons due to their massive amounts of snow. So if you are too busy to visit during the winter months, they are open long enough that you are able to pop over and do some extended spring riding. Since it is still snowing late in the season there, you still have chances of getting fresh powder as well.

Adult Ticket Price:  $112

Number of Chairs: 37

Number of Trails: 200+

Average Snow Fall: 460 inches

10. Crested Butte, CO

Best Value Resort

If you are looking for an off the beaten-path resort, Crested Butte has you covered. Tucked away in central Colorado, Crested Butted is known for its empty lifts, great backcountry, and cozy mountain town. It is great for extreme riders, but there are also plenty of groomers and beginner runs as well.

The town is loaded with good restaurants and bars, and since it is a less known mountain, it is not overly priced. Just a good old-fashioned mountain resort is full of snow bunnies and mountain bums. If high-end is not your scene, come check out Crested Butte.

Adult Ticket Price: $75 

Number of Chairs: 15

Number of Trails: 121

Average Snow Fall: 217 inches

There are plenty of resorts that you can get out and enjoy the winter with, but I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the Best Resorts For Snowboarding. Feel free to Pin it and Share it with your friends : )




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