Top 5 Best Laptops for Bloggers

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To be a blogger, the only thing you truly need is a laptop and access to WIFI which will allow you to type and upload posts and articles to a website.

At the simplest of forms, this is all you really need but we all know there is more to blogging than that and a good laptop will help you be more successful. You dont need a computer with all of the bells and whistles in order to get started blogging but it will make a difference. You just need one of the best laptops for bloggers.

If youre just getting started and you already have a laptop then it will do the trick. If you don’t have a laptop already, then you can find a simple and affordable laptop if you don’t want to put a ton of money towards something more high-tech.

You really only need access to the internet so you can access your blog, a writing software like Pages or Microsoft Word, and a way to access photos, for example, through a USB or uploading them to your computer. 

If you want to get a good laptop right off the bat in order to set yourself up for great success then dont worry, weve got you covered.

We have researched and considered some of the best laptops on the market to create a comprehensive list of the best laptops for bloggers.

Though a desktop can do the trick too, laptops are much more versatile. If youll be writing on the road you can travel anywhere with your laptop.

Youll get much more use out of a laptop in general because you can even go to a coffee shop or work from anywhere instead of being stationed in one place constantly. Laptops are the way to go.

Quick picks for the best laptops for bloggers

What makes a great blogging laptop?

 In order to figure out what the best laptop is for bloggers, there are many features that need to be considered.

Every laptop brand and model is different and will have pros and cons. Below youll find some of the features to consider when choosing a laptop which includes speed, storage space, size, weight, battery life, and price.

There are other factors to consider but these play a large role in ultimately choosing the right laptop for you and your career. 

Laptop Features: 


How fast the laptop can search for something, open your documents, post articles, and more will save you a lot of time in the long term. While a few seconds doesn’t sound like a ton of time, it can make a huge difference in the long run.

Having a faster computer will also save you the frustration of waiting on slow upload time, which is never fun.


The amount of space your laptop has is important to consider. Bloggers often have articles, drafts, photos, and more on their desktops holding vital information for their business.

You definitely dont want to run out of space and pay for more or always be deleting things to try to make the space you have work. Consider a laptop that has additional space if you’re someone with a lot of documents. 


Some people want laptops with the largest screen possible while others want something small and compact.

You’ll also find that in order to maximize speed and storage, the laptop may be thicker or larger to hold all of that data.

For some people, this isnt a problem but others are looking for laptops that are easy to carry and fit in a small bag. If the size matters, make sure this factor is a part of your decision-making process. 


If you do a lot of traveling with your laptop then you should highly consider its weight. A few pounds can make a large difference when youve been walking with the device on your shoulder all the time.

However, if you plan on not going to the coffee house every day then you don’t have to worry too much about the weight. But still, a good thing to consider, because you never know when you are going to want to become more mobile.

Battery Life

If youre always working on the go and dont necessarily have access to an outlet then the battery life of your laptop is essential. Having a low battery is never fun. It can be very stressful and not at all helpful. However, if you dont do much traveling or writing on the road then this isnt a huge consideration but if youre always using your laptop on a plane, train or any other places that you might not have access to a charger then this is definitely something to consider.


Lastly, another big factor in choosing a laptop is the price. Laptops can range dramatically in price depending on the above features. Its important to choose something in your budget but also a laptop that is quality and will last you a long time because you don’t want to have to buy a new laptop in a few years which will actually cost you more in the long run. 

Now that youve considered the features to be on the lookout for, below youll find a list of the best laptops for blogging.


Top 5 Best Laptops for Bloggers


Battery Life

Screen Size



Macbook Air 13”

15 hours


512 GB


Macbook Pro 16”

11 hours


512 GB


Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga

8 hours


1 TB


Microsoft Surface 3

11.5 hours

13.5” or 15”

512 GB


Acer Vivobook Thin

5 hours


512 GB




MacBook Air 13”


If you have an iPhone, a MacBook is very compatible which can make it faster and easier to do things. For example, if you take a ton of photos on your phone you can simply AirDrop the photos to your computer instead of emailing them or using a USB.

Youll also be able to perform a lot of the same functions you can on your phone. The MacBook Air is a great seamless laptop if youre constantly going from your phone to your computer.

The MacBook Air 13” is also very lightweight and slim. It wont take up much space in your bag and wont be problematic when traveling or carrying around for long periods of time.

The laptop only weighs 2.8 pounds which is significantly less than other computers on the market.

If youre a die-hard Apple fan, the MacBook Air is the perfect laptop for you. The MacBook Air 13” is also one of the more budget-friendly MacBook computers you could choose from. Its pretty standard but it will get the job done for your blogging career. 


MacBook Pro 16”


The other MacBook you could choose from that would be great for blogging is the MacBook Pro. Again, its very compatible with Apple products so if you already have an iPhone, AirPods, iPad, or other Apple products youll be able to use them all seamlessly.

This can save you time when connecting and sharing between your electronic devices. The MacBook Pro is larger than the MacBook Air at 16” inches instead of 13”.

In turn, it weighs more at 4.3 pounds vs 2.8 pounds. The MacBook Pro has more features and its a more professional laptop. It does cost more than double so if youre looking for an Apple product but dont have as much to spend you should go with the MacBook Air.

There is also a MacBook Pro 13” but it doesnt give you many more features than the MacBook Air and is the same size but a bit more expensive.

The MacBook Pro 16” also has a ton of storage available so if this is something you need then this laptop is a great choice.


Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga


The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga can fold in half and be used as a tablet. This is great for editing photos, drawing, and graphic design.

You may want to consider this laptop if you do a lot of design work. The laptop’s touch screen also really comes in handy.

There are various Lenovo ThinkPad models with differing features and in general, a Lenovo is a quality and affordable laptop option.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga weighs just over 3 pounds which is pretty light. Its a great laptop and it doesnt have a ton of extra bells and whistles but the folding of the screen can be great if you do freehand drawing and design.

Another great Lenovo option is the Lenovo IdeaPad which would make a great blogging computer as well.


Microsoft Surface 3

The Microsoft Surface 3 comes in both a 13.5” and 15” screen though the larger size is under $100 more so its worth the upgrade.

This computer is a great option because it has a good amount of storage, a touch screen, high speed, and overall it would get the blogging job done.

Microsoft is a reliable brand and its high quality and affordable. Its definitely a product you most likely already know and trust. 



Acer VivoBook Thin

Acer is a very affordable brand. The laptop will be pretty standard but it will do everything you need for blogging.

The Acer Vivobook Thin is a step up from the Acer Aspire but its still on the affordable end of the spectrum. The Vivobook weighs just over 3 pounds which is pretty lightweight.

The biggest downfall to this laptop is the battery life. It only lasts about 5 to 8 hours which is pretty short for a laptop. Other than that, it has a good amount of storage and it has good speed and processing for the price.


Conclusions for the best laptop for bloggers

At the end of the day, the laptop you choose should fit your budget but also be able to perform the functions you need.

You should consider features like weight, speed, storage space, size, and affordability when making your decision.

There are a lot of laptops on the market so it can be overwhelming but once you consider your price range and the things that are most important to you it wont be as hard to narrow down your search.

You definitely dont want to get a low-end product that youre just not happy with or something way too out of your budget and in the end youre not even using all of its capabilities. It’s important to find something in the middle that is right for you. 

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5 Best Laptops for Bloggers5 Best Laptops for Bloggers

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